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  1. Risko

    Remove Forced PVP !!!!

    Yes yes, lets remove pvp!!! So we can all hold hands in Velia next to the market place. They have a great selection of songs playing 24/7. Hell, lets just convert the game to single player so we can all individually wa#k to the pretty graphics.
  2. And then, not even war tagets, it provides no satisfaction to kill an afker. Id rather knock em of their horse and wait for them to come back. Then kill em. XD
  3. Risko

    Just a suggestion

    Weren't you the one complaining and moaning and saying anthem was a better game? What are you still doing here?
  4. Risko

    Patch gone and F up the game

    Funny thing is I used to crash when changing char, opening map, hoovering nodes with workers, talking to store npcs and now... 1 crash since game came back up. Still get stuck waiting for tiles to finish loading though.
  5. Risko

    Just a suggestion

    Hello Kitty Online is -> way
  6. Risko

    Day/Night cycle

    And there is a day/night cycle... Have you reached lvl 20(I think)?
  7. Risko

    Bloom intensity adjustment

    Tried it out last night and it does work, infact works very well, no more migrains/motion sickness. Are you pressing Y to confirm changes?
  8. Risko

    New event question

    You guys sure you got the numbers right? Feels like I'm putting shards in the ground for others :)))). 600+ energy gone into gathering/farming netted 1 sharp. Relics for 7 hours fishing 3. RNGJesus not on my side I guess.
  9. Even though I'm a pc player, I like the way content is being delivered. It gives people time to learn their class, and enjoy the game.
  10. Risko

    Not recieving Loyalty Points

    Yeah, rewards will stay. Only some event rewards will vanish after expiration.
  11. Risko

    Post Your Favorite Screenshot!

    You edit your ring menu, assign the no ui social action to a menu.
  12. Risko

    Post Your Favorite Screenshot!

    Chilling with my buds Morte and Grimmy
  13. Risko

    Can we get darker nights please?

    The problem most people are having with the brightness/darkness changes are not HDR related, it the Eye Adaptation effect which is overtoned. Simply changing the world illumination setting up a bit solves the violent change. Source: Unreal Engine. The effect is exactly the same for the default settings and world lighting. (They said they use a custom engine but I'm having my doubts).
  14. Risko

    Kzarka boss times eu

    This exactly.
  15. Risko

    Black Desert Version 1.2

    @[CM]Shirna this is what I've found so far. Cursor jumping is still not fixed (greatly reduxed though). Warehouse "there is no item" not fixed. Memory leak after playing for a few hours and going into Calpheon, game crash. Dim Magical Armour quest is M.I.A Quest until we meet again, not working. Mission types selected from profile page do not persist after crash. Ring menu settings don't persist after crash.