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  1. numnutz2005

    deleted from discord

    i totally agree. unfortunately simon and i have some things we do not agree on and him and his team have cause perminant flags on my xbl account as well as many others and we just want a resolution but whenver confronted with the issue he double speaks or side steps the issue (for example sayin no one is to blame while sayin us...the user had no way to prevent the flags from happenin) and the list goes on. no doubt i agree and understand that from the outside it looks like a typical "y havent u answered me" crybaby reaction and i wish it was. we have real issues that need to be resolved. me and others r angry that he promises to get us answers in random discord posts but never follows through. there is also no official announcement about this issue that has effected a bunch of people and simons on record as sayin someone at PA's office flipped a switch on the back end suddenly makin sharin content durin the beta a flaggable offense and even then he wont address it head on or announce it. so to the reason for this thread....if he refuses to make an announcement that can be followed about the issue and sticks to random vague posts in the discord chat that means me and everyone else relies on discord to head ne thing about this issue. by randomly removin me without a reason and preventin me from stayin up to date on the status (that again he said he was going to check back with the pa team and get the info i asked for) he is essentially tryin to shut down the convo on this subject even more. the most worryin part of this situation is the fact that i didnt say ne thing back on discord. u have folks postin pictures of private parts and hentai memes as well as cussin and bein sexual (simon included....with his famous "im not your father but u can call me daddy" post as well as others) but i was randomly removed at a weird hour of the night after not postin for multiple hours up to that point?? so in short i agree with ur concerns and no hard feelins my dude. im tired of the demandin folks too but im also tired of some of the things people in charge of this service do.
  2. numnutz2005

    deleted from discord

    my lord...this again....dont be a salty potato. when u get ur insults in order and figure out what is worth sayin feel free to return and lay them on me. until then chillax and take time to clear ur mind a bit. also to point out numnutz2005 isnt against the rules. unless usin a word from a commonly used phrase (such as way to go numnutz) somehow insults others users or breaks TOS. speakin of which...have u even bothered to read those yet?? gotta brush up on the rules before u jump in and insult folks. the rules updated and call for harsher punishments for folks that r trollin so be careful my friend.....wouldnt want u to lose this account....too....
  3. numnutz2005

    What Server Are you playing on

    we shall see what happens with folks when the game drops. hopefully everyone plays together civilly but we wont know until the time comes unfortunately.
  4. numnutz2005

    deleted from discord

    oh i know thats y i dotted my i's and crossed my t's and gave possible alternative points of contact in case he feels one of them is more capable for performing the CM related tasks. the floor is entirely open for him to respond and provide guidence in an appropriate manor that reflects the policy guidlines they have laid out for us users. failure to do so will of course leave me to decide on my own which could cause confusion and frustration that isnt needed on either side. as an added precaution im screen shotting my replies in the event that things r deleted or removed due to a misinterpretation of my original post which will hopefully minimize any "hickups" that resemble ones that have happened in the past. that way i can repost anything that went left unanswered. im makin sure im followin the process exactly. hopefully they decide to do the same. if not its out of my hands.
  5. numnutz2005

    deleted from discord

    yup. its part of that hidden info that isnt easily found even though their policies state information and so on will be easily find-able by users if they look. i got removed from it without warning or info about y and of course simon has blocked the ability to contact ne one about it to find out whats goin on. so far that r off to a wonderful start to this new year!
  6. numnutz2005

    Question about traslation

    if ur even considerin waitin a year to play the game i suggest u move onto somethin else. dont get me wrong the more the better but after a year u will be so far behind that the catchup will be a struggle and thats assumin they even drop the translation within that time frame. PA is a VERY slow movin company and the communication is terrible so while i hope u get what ur lookin for i also feel the need to remind u that this company makes many promises and struggle to keep track of them and even deliver on what they promised. since uk most of the translations and u want to play the game just hop in and start playin and maybe it will release sometime in between that.
  7. numnutz2005

    Keyboard and Mouse support

    i hate to say it but we already have one of those. unless ignoring/not moderatin the forum/bannin users that call this out but not users that are actively flippin out on people isnt considered rude. if thats the case we dont have rude mods yet....but based on what has happened so far....we deff have rude mods that lack the basic communication skills needed to do their job effectively. if i had rights to clean threads up i would have this site turned around and folks followin the posted rules within a few days. so far after months they have been unable and unwillin to police the site the way they were hired to handle it. if that changes my opinion will change but i dont see that happenin based on the track record shown so far.
  8. numnutz2005

    deleted from discord

    so mr simon.....care to explain y i was deleted from discord?? i leave work after chit chattin just fine and return this mornin to the chat bein completely removed. i also noticed u dont allow messages on discord unless users r a member of the server so how did u expect people havin the issue with their accounts bein flagged to catch the random obscure posts u make in a chat with hundreds of replies before and after if they are unable to see or contact u?? or does community manager mean somethin completely different in the UK/Korea?? i believe u have been refusin to post an official announcement detailin this issue (u me and many others know y that is....even if u dont want to admit it....but based on everything said randomly so far) so i would like to know how u expected to communicate with us little people without valid ways to contact u or ne one else from support??????? if u dont have an answer to these questions would ur boss happen to have the answers im interested in?? if so should i contact them instead?? please advise on how i should proceed.
  9. numnutz2005

    What Server Are you playing on

    ya it does kinda suck. u can always switch to the dark side though ;).
  10. numnutz2005

    Trading between characters

    i read his question as holdin them so im assumin hes not gonna use them until the class he wants to use comes out??
  11. numnutz2005

    What Server Are you playing on

    NA all the way. i heard EU servers die down usually like in eso and other games so even if i lived there i would be on NA.
  12. numnutz2005

    What Server Are you playing on

    NA = master race. nuff said.
  13. numnutz2005

    Trading between characters

    yes but each char wont get their own bundle of items. one set is all we get.
  14. numnutz2005

    If you have questions - Reddit AMA is Thursday

    other devs do the same after they posted brief info or FAQ's and so on. these guys dont post ne thing and when they do its in random discord posts or its an entire announcement for sayin "nz might get bdo in the ms store much later on" but other more serious things barely get a passin glance by them. theres a reason people (me very much included) dont think CM has the experience he said he does managin communities and communicatin with folks. maybe he was a help desk ticket responder?? that i can see. bein put in charge of promotin/hypin up/spreadin the word/interactin with potential customers and makin PA money.....not even close lol. unless of course they pay him to be weird and tell community members to call him "daddy" and that he will "father son bond" with them. hes forgotten what his role is here it seems.
  15. numnutz2005

    Pre order regions

    what region is ur console set to right now?? if its not eu then u need to change it to even see the game in the store. u will also prob have to buy gift cards belongin to the region u go with since u might not be able to buy it with ur credit card if ms blocks it. NA is th master race! if u want the most active servers NA is the way to go. theres no way to know what the pops will be on each until the game comes out and runs for a fair bit and sheds players that lose interest like what happened with eso but chances r it will be similar to eso server pops.