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  1. All that is subject to change once BETA starts, as I presume most haven't played BDO and have no idea on how tricky or how the actual classes feels playing ... I wouldn't take pools such as this one serious for me even I'm still unsure regarding my starting class but unlike some I have a good base understanding of each class in BDO as I tried them all the only exception being Zerker / Striker / Wizard and Musa mostly because I hate Male characters ... personal preference ... Once BETA so as the actual launch is in people will spend a good portion of there time jumping from class to class to find the right mixture for them and that will most likely apply to new players so as a fraction of Casual's perhaps even some Veterans as there main class may not be implemented as is not mine. In short dont base your class pick on something as stupid as this thread make your own research or try the game your self, we do have a private server for DBO so as a 7 day trial for the official and not to speak of Youtube/Twitch.
  2. Its like watching your favorite TV show or anime knowing there is a possibility of a new season coming out and here it is a follow up to the old and rusty but newer mind that I went for warrior as they fluffen didn't include Mystic Art's.
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    Beta Email Clarification

    This positive mind set's ain't going to last that long but if your to fluff knows what celestial cosmic unbelievable odds right huh than ... nothing gz on getting it right I guess but ... if your wrong ... fluff man ... sit tight till 2021
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    Twitch Streamer

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    Voice Chat on Console.

    sounds good but still silence regarding it ...
  6. tak kak mne uze skuchna stala i ja dosihpor bez gildi prisidinus ka kvam dai ka znat jesle tibe nada Diskord imja ili Xboxa.
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    Preview Program

    At this point even if its bugged like no tomorrow, unfinished or as even missing the basic things I'd like to play it as I'm getting bored .... hurry the fluff up ... how long you intend to let us wait.
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    Doubtful as I don't see my self leading one but being a part of one.
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