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  1. so many impatient ppl. wait till 7.1.19 than we will know all of it ... at least that's what I hope
  2. Merry X-Mass & Happy 2021 ehmm meant 2019 >;3
  3. Agree. I found it really confusing and didn't even try to figure it out as it was beta but still for new players and the once like me who swapped from PC to console this is not user friendly. Thus support.
  4. Weekend sounds nice but for players like my self that work with a rotating schedual it does not really matter.. As long as its coming that's all that matters anyways they are going to talk about all the details regarding the packs so as releas soon.
  5. Astolti

    Area voice chat

    Didn't they have something like that in guild window tho the quality was shait if I recall correctly.. But yhea that be nice to have.
  6. To be honest there not that many if any hard core PvP guilds for EU servers at this given moment .. cant say if they'r just to lazy or something but creating your own does not sound that bad for now idk ... perhaps things might change after 07.01.2019
  7. and than there is Harming's reaction to that ... good job Officer
  8. just pick what ever you had the most fun with compare the pros and cons and go from there. Did you try as well Sorc. if you say you play casters mostly?
  9. Channel has been updated a bit tho still have to sort out background music so as get my self a headset. https://mixer.com/Astolti
  10. Astolti

    boss timer

    That be nc... Support it.
  11. This is a video from one of my favorite BDO you tubers it will help you a bit to understand what kind of a game it is. I'm posting it just cuz of the stuff he mentioned there to what I agree and to perhaps hoping that some of the Dev's might notice it and think on it.
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