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  1. Astolti

    State of game on release.

    Could this be a Microsoft scam in tricking us to by the console as I bought the S and it just sits there as a dust collector
  2. Astolti

    State of game on release.

    Same here but now every one's alike.
  3. Astolti

    State of game on release.

    Thanks for sharing it.. Its true the activity coming from Dev's is to wish for and the delay for Beta so as Release is questionable but despite all that most of us are still hyped for it and as you said they will need a good loore for when it releases or it's fate is certain of Tera's
  4. Astolti

    Dev Notes #5

    Well I'd say its mostly the core (regulars) that reside in here, as you rarely see a new name pop up on forum page and even than they make 1-3 posts and puff as they came they disappear and @Beond that is as well what made me a bit worried on EU Branches BL's discord as the recruitment rate on it so as its activity is what made me to consider NA Branch.
  5. well i'd say you have to be patient till that class comes out as there is nothing we can do to speed it up how ever I do understand what you mean, as my very first class in a mmo was a archer and I love them since than, and I'll admit, I'm a bit wavering between witch and ranger here, mostly cuz I love rangers animations but than I'm hard core tempted to play as a support as that's my play style and cuz of that witch is more suited for it. The least you can do is look up each class and what they can and cant do on youtube for further guidance on what to pick till your main class is out. This will provide the insight of other classes in game and once you have your sub the only thing you have to do is, make preparations for your main, like resources and gear ... the usual, if you know what I mean.
  6. hmm ... well as far as I know it offers some Male Classes on release https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Overview
  7. so does that mean 2022?
  8. Astolti

    How to get good rng

    I still can cast a bounty on your beard to save my and other RNG from being tainted by you. ^-^
  9. Astolti

    How to get good rng

    Does that mean, its not wise to join your guild as your its leader aaand I kind off would like to keep my RNG on the plus side if you know what I mean.
  10. Astolti

    Dev Notes #5

    I'd like to see you do that so as well the ban that comes with the package included.
  11. Astolti

    Hopefully Fall means September.

    did you look like this?
  12. Astolti

    Hopefully Fall means September.

    oioioiOI! dont you bale out on me right now! =-=