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  1. Congrats welcome to Black Desert
  2. Is it me or you alway complaining about paying for this and that and that you will not support it at all yet your still here despite the past statement of yours you going to BDO and other stuff don't get me wrong but why your always so negative and yes 52 ain't nuff but it's decent with good inventory management skill so I really don't see the problem here the game offers that set of amount anf if you want to go more above free than you'd have to cash in ik a lot of mmos who only give squat in terms of inventory rest hard cash so BDX has it far more generous. Tho I do like the idea you mentioned on crafting them but that's a thing that def. ain't going to happen.
  3. Well tho some out fits are questionable than again it is a Korean game fluff u expect they got to milk us some how 😏
  4. I do like the idea and it would make more sense to have a thing like that if it's based on irl style but it's a mmo and "Name Taken" is just part of it tho it's damn frustrating at times but that's how it is perhaps one day who knows 😜
  5. True but you will agree its taking a while.. Tho understandably why.
  6. I'd agree more on both a balance between PVP so as PVE as we are grinding to level up and fighting to secure our spots not to mention wars.
  8. Well if you have a spot left I'm interested I did apply once but newer got to it as I just quit the game entirely but cuz of Shai I'm back and playing alone lonly.
  9. You got a point 🤔 but nor do I unless it made me curious to do so 😏
  10. Ik thus I mentioned preparations and grasping life skills and I do plan on alting a valk so gearing here will take time as well.
  11. As they announced there is going to be a new class and it's a support it reignited for me the interest and provided a the motivation to finally come back to BDX. Now Im not great when it comes to Dps and PVP especially 1x1 as I specialise in mass scale PVP and battle grounds as a support and untill now there were not really a option given in terms of classes for such a role and now with the announcement of Shai I can finally enjoy the game the way I like it, being a true support and watching out for the front and them in need. I am a PC veteran but for the most part I really don't have anything to brag about or show off as for the most part I just leveled classes took them for a spin to find the once I liked and focus on, I didn't do anything whit life skills at all so that part of the game is still a complex mystery to me tho knowing well it's the one thing you got to do in order to gain silver and mats thus I always was short on silver but despite that I still managed to gear and enjoy the neet style of the game. With the introduction of the new class I decided to prep for it that be: gearing, life skills and silver gain for a easier transition for a class swap when the time comes. I have been part of Symphony so as Life guild from whom I had the best time playing the game was in the guild of Life. It was small but hax it was tense, exciting, confusing at times but so much fun to be in tho when they disbanded was the time I quit BDX as the thrill of being hunted, hated and more but knowing we got each others backs was ireplacebl by any other guild it was the same feeling when I plaited in Tera under Red Zerg a Russian hard core War guild but time flys and now I'm returng to BDX thus I seek a new guild. Main: Shai Alt: Lahn, Valk Style: Support Mic: Yes Forum: Astolti Xbox: Astolti Targets: Gear, Basic understanding on life skills, preparations for my main Guild: PVX [Casual War Guild] with a decent member count and activity. Voice is a must. Astolti
  12. To be honest Im a bit surprised there no additions of classes thus far I didn't play for a good while and now that there's a support class Inc it sparked my interest in the game but nothing has changed after Lyn came despite the missing classes of whom some are the first to be before the new classes but they got there reasons and the only thing we can do is prep. and wait.
  13. Did you actually try to read up on the race or you one of thows who judge a book by its cover?
  14. This class reignited my interest for the game especially cuz its a tho week but a full support class that fits my style frankly cuz I suck in PVP in general when it comes to dps but give me a heal and I feel right in my element tho yes there is no doubt this class will be judged up on here aperance but me no give a fluff its a support and its mine for taking question tho is when it will come to console...
  15. This took me by surprise but I hope it all works out for you. Tho not part of it but knowing Dr. highly recomend it.
  16. Taking it easy don't want to rush things
  17. Well if its still open I'd like to join sadly the guild I was in Halo disbanded thus on the hunt once again.
  18. So that you have a valid reason to ask...why @The Guiido
  19. Ya lost da wae boy all servers are PVP there no PVE servers in PVP oriented game.
  20. Personally I don't want them to ad more servers simply because it makes the game feel more alive as you see players left and right so as you get a high damn chance of getting your ass on a red players wanted list but than again lag in things like world bosses meeeh idk but if not mistaken PC had the option to where when there is a world boss or bosses in general it would hide other players except you and your party what does help.
  21. Guild "Halo" is seeking active and dedicated PVP members whit no fear nor regret going negative. Witch & Wizard is given priority over DPS for now as the spots are limited. For now that is, we are working on extending the guild. Min Req.: L55 + MIC's a must. "Halo" is a War / up to no good EU guild with strong bloodthirst for PVP Link to our Discord We stand our ground and don't obey any one. JOIN US! And become one of the Most Wanted in across all of EU Servers.
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