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  1. It’s the 20th for me 😁 but have too wait till 7pm tonight for server launch 😅
  2. I know this haha but I think i figured it out. In New Zealand you have too add 12 hours on to standard UTC time soo if its 7am UTC then it will be 7pm for us New Zealanders. As it is already the 20th of August today haha! But thanks anyway SoloTyrant!
  3. So I live in New Zealand, what time would the severs be up for us people here haha I’ve ordered the Ultimate edition as well.
  4. I’ve been trying this every hour or so but still doesn’t work for me. Keeps giving me the same message, everyone else has been getting. Which is why I’m waiting with no complaints buddy. Yeah they might not get it fixed before the beta ends and that’s okay with me. But it will still be super awesome of them too prolong the beta or bring it out this weekend coming. If not then that’s okay too lol
  5. I agree as I am from NZ as well but I haven’t cancelled my ultimate pre order like other people, I’m just still patiently waiting for them to fix this.
  6. Is there any news at all?? I’ve been following this post ever since it started but now it’s gone silent lol
  7. Yeaa it didn’t work for me either but thanks! 😊
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