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  1. This one is not ugly but fluffen unique O.O
  2. Sad was curious about that as well it would make it a bit more cleaner
  3. Recommend to any hard core ex pc PVP BDO player the guild is strong and seems to be well organized def a force not to mess around. Ing: DemonLord Looking forward to fight against you all tho first gearing.
  4. Didn't get past character creation as of IRL but fluff ppl. did address this the last beta, surprised it ain't fixed tho.
  5. Well thanks for the heads up but that will not stop me rolling for it for my own reasons to be so as there is no bad class in BDO just bad nagging and lazzy players that don't want to find a way to make the changes work for them...for a problem there is always a solution.
  6. Support this with out even reading the txt the title was nuff for me.
  7. I do agree there but if you want to grow or get any gain from streaming twitch is mmm not the best option at this moment cuz of the names and the amount of ppl using it thus mixer is the best solution esp. on a game like BDX who's counter part BDO is being streamed on twitch by a good majority of players there.
  8. Astolti


    Don't listen to this trap he's our guild maid for a reason.. Just get in the house and trust me you won't regret that decision the guild is friendly as fluff so as chilled for now despite getting ready for all the PVP action to come and not to mention gearing and other stuff that will take place to prepare for the dominance or die trying. Symphony tho sounds fluffy is a messed up force not to mess around with all bolted and held together by Daniel Betty and the Guild Maid and it works.
  9. Don't want to say your wrong but somehow I found it insulting... Watching you =_=
  10. Hope is RNG based and considering this is Black Desert it's shait odds
  11. Astolti


    will it have a mustache?
  12. Astolti


    Is that the new guild logo
  13. Astolti


    If you dont have a Discord Account pleas do download it as its free and the guild is using it for voice and important updates. When you apply you'll get further info on what to do ... its just a command you'll have to write to send a application, you can as well PM on Discord "@Dr INF3RNO @xbox#5819" hes a Officer or GM's "@Betty#0198" and "@Daniel#7853" one of them is sure to get to you. I'd say Welcome if your still interested. https://discord.gg/9w4HRaY
  14. Astolti

    Male DK

    fluff DK I demand a female Zerker T^T with a tow handed weapon... I shall keep dreaming and none shall take my dreams away =-= I doubt that @Beond
  15. I put this up because I agree with this but do you... <3 the Bless part tho it got me good
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