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  1. Sadly for me I noticed way more lag idk why tho inets top speed all updates are done but coming back to the game right now and I notice a lot of lag  any ideas why? Or a solution to it? I'm considering as well to reinstall the game as that is the only thing I have not done thus far. 

  2. I'm right now rerolling to striker so was curious on it as well tho plan on perhaps to main a Mystic cuz not a big fan on male characters take it as you want tho in the lion armore it looks dope anyways while seeking info for it this gave me a good bases on what to aim for https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/striker-class-guide/


    Personally cuz I'm to lazzy I run full tartar set tho working on accessories at the moment reason I run that set is I had it since launch and didn't bother to upgrade for weapons I have full rosar so working on it as well tho plan on going for boss sets latter in game. 


    Hope the link helps so as I highly suggest to check out YouTube regarding your class. 

  3. 2 hours ago, MakeumRage said:

    No you should not and will never get to damage equally with a player whose spent time in the game. Take your low geared no knowledge self to a weaker rotation if you cant hold it. No combat should ever last more then a few seconds with skilled players. Most likely hes in tri gear and understands what Super Armor rotation and cc chain mechanics are. Because he spent his time learning and practicing while you spent yours crying for equality in the forums to make up for your lack of skill in a PvP based game. Getttt outttaaa here with this mess. 


    How about a real change, make you pass a pvp test to venture further in the game. If you aint ready you take ya self back to the imps in balenos and practice. 

    Is true tho 

  4. True tha ranger had a dagger on preawakenig its a thing you don't really use and the awakening are 2x blades when the class is ranged it's like contradicting of what it has to be. 

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  5. In a sence I do agree I mean a one sided battle is boring first of all iv watched so many videos before BDX and mostly the duels ended up in some one getting downed and one comboed and no real chalange...even with top gear and decent lvl I'd expect a chalange in fighting some one and most defenatly a fight longer than 10s for geared folks sadly this is a long known issue. 


    Regarding the pacifist thing at first I was like neet that be nice but than again... Your grinding and one num nut with pacifist gets in your rota or tow why not tow and you can't do shait about it cuz you can't engage them so tho a good idea it bites back. 

  6. On 6/16/2019 at 10:21 AM, Mihari said:

    By the way, the Shai will have an istrument as Awakening weapon:

    First Look at Shai Awakening & the Great Expedition

    In this thread, PA is also showing the first information about the upcoming PvE exlusive group content "Great Expedition".

    Why she looks so neet with that bumerand but the awakening ruined it a bit for me. Yes it's no doubt something new but whhhhhy. It's like giving the Ranger for a ranged class daggers whhhy you had a thing going and than that. 

  7. I do like the idea of being able to fight with other players at lower levels but there is still the issue that yes perhaps you didn't buy the gear to enjoy the nostalgia of having nothing from the get go same can't be said about others so gear for lover level PVP would still be a issue as it is transferable from character to character. 

  8. Now that's a interesting suggestion. Plus you could as well make it so that only your lvl gap can attack you or you them till a certain point that be the standard lvl 50 but than again gear as you know its not bound that how ever would be unfair to newer players. So it would only replace PVP ise tickets with outgearing. 

  9. 1 hour ago, TaylorBurton said:

    cant link a live stream...


    but here's some proof that the majority want PVE servers and the majority hate PVP

    Ty but its a fraction of ppl that hate it from whom that be pure life skillers and perhaps some roleplayers so nuf with the majority BS regardless ty


    Its to be hones a good idea as well for a server as such if you want to have a peaceful time away from PVP but there is a issue I just encountered that be grinding in a PVE server how are you going to sort out that as leveling so silver all will content for and the spots are limited and if some one comes to your spot what than as with no doubt the rota will be disrupted and cuz it's a PVE server you can't do squat. 


  10. I'd say its a trap coming from a trap your a trap... If you all so much hate PVP find a game that does not support it.. GL with that sadly most mmos have a aspect of it except for games ment for children aged 3 - 7 fluff knows but this game is hevely based on PVP thus get your shait straight and get over it than again if you so dislike PVP in general don't do it simple as that the game offers a wast ammount of stuff that does not involve it... I get it you mind your own business jumping from one place to another like a sheep un extacy and some one ganks you and you feel the saur taste of being abused so at this point you asking your self why!? Was it you who got in a person's grind rota, did you perhaps pis5 off that individual in the past or does the guild have a grudge against your or any other miriad of possible things fluff knows but at this point you are presented with 3 choices: 1st you man up and fluff him/here Ower and clame the spot becoming a black hard core sheep on extacy 2nd you die and try to speak with the individual and let him know what's what so he/she can ignore you on your mission this part how ever most get wrong as they start to insult them in there whispers and even I'd have no mercy and sloughter you over and over till you reach stage 3 and that be the 3rd option you come to the forum and bit4h to remove PVP of a hevely based PVP game to witch most will go GL with that. 


    Use your brane fore once you can't take something off a game that has been a part of it since the start and if you kept track of stuff you'd know there is a interest to even further motivate to go red. 


    Its simple as that some one kills you so you retaliate or suck it up and fluff of. 

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