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  1. numnutz2005

    will it be for the xbox one and xbox one x/s, or?

    well like i mentioned before ms said they guarantee that all current games will run on all 3. ms doesnt determine which consoles games support. where did u get that idea? game makers try hittin the widest audience but if ms required everyone to make a game for all 3 that means every game dev woulda stopped makin games for the 360 at the same time. instead they came out less and less until they eventually stopped all together. same with the ps3/4 too. but up until they announced the xbox one x ms guaranteed that all current content will be supported and didnt announce anything about future content bein required on all 3. this is wording posted on their site directly not from third party news sites that word it however they choose to. they dont do it often but it does happen....remember the xbox release that was supposed to happen in jan?? huge mistake lol. pubg has a max of 100 people at a time right? and none of those 100 people r clumped together in 1 area. a few r together at a time tops. not to mentioned the quality of the graphics arent ne where near what bdo looks like. clothes and trees dont sway in the wind and stuff like that. it all has a huge impact on how smooth it all runs. i mean if u wanna say ur on a ps4 that would only validate what i said before...u will need to get an xbox to play bdo and i suggest savin ur money now to get the x model not the first gen or s model. idc what consoles it supports since i have the first and third gen system so either way im covered. i was simply offerin advice based on the experiences i have had so far when playin eso which is the closest thing us console folks have to bdo right now. thats all bud.
  2. numnutz2005

    Pro tips for us noobs

    oh my...if thats the case we r gonna be so far behind. i hope they do like eso and keep us a dlc/upgrade behind the pc. we wont know until they announce it i guess
  3. numnutz2005

    Pro tips for us noobs

    dont forget to get to port epheria asap so u can do the daily quest to get the blueprints to make the sailboat. it takes like 20 days to get the pieces and another 14 to actually craft the boat (i havent gotten to that point yet so idk much about it) but that boat can be repaired. the other boats die after a bit of use from what others have said.
  4. numnutz2005

    Saved Progress In Beta?

    so the only thing u could come up with was me sayin ne instead of any?? really?? ur that desperate to troll folks that u could only come up with insults related to how i type?? come on my dude...its not the first time some ignorant kid commented on that and it deff wont be the last but one thing is for sure...it sure as heck wasnt the best. i believe i said this already but maybe not...the pc version releasin new locations isnt the same as releasin a new game. bdo on xbox one is a completely redesigned game based on the devs own words about havin to reword everything. a different region release is NOT a new game so they dont do the same kind of testing. now if u think ur link validates your comment about "a long history of betas rolling over" ur mistaken. the sea version was released on jan 14th...not quite a long history based on that date. also the info u linked to was about an OPEN beta test not a closed beta. they decided without givin a heads up to carry over the short open beta test progress over probably because large amount of exploints werent found that gave huge head starts to players. since PA is callin it a "beta" that means its closed. if it were open they wouldnt require reg on the xbox one they would just be able to go and download it just like with many other xbox one open beta tests. if u wanna spread false info and get peoples hopes up thats on u but dont get pissy when u get corrected. as it stands right now expect 0 info to carry over. this means no pc transfers and no progress made durin the beta. typical practice with all games and please dont listen to silly kids that want to mess with other people by buildin their hopes up only to find out that they wasted a lot of time progressin in a round that will be wiped after it ends. now if they say "XBOX ONE OPEN BETA" then u can get ur hopes up but with a CLOSED BETA u shouldnt. u have been warned.
  5. numnutz2005

    Chat filter

    i use the ms chat pad that attaches to the bottom of the controller to chat is eso all the time. i use it on the pc too but it requires the controller to be connected to the usb. u gotta use the legit ms chat pad though not the crappy knockoff ones because the difference is like night and day. its also backlit if u play at night.
  6. numnutz2005

    Saved Progress In Beta?

    early access is not a beta. a beta is set to test the game under load not just with a handfull of devs and testers in their office. early releases r promos that let u pay real money to get into the game sooner and get a head start on ur char. the link doesnt support the OP's question at all and unfortunately ur post will lead others to get their hopes up because who bothers to look stuff up ne more?? i dont wanna sound rude but honestly if no one knows what they r talkin about or just wing it they shouldnt bother postin. betas get trashed after they end. sometimes they keep the history if they plan on doin a second beta after the first one....tera is a perfect example of that. these days with the tons of micro transactions in just about every game released companies rely on pumpin up the betas with free in game cash/tokens to encourage players to buy those items when the servers r reset and the game releases. it would just be dumb to release a game that u want to make money on but cant because the cash shop is broken....which is y devs rush to patch issues that actually prevent them from gettin paid over much more important issues like in eso where dungeons have been broken for over a year. dungeons dont make eso money....crowns and crates do so they fixed the crown store issue and tested it alot but dungeons stayed broken. dont even get me started on group finder lol. in ne case the point is nothin will carry over. these r the facts. if they do i will be completely shocked but dont pump others up so they get discouraged when they learn the truth. they can easily carry it over but they wont. no one ever does. it doesnt benefit them to do so. can we stop arguing and linking posts about a totally different form of access now?? if they change beta to "early access" ignore the above.
  7. numnutz2005

    Saved Progress In Beta?

    maybe i missed it but as far as i know bdo's betas have always reset. maybe the issue is folks dont know what a beta is and what pre release is?? pa went out of their way to call it a beta test so there shouldnt be ne confusion or upset folks because betas almost always mean reset in 99.999999999% of the time. im sure in the history of every mmo ever released a dev decided to give players the stuff they earned but i havent ever seen it happen with a beta. either way no one should assume they will get to keep their stuff during the beta test.
  8. numnutz2005

    will it be for the xbox one and xbox one x/s, or?

    ms isnt pa and pa isnt ms. physical limitations r physical limitations. right now if the faster beefier 2 consoles r strugglin to play the game properly its not a stretch to question support for the first gen console. since this keeps being somethin that is said let me post a link to put things in perspective: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/console/moving-from-original-xbox-one-to-xbox-one-s-console the above links states all xbox one games both digital and physical are playable on all 3 consoles. this means anything the lowest spec console can handle the other 2 higher spec consoles can handle which is pretty obvious. now based on what i have heard and read as of the release date ms stated that every CURRENT game is playable on all 3 consoles. they guaranteed that much. they however did not guarantee that every current AND FUTURE game will be playable on all 3 consoles. as games become more and more hardware intensive its only smart to assume physical limitations will get in the way on what others demand companies provide them. the same happened for ps3 support. current games worked almost just as well and companies were dual releasing alot of stuff but at some point the games exceeded what the console could handle and support had to be ended. thats not to say that companies wont make games for all 3 consoles for years to come. that wasnt what this thread was about. this thread is about pa bringin bdo to the xbox one console and again his question is 100% valid because promises were made multiple times since the game was announced but plans have changed. the way they are only postin info on the s and x generation consoles implies that support for the first gen console isnt happening. this might be a dumb assumption but u cant admit that they have changed plans in other threads then when it comes to this one rigidly stand behind what they said a year ago lol. thats not how life works. maybe u only have an xbox one and are worried that support wont be provided for ur machine which sucks it really does but use these next however many months to save up and upgrade to the x gen. trust me...u will love the perf difference in most games. like i said before...even if this game hit the first gen console the perf would be terrible and damn near unplayable especially in towns. even they said multiple people in downs cause massive fps drops on the x and s consoles so there is no reason to even remotely assume that the first gen console will run smoother or even similar to the other 2 lol. it just doesnt make sense. i hope im wrong though. best of luck bud
  9. numnutz2005

    Saved Progress In Beta?

    betas almost always reset after the beta ends and nothing carries over. thats the standard practice for game not just console games. in betas they give u access to a lot of stuff like for example in neverwinter and teras beta they gave the ability to buy shop items with free in game virtual money to test the cash shop. theres no way they would provide that and allow folks to just keep their progress. i would say dont go hardcore with the playing because u will be reset.
  10. numnutz2005

    will it be for the xbox one and xbox one x/s, or?

    i understand that they mentioned the regular xbox one in the past but in the update they provided they focused on only the s and the x models not the original xbox one model. they posted testing info for both versions and explained what they are trying to make better but failed to include any testing info for the regular xbox one model. i know they mentioned that version in the past but to be fair they also mentioned a release date of 2017 and early 2018 which didnt happen right?? i think its not far off to question if they removed the original xbox console support or if they will still release it for those machines. either way anything less than the s model will most likely suffer from stuttering issues or major fps drops when under load. the release date isnt for a while so its best to start savin up for the x model of the console so your running the latest gen console fo future games that will come out. u will have to upgrade eventually anyway so dont waste your time going half way and gettin cheap with the s model.
  11. numnutz2005

    will it be for the xbox one and xbox one x/s, or?

    to be fair the dev notes 2 post only mentions xbox one s and x. both of those models have more ram than the original xbox one so its not a bad question. the post also says something like "we have learned to to use every bit of ram and other resources that the xbox one s and x can provide". they didnt post ne info on the xbox one client and what the perf was lookin like. yes as it stands all 3 consoles play all of the games released but if they are building the client to support specs available to s and x owners then theres no way the game can run on the original xbox one. these guys have a bad habit of not including all of the info in their posts and might want to rethink that in future posts otherwise folks will just ask the same stuff again. if a post is being made it should include info on every supported console so its not unreasonable to assume (based on their words) they only want to offer the game to s and x owners. honestly though who would run a game like bdo or eso on a regular xbox one now? they r so huge and use so many resources that anything less than the one x causes stuttering and fps drops.
  12. numnutz2005


    well the first issue is ur on a dc char lol. ep is where its at ;). and no kb should be able to gank u one shot these days. u either done have maxed cp/gear sets or u dont have the right gear/cp point assigned properly. 5 piece heavy helps alot too if ur super squish. my gear is over a year old and i still dont get 1 shotted so u might need to make some changes. my gt is d2b2009 if u wanna come over to red ;)))))
  13. numnutz2005

    The Disrespect

    eso is garbage now. constant freezing in pvp when walls are taken down or when keeps are flipped. when the one x came out eso ran smoothly but the last dlc's have brought it back to the lvl it was before the new console was released. 2 steps forward 5 steps back.....
  14. numnutz2005

    Community response to today

    it doesnt make ne sense. if they openly have the code of the bots and the bots themselves it isnt hard to find and block them. thats sorta adding the belief that there is another more money driven reason behind them not blockin the bots. or maybe its so widespread that it would remove many top players in the game period?? either way its terrible and i dont see a point in playin a game just to cheat. its not like ne of the success in game equals success irl. every time a console got jtagged u risked bein banned from ne thing done online. even if they had another drive jtag or a motherboard jtag i doubt many would bother using it since they would lose the ability to connect to the network all together. sure some will but they wont last long especially with a $399-$499 price tag of a new xbox one x.
  15. numnutz2005

    Community response to today

    its not recently tbh. they have been out for years and years but starting 2-3 years ago people started sharin them more and more makin devs of the bots want to capitalize on that so they started sellin them to ne one with the cash. in ne case pearl refuses to block them like they should so because of this bots that are 2 years old still work just fine and the folks that use them arent bein removed from the game. people speculate its because pearl would lose money since alot of both users generate money for pearl but no one knows for sure. one thing im sure we can all agree on is bots have no place in mmo's no matter the platform. luckily on consoles they wont be an issue. also the bot im referin to allows you to move accross huge distances on the map almost instantly and same goes for skill usage. it lets u throw out a bunch of skills that kit all at once. idk if u play eso for consoles but i do...its sorta like animation cancelin in eso but using a bot instead of a mechanics flaw. eso considers animation cancelin legit because u can do it without even knowin u r doin it but the bot in bdo isnt the same way. its pretty bad. anyone that has been on the receiving end prob knows how i feel about that garbo lol.