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  1. numnutz2005


    well the first issue is ur on a dc char lol. ep is where its at ;). and no kb should be able to gank u one shot these days. u either done have maxed cp/gear sets or u dont have the right gear/cp point assigned properly. 5 piece heavy helps alot too if ur super squish. my gear is over a year old and i still dont get 1 shotted so u might need to make some changes. my gt is d2b2009 if u wanna come over to red ;)))))
  2. numnutz2005

    The Disrespect

    eso is garbage now. constant freezing in pvp when walls are taken down or when keeps are flipped. when the one x came out eso ran smoothly but the last dlc's have brought it back to the lvl it was before the new console was released. 2 steps forward 5 steps back.....
  3. numnutz2005

    Community response to today

    it doesnt make ne sense. if they openly have the code of the bots and the bots themselves it isnt hard to find and block them. thats sorta adding the belief that there is another more money driven reason behind them not blockin the bots. or maybe its so widespread that it would remove many top players in the game period?? either way its terrible and i dont see a point in playin a game just to cheat. its not like ne of the success in game equals success irl. every time a console got jtagged u risked bein banned from ne thing done online. even if they had another drive jtag or a motherboard jtag i doubt many would bother using it since they would lose the ability to connect to the network all together. sure some will but they wont last long especially with a $399-$499 price tag of a new xbox one x.
  4. numnutz2005

    Community response to today

    its not recently tbh. they have been out for years and years but starting 2-3 years ago people started sharin them more and more makin devs of the bots want to capitalize on that so they started sellin them to ne one with the cash. in ne case pearl refuses to block them like they should so because of this bots that are 2 years old still work just fine and the folks that use them arent bein removed from the game. people speculate its because pearl would lose money since alot of both users generate money for pearl but no one knows for sure. one thing im sure we can all agree on is bots have no place in mmo's no matter the platform. luckily on consoles they wont be an issue. also the bot im referin to allows you to move accross huge distances on the map almost instantly and same goes for skill usage. it lets u throw out a bunch of skills that kit all at once. idk if u play eso for consoles but i do...its sorta like animation cancelin in eso but using a bot instead of a mechanics flaw. eso considers animation cancelin legit because u can do it without even knowin u r doin it but the bot in bdo isnt the same way. its pretty bad. anyone that has been on the receiving end prob knows how i feel about that garbo lol.
  5. numnutz2005

    Community response to today

    im not sure how often u play PC but there r alot of cheaters runnin around PKin people instantly. PA has openly allowed them to continue to do so for well over a year even after people reported the bots and methods these cheaters use. i mainly fish and harvest mats when running around now but when i was setting my char up to start fishing a dude teleported over in my face didnt move and i was dead. i watched it all happen instantly without warning. when i looked that up thats when i found out its a pretty large issue with the PC version :(.