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  1. Astolti

    Region availibility

    Can u link the post pleas would like to read up on it.
  2. Astolti

    Region availibility

    Latvia πŸ˜“πŸ˜¦πŸ˜₯😢
  3. Astolti

    blood leagion Eu recruitment

    Ik the feel as I wanted to jump on the female striker sadly I can't but that gives me the chance to get silver gear till it comes and be ready for it but the choice is yours to make and hopefully we will see you comming back once the classes are implemented πŸ˜™
  4. Astolti

    blood leagion Eu recruitment

    Sad to hear that but Cmn they are going to ad the rest eventually just be patient and build up ur capital in game till the class u want comes out
  5. Astolti

    Wednesday June 13

    Keep dreaming πŸ˜…πŸ€£
  6. Astolti

    Introduction Thread!

    So guess I'll make one as well. I'm Veteran BDO slacker mostly just leveling classes and gearing them up just to see what they can do and what I like still hard to pick a main >< I'm playing on the EU release but as of my relocation for study's I got Region locked so enjoying the game on the RU Servers as a raging Mystic. I'm a fanatic for Mass Scale PvP fights not so good in 1x1, so NO HUNTING =-= but provoke me or try to PK and I'm sure as fk aint going to run >;3 even if I my fall. I'm a casual easy going silent type of a player that likes to pay to look good in game :3 no judgement needed 939 so yhea if u need some thing ing. or just up for no good as a RED Player let me in on the fun .o/ Regards Astolti
  7. Astolti

    blood leagion Eu recruitment

    Already did thank you ☺️
  8. disagree but tho each player has its own taste but I do like the dark ink style combat of Mei. so as the pristine and elegant jet brutal fights of Valk's so as the swift and painful casts of a Sorc. theyr all have something that makes the class feel nice. it all depends on personal preference. I'd like to play on Mystic but if its going to be added latter in game I have to consider alternatives.
  9. Astolti

    Name Reservation

    I'd prefer to have it done a bit different on the name's as in IRL many people have the same name just a dif. surname so why not have the same thing in BDO and just your Family name to be one of a kind and you could have 2 or more ppl have the same name but different surnames *Family names tho dono if thats possible but would so help some times as its a pain in the as^ some times to find a name thats not taken.
  10. I'll admit I was a bit surprised to see the limited choice off classes available on the home page as I would like to go back on playing Mystic as I really enjoy the combat on here tho alternative is found as well still a bit salted on that but might be its just a slight issue and the classes going to be added down the line so I presume its going to be a base start with the main core classes rather than the new once well see how things develop.
  11. Astolti

    blood leagion Eu recruitment

    Well if there is no Region Lock for my country count me in. EU: Mystic - Sorcerer Dcord.: Astolti
  12. Astolti

    ip Block ?

    Same as you I'm wondering if its going to be a IP Block like I got on my EU Version that I got in UK played it there than moved to Sweden and came back to my country for study's and it turns out its blocked what ruined it all as I invested in that game time and irl money to enjoy the game even more just to be denied it down the line. If the game is not going to be region locked I'm even willing to buy the console and learn how to play on it as the game is worth that time. Ou and I'm in Latvia.