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  1. you summoned XD
  2. Astolti


    @Deathz Angel try saying that after you been here as long as we have ... anyways I agree to what xCrov is saying its been far to long on the silent treatment, yes they did show a video but most of the main topic's have been ignored ... we understand its x-mass the most busiest period and its the worst if you cant keep up. Just man up and say it as it is ... are you guy's making it in time or not that's all we want to know. We still want to be loyal and trust in you, so don't tarnish our loyalty towards you. A silent treatment is not the way to go.
  3. Astolti

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    m8 you got nothing else to do ... is it that hard for you to stop being a negative downer none stop ffksake m8 get your **** straight and grow up.
  4. Thus I shall fight once more T^T
  5. Astolti

    Looking for pve guild, very active player

    It's nuff with one messed up oddly good topic on the forum so keep it on the topic. No guild application should be messed around with.
  6. Astolti

    Just a suggestion

    Kid or not I do understand why but than again he's more stubborn and delusional than you.
  7. Astolti

    Just a suggestion

    @Deathz Angel you come here complaining none stop.. the only reason why I recall your name is that you constantly keep saying you'll leave xbox and go pc or that you are going to buy one... Do it already ffksake no one is holding you here.. I get you pkrs are never fun but that's what makes a mmorpg so special for me it's not us tho we play a huge part in it who as you so boldly said make the game its you right now who wants to me the game for what it is not. Grow up, suck it up and get over it your not a kid as far as I understood the way you write... Peaple here have given you valid advice they came forward to solv your delema yet you still don't get it you don't even try to.
  8. Astolti

    Just a suggestion

    Who told you that we care, the world in IRL ain't fair as well so is the game, you make a bad call, you make a error in your planing and like it or not there will be people who shall abuse that. Dont get me wrong i'm not the best of PvP'rs hax I suc* on 1v1's but I still shall stand my ground not backing out of a fight, as I said earlier if you dont like PvP than this game might not be for you in this case as PvP is a part of this game its what makes Black Desert, BLACK DESERT Get over it. Boy you got some nerve ... I just so happened to stumble upon this: You wrote it and yet you bitc* about PvP