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  1. Risko

    Ask and you shall recieve.

    Into kick, which he didn't seem to be doing either.
  2. Risko

    Ask and you shall recieve.

    Well, that felt like watching a cow ice skating...
  3. Risko

    Storage maid

    That is how it works, same for transaction made. One stack of items.
  4. Risko

    Where is the Sorc love?

    One doesn't simply have a sorc alt. You either are or not XD
  5. Risko

    Witch vs wizard

    Your witch will also have a pair of balls... 🤔
  6. Risko

    What class will you be playing

  7. Risko

    Jeu FR ou jeu EN

    English only initially.
  8. Risko

    News about other regions launch ?

    Ok, yes you have the game, but not your toys... (Or characters for that matter). If you at least have your characters, I'm in love.
  9. Risko

    News about other regions launch ?

    Mixed feelings on that one, I've got a lot of NA friends I won't be able to play with anymore
  10. Risko

    Pay to win!!!!

    Yeap, the one thing that could break the thin line between pay for convenience and p2w is limitless cash shop to MP. The rest of things on the shop are time savers.
  11. Risko

    Class selection and overview on launch

    I main a Sorc on PC and will main a Sorc on xbox, and I agree with OP, sorc is, almost without a doubt, the hardest class to play without much reward for the effort, yet sooooooo satisfying to play
  12. Risko

    Just curious

    Dunno, but theres a poor goblin named "Feo", Ugly in spanish XD
  13. Risko

    Will the ultimate edition be enough?

    Plus inventory / town slots and remote node contribution