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  1. idk if this is just me but i randomly have issues with chase on my musa when in pvp. it always seems to happen when im bein grabbed by another player and if i hit the trigger at the right time to evade it sometimes it will shoot me backwards then put me back in the hands of the player but it will do this 3 times total all while the other player never lets go of me and is punchin me in the face or killin me. idk y it does this and im on a hardline cat 6 with a fiber 1g/1g internet connection. it doesnt look the way lag normally does where players bounce all over the map....instead its rubber bandin me back and forth to the exact spot i was grappled over and over almost like the timing was just right and the game thought i wasnt grappled but at the same time it thought i was grappled. i havent seen other posts about this but if this is a repeat sorry for the double post. again it only happens with pvp and only when im being grappled.
  2. i noticed last night when i was doing the amity game in velia and heidel that many of the amity knowledge bubbles are mismatched. for example the bubble will say "knowledge 1" and have a pic but when you hover over the bubble the window on the right side will display a completely different name and when you click the bubble to add it to the amity game the image will change to what it should be and not what is displayed in the bubble at the bottom. when you select the bubble the info added seems to be the right info but the review name and image for each bubble seems to be wrong and this applies to all over the game not just the areas i listed above.
  3. how much pvp r u guys really gettin into that isnt wanted?? this game is a pvp focused game but even with my trollin in chat and my overly bright colored gear that screams "attack me!!" i rarely get attacked. sometimes its even harder to get attacked when u want to pvp.... dyin from pvp isnt supposed to kill ur motivation though. its supposed to push u to make ur char better. if u lose interest because of open world pvp then ur missin the point of the game imo.
  4. i believe they said a while back on pc that this wont ever be displayed because it promotes "meta build" players. they did a stream with dmg counters on and everyone got excited because they were testing it but then they made the announcement killin everyones hope of seein it lol.
  5. ya but havin a second device and bein unable to use the built in chat is just crazy. it has the feel of the nintendo switch voice chat where you had to use the app on your phone with a bunch of random cables in order to speak to people if im remembering correctly. that turned me off of even trying to use voice chat on the switch back then just like this is doing to me now. voice chat and the auto scrolling bugs in the MP and guild roster r the biggest problems i have with the game and one was supposed to be fixed last patch but it failed simon said. its still listed as a resolved issue in the patch notes too lol. i forgot to check "notify me of replies" so sorry for the double post.
  6. why cant we display a name that has little chance of being changed?? its so confusing keepin track of folks because lots of them change their char name to somethin else when they make a new class makin it hard to even know who ne one is. on the pc theres a filter to show fam names instead of char names....can we get that?? if we already have it where is it?? maybe im overlookin it??
  7. This needs to be bumped up. I have reported this since the game dropped and i have had multiple tickets closed with the same generic response sayin the issue will be reported to the devs and nothin gets resolved. I have a set of 3rd gen astro a50’s and the exact issue described happens to me. When i plug in my astro a40’s i can enable chat and voice but others that do the same cant be heard or hear me. I have raised all of the sliders up and still nothing happens. How has the game chat not been fixes or this not been addressed at all yet???????
  8. the title says it all.....this is a basic feature that makes using the bank much easier. not sure y this was missed.
  9. i dont recall them sayin they were addin nz/au servers. they said they were tryin to get it listed in the store so people from those locations can play but they said there was no play for a separate nz/au region. if they list it in the store they wont have to move characters. that only happens if they give an entire region but unless that changed without me knowin they arent givin u guys ur own region. they havent even given one to pc players so im guessin there arent enough folks to justify a separate region.......
  10. numnutz2005

    Chat filters

    it would also be nice to turn the chat filter on or off. it ends up blurin words that arent bad simply because part of the word is bad. for example "ass" is considered a bad word and no one can argue that....but the word "class" is not a bad word but chat filters it out like its somethin bad. if you ask "what class r u?" u get hit with ***** makin it hard for others to understand what ur sayin or askin. its annoyin!
  11. its already been discussed many times now but again....leavin ur console on 24/7 wont damage the console. its no different then leavin ur tv on or even ur pc. if u have issues there then u need to take a can of compressed air and blow out the heatsink fins in the back of the console until dust and hair stop comin out. thats the biggest life reducer of any console laptop or desktop so keep things clean and u wont have problems.
  12. everyone i know that has a 720p tv or monitor had the screen issue. changin the settings on the tv did stop the cutting off either unfortunately. 1080p and 4k monitors/tvs had no issues as far as i know. the folks that switched to another tv that was full hd could see the whole image again so hopefully they add a resize option for folks that need it.
  13. mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i gotta hate on u for the way u handled the beta my dude. its not cool usin exploits to cheese the system like that. now if u pvp ne one they will instantly report u and others in ur guild for cheating because now u have a history of doin just that. this is just a shame. after all the braggin u did about bein good u had to cheat to get the hugeeeeee advantage on every other player in order to kill them. i expected more from the folks that were first to brag about bein beastly...
  14. like the title says i was auto added to a guild while i was in the marketplace. i have joined guilds on the pc and know a window pops up with a contract that u agree too but nothing showed when i was browsing the marketplace. the only way i found out was while i was shopping a txt message at the top said i m now associated with xxxx guild. i closed out of the marketplace and went to leave and got hit with the penalty of 200k silver lol. i didnt have the auto decline invites turned off so that was my mistake but i didnt expect to get added like that. i plan on joinin a guild when the full game releases but some like playin solo so maybe this will bother them?? thats if its an actual bug....?? dtob was my chars name in the game if u wanna check the logs or whatever.
  15. i agree its shameful. they r both located in the korean office if im not mistaken but either way theres no justifyin the way he treats his coworkers. whats even weirder is the GM should be above the CM. especially a community manager that doesnt think communicatin with the community is a worthwhile thing to do lol. one thing is for sure here though....he promised to get us more info directly on a post on discord and so far he hasnt even tried to do that. we know he has seen these threads and has been reminded of the issue everyday because we keep bumpin it and the fact that he deleted both posts that i made in both threads about this means theres no excuse for him to use about not knowin or forgettin to do it. now its purely him avoidin the problem. i said that wouldnt work multiple times then and now im still sayin the same thing. silence isnt golden and it wont make the problem go away. even if i end up bein the only one still annoyed about this situation i will stay bein the only one that spreads the info on simon and how he works. i will pluck every nerve that kid has. i will go much further and will invest more free time than he expects until a resolution is provided to us. is it worth it?? prob not....but im anal about stuff and things bein even is a very big one for me.
  16. not that i know of. the unwritted rule on just about every forum is 24-48 hour timeouts before bumpin to prevent people from spammin bumps every couple of hours. typically its 24 hours and ur free to bump. notice how none of us got in trouble ne of the other times we bumped the same 2 threads but this time i got into trouble. no one else....just me lol. i saw clips of the stream and i agree he was rude to bis coworkers. hes a very cocky soundin dude. he even went as far as to brag on discord about how he got this job and how he worked for pa for years prior but based on what i have seen thats not exactly true. worked in his field....ya sorta....but for pa managin their other communities like he said....not at all lol. unless im mistaken and found the wrong stuff?? either way it doesnt take away his cockiness. the weirdest part of the stream that i watched (only a few minutes worth of clips so not much at all) was how he kept tellin us how the GM hasnt played a single moment of bdo on console or PC. he knows nothin about how the game functions and have 0 hands on experience with the game yet hes a game manager?? my god thats just gross! i couldnt help but make a scrunched up face when i heard that. it was so bad i actually caught myself doin it. so the best way to promote the gameplay is to use a noob that doesnt even know how to move his char around let alone farm mobs?? this was a HUGE slip up in my opinion and im really startin to wonder whats goin on in the minds of the higher ups in charge or if they even know what went down. i have wondered a lot about what those bosses know. asians r very conservative folks. the majority of them dont like things that make them look bad (no one does but asians r on a diff lvl i believe) or that could harm the perfect image they create for the world to see. if they know everything i would be shocked because that would literally be the only korean/chinese/jap company that i have ever dealt with that didnt care about the image their reps display. we could all do with a little humblin at times and ik people get carried away but i see patterns. im an a$$ i will be the first to admit that but i wouldnt try to make myself look better at the expense of my friend/coworker. im sure this thread will find its way to him and i hope he looks at it (it is his job afterall) and takes note of the things said.
  17. oh ik what they said. they also said "soon/soonish" for like 2 years or whatever lol. even simon says videos will be made on xxx day....the day comes and goes.....nothin is heard from ne one. after other members pester him he decides to do what he was supposed to do but later on down the road. i dont have ne faith that they will release the au store version. both will only have eu and us servers though so the main answer is there will never be its own region. nz and au dont even get their own region on pc.
  18. Idk y they got so bad at communication. Its crazy how bad its gotten about topics they dont wanna address. I pointed it out before but they will answer the same region question a million times but they avoid this topic like it has aids and they will get infected somehow. Its hard to believe they truely think folks dont notice their lack of respect for folks they screw over. Everyone sees it.
  19. If he has proof that the normal use of forum bumpin is against the rules let him ban me. Im sorry he doesnt know how forums work. Employers will train employees if they need to learn stuff like this...ik my job has trainin options available so maybe they could look into that?? i agree they cant even say sorry and they pretend like it didnt happen. The messed up and dont even post an announcement about it. Everything else like “the black spirit farted” gets its own announcement thread but one that caused people to get banned and be flagged perminantly gets nothin. I wonder if they even informed their higher ups of this issue or is these guys r tryin to prevent it from goin up the chain. They think kids callin me “fagg” or sayin “stfu numnutz” is fine but me not cussin or gettin mad is somehow breakin the rules so who knows what they think is normal these days. My account is sittin at 85 points and i have screen shots of everything so im ready to pass this info along to higher ups if needed. Not a threat just fact. Like ne customer support related job theres the low end guys like simon and others and there r higher end guys like supervisors and such. If the low end guys cant inform us properly or lie about stuff its totally normal to go to the next lvl
  20. They already said a setting on their end got changed after the beta started so they admitted fault and then said no one is at fault lolol. They can pretend for days but me gettin an enforcement strike from the forums for bumpin this thread is retarded. Its like they dont know how to manage their game and dont know how forums work. Who knew thread bumps were against forum rules....thats crazzzzzyyyyyy
  21. i havent ever seen those settings tbh but based on what folks over on the pc forums say it happens in remastered mode so can u people just turn off remastered mode and drop the subject for the time bein?? u all havent even seen the game after the changed for urself and ur already jumpin on PA for things "u know" need to be fixed.
  22. its already been said many times...EU and NA only. the pc version of bdo doesnt have a NZ region either so dont expect one for console. nothin pearl abyss does is fast unless it cuts into their pocket money so dont expect any of this stuff ne time soon. if u wanna play on day one its best to get setup with the NA region.
  23. i thought this was common info already but i guess not?? in case u guys missed it....the ui for the console is different then then pc ui so basin it off of the pc customization options doesnt really work. its like tryin to compare over 100fps on pc and complainin about y consoles dont have the ability to go that high either. it might be best to wait for the console version to release before sayin things NEED to be available since none of us know exactly what will be available after all of the changes they said they were makin from the end of the beta up until the game drops. just an idea.
  24. i totally agree. unfortunately simon and i have some things we do not agree on and him and his team have cause perminant flags on my xbl account as well as many others and we just want a resolution but whenver confronted with the issue he double speaks or side steps the issue (for example sayin no one is to blame while sayin us...the user had no way to prevent the flags from happenin) and the list goes on. no doubt i agree and understand that from the outside it looks like a typical "y havent u answered me" crybaby reaction and i wish it was. we have real issues that need to be resolved. me and others r angry that he promises to get us answers in random discord posts but never follows through. there is also no official announcement about this issue that has effected a bunch of people and simons on record as sayin someone at PA's office flipped a switch on the back end suddenly makin sharin content durin the beta a flaggable offense and even then he wont address it head on or announce it. so to the reason for this thread....if he refuses to make an announcement that can be followed about the issue and sticks to random vague posts in the discord chat that means me and everyone else relies on discord to head ne thing about this issue. by randomly removin me without a reason and preventin me from stayin up to date on the status (that again he said he was going to check back with the pa team and get the info i asked for) he is essentially tryin to shut down the convo on this subject even more. the most worryin part of this situation is the fact that i didnt say ne thing back on discord. u have folks postin pictures of private parts and hentai memes as well as cussin and bein sexual (simon included....with his famous "im not your father but u can call me daddy" post as well as others) but i was randomly removed at a weird hour of the night after not postin for multiple hours up to that point?? so in short i agree with ur concerns and no hard feelins my dude. im tired of the demandin folks too but im also tired of some of the things people in charge of this service do.
  25. my lord...this again....dont be a salty potato. when u get ur insults in order and figure out what is worth sayin feel free to return and lay them on me. until then chillax and take time to clear ur mind a bit. also to point out numnutz2005 isnt against the rules. unless usin a word from a commonly used phrase (such as way to go numnutz) somehow insults others users or breaks TOS. speakin of which...have u even bothered to read those yet?? gotta brush up on the rules before u jump in and insult folks. the rules updated and call for harsher punishments for folks that r trollin so be careful my friend.....wouldnt want u to lose this account....too....
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