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  1. Im waiting almost two months for an answer.... im rly annoyed Please look finally at my issue. I still didnt get any beta rewards or title... Name: Bilal Ibar
  2. Hello, I played the beta on NA server, because I couldnt play the EU server of the well known bug. I participated the bkea event and the firework event. Today I started the game on EU server. I didnt received any reward. Can u please fix it? Familiy name is Ibar
  3. Hey, there is still no answer about the rewards which who can get if participated the ingame events while the beta. There was many EU Players who couldnt launch the game. Now there is a Beta Recap from the developer and they did talk about the error, but no information about the rewards ( im not talking about the skyhawk pet for signing the newsletter/beta). So im still not sure if I buy the (ultimate) founder pack. The cm in forum are inactive as well and there are many points which decide me not to even play that game.
  4. Maybe he ment the french people, because many of them dont have english in the school so far as I know
  5. Region: NA ( can u send the reward to the eu version please? Couldnt play the EU client because of the known error) Character Name: Bilal Link: Family name: Ibar
  6. How you gonna handle it with people who hadnt a chance to participate in that event because of the know EU client error? Because I realy wanted the pet and title
  7. Guys, you need to post the pictures in a social media plattform and then post the url here.... Beta Server: NA ( can I get the rewards on EU please? I couldnt play the EU version because of the known error) Family Name: Ibar URL: NA Family: Ibar
  8. Hey, there is a bkea event and says we should post screens from our house and post it on social media and send the link in the bkea thread. But I cant find the thread. And how can I hide the UI to make clean screens?
  9. Because of Sony policy. The dev cant just upload the patch and all player can immediately download it. There is sony which approve or disapprove the patch etc
  10. I downloaded the us version and playing it with my german main account
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