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  1. rofl First respond from gm is like a joke ;] . We all here are gamers here. First thing we do is turn off and on game then ps4 if somthin more some ppl probably redownload game and then write to support. Reset console, pc or laptop they could advice to some first timers and respond probably took couple of days there was definitely couple of turns off and on ps4.
  2. I was wondering. Does reform stone workin? I see i can use them with black spirit but does it actually work? Changing from green to blue?
  3. I have seen maybe 2 times t5 horses on market for 9mil so ppl breed them but u can catch wild one up to tier 3
  4. I dont really agree with this topic about community so i write last time here we have other topic about it and for me community has nothing much with it. I dont know if you have read about it in other topic that was made but this announcment that you was seeing on your screen came one day or two day after the milk was already spilled for ppl like so other community thinks that warning was done but it wasnt but you cant know that b/c you didnt get those mails with packeges. Have a nice day i go back to game.
  5. How someone can try to scam them if no one knew that gonna happend. Scamming is doin somthing intentionally and there is no way someone could know that canceling one game and buying other will put packeges in your mail. But at beggining have to say felt strange like no one talked about it. Its like not many ppl had this issue. Or maybe there is not much responde b/c some ppl think there was scam possible but it wasnt
  6. Good that u got ur answer fast. Its in the past for me, so now im enjoying game but some bad taste is left and i learned my lesson and good that more ppl could read about it and get their own opinion of it. Maybe Gms also read this and it will be more understandable for them how it looks from our side.
  7. First i called ps4 customer service and canceled standard edition so i could buy delux version, i definitely didnt expect those items on my new version. I think its bad that they made announcment like day after on main screen once per hour or smthn. It looked like they didnt even know at beginning that somthin like that happend. If i had in game mail about this i am sure i wouldnt open these packeges. I remembered from open beta that all thing pets and stuff was coming via in game mail so when i started game 1 day i just went in to mail and started poping packages and nothing in there about this misunderstanding so i asume that they didnt notice at beginning. The Thing is if they knew this would happend they could have done more to inform us. This announcment on my screen for last two weeks is like justyfing for makin me buyin 3000pearls and takin it. I made ticket last friday and got answer monday. Greetings and Salutations Adventurer, I am GM Sausan of the Black Desert PlayStation Team and I am here to answer your inquiry. I understand that you are asking about why there will be a suspension in regards to the refunded package, as such, please be informed that, unfortunately, we cannot remove or take anything that has already been used, and that any suspension would not be given to anyone who refunded but did not open the standard package. The details for about the suspension can be seen on our notice along with the solutions to prevent suspension can be found on our official brand site. You may also follow the link provided below: [The link to preventing your account from being blocked can be found here:] https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/ps/News/Detail?boardNo=1526&category=0 We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you and ask for your kind understanding regarding this matter. If you have further or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Sincerely, GM Sausan Black Desert PlayStation Team This is like copy/paste answer and I asked questios like how could all of this happend etc. .The only thing i got from this answer is: we announced to not open packeges and link what you can do to not get suspended (pay up)
  8. So i had same issue. Standard to delux cos i was so hyped and wanted to play 2 days early. Ofc opened everything from excitment on first day early access right when came back from work. Then after a day maybe seen info on main screen that i did somthin wrong and my account might be susspended . I did buy 3000 pearls left in in game mail and they are gone now. For me this is pure extorsion b/c i paid for deluxe and 3k pearls is worth standard edition. They responded on m ticked with arrgument that i had announcment on main screen that i should not open those in game mails for standard version but the thing is when you get in to game excited u ope right away and this info dosnt show on when u enter game so i didnt know . I noticed that somthing was wrong after i seen two snowdogs in inventory but that was too late. If they sended to everyone in game mail with Topic READ FIRST maybe this wouldnt happend. Im 36 yrs old so i can afford buying 3k pearls but i can imagine someone is younger parents buying them game even changing to deluxe and then problems home. For me they could leave it and no one probbobly wouldnt notice. Thing is i dont see much of my foult in here b/c its between sony and Bdo that came mistake. They should take it on chest and just leave it be but that just my opinion maybe. What you guys think would you feels cheated that some ppl get couple of things extra b/c BDO and sony f.uck up somthing? Or you wouldnt event bother.
  9. Money disappeared when transfered from invetory to central market wherehouse. It happend one time done this before was ok but 1 time disappearred. After, i checked in storege cos i took from there right before central market. Turned on and off and money are gone. Better keep an eye on that.
  10. im not sure if u dont need other eu account. in us or other continent they maybe have bit different install game?? have to say its still beta u cant expect everything gonna work with schedule. It reminds me my old days on my pc ;] nothing was on schedule with mmos. For me it was like my main account is in Poland and i downloaded Black Desert Beta 7.08 first day it showed. Then when i came home today it didnt work for me so i deleted it and dl again b/c i have read somewhere that they implemented 8.08 small fix so if someone dl game after 8.08 it worked. i dont know if its true. Then after some time someone posted that solution and i changed user to another one (i live in norway so have another account here but still eu) and tried to open redownloaded game with lock on another account and it moved me to ps store sayin that i need to dl. Pushed dl it says already downloaded then game started.
  11. after u redownload game try not to use same ps accounts that u already tried.
  12. i just changed users didnt deactivet anythin.
  13. so this worked for me. i just did exactly what it says. i have more users to play pes with friends so it took 2min to do it and i waited so long after work even redownloaded game
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