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  1. Astolti

    To rush or not to rush?

    Taking it easy don't want to rush things
  2. Astolti

    Kzarka drop table

    It's RNG
  3. Astolti

    <Apex> EU Recruiting

    Well if its still open I'd like to join sadly the guild I was in Halo disbanded thus on the hunt once again.
  4. I can imagine the cluster fluff XD
  5. So that you have a valid reason to ask...why @The Guiido
  6. Astolti

    pvp channel!

    I see
  7. Astolti

    pvp channel!

    Ya lost da wae boy all servers are PVP there no PVE servers in PVP oriented game.
  8. Astolti

    World Boss... No. Only lags

    Personally I don't want them to ad more servers simply because it makes the game feel more alive as you see players left and right so as you get a high damn chance of getting your ass on a red players wanted list but than again lag in things like world bosses meeeh idk but if not mistaken PC had the option to where when there is a world boss or bosses in general it would hide other players except you and your party what does help.
  9. Guild "Halo" is seeking active and dedicated PVP members whit no fear nor regret going negative. Witch & Wizard is given priority over DPS for now as the spots are limited. For now that is, we are working on extending the guild. Min Req.: L55 + MIC's a must. "Halo" is a War / up to no good EU guild with strong bloodthirst for PVP Link to our Discord We stand our ground and don't obey any one. JOIN US! And become one of the Most Wanted in across all of EU Servers.
  10. Astolti

    Show Us Your True Self Event!

    This one is not ugly but fluffen unique O.O
  11. Astolti

    Character name HP/MANA

    Sad was curious about that as well it would make it a bit more cleaner
  12. Astolti

    Show Us Your True Self Event!

    Yup that my lill witch
  13. Recommend to any hard core ex pc PVP BDO player the guild is strong and seems to be well organized def a force not to mess around. Ing: DemonLord Looking forward to fight against you all tho first gearing.
  14. Astolti

    Is weight even an issue on xbox?

    That explains it
  15. Astolti

    Share Your Gamertag, Region & Family Name!

    Astolti - Astolti - EU - DemonLord