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  1. you just seem not to get the point here ... you want to play with that stuff fine there is a PC version for it go play it with the mouse and a keyboard dont get me wrong I'd love to have that on the X as I play MMO's for a fluffen long time and this is the first game I play on a console but despite that I still refuse to even if it would benefit me in many ways.
  2. I think your underestimating some of the hard core PC gamer's there PC's could run all of NASA and they'r just using it to play games and they still have them pop in's
  3. As much as I'd like to agree to this part i simply can't.
  4. Agree still a bit disappointed they didn't somehow find a solution to fix it.
  5. Not only is this a topic on a existing one as this was a subject of discussion but I strongly disagree with it simply because it be a huge unfairness to players that don't have that lying at home or just don't have the money for it. In sort you want a mouse and a keyboard, simplest of solutions to that as I'm sure many pointed that out, play BDO PC.
  6. Don't think it will be added as the ranks currently Available are used since BDO launched on PC so doubt it.
  7. Support it with out any doubt as it is annoying to hold it so as time-consuming.
  8. Try to keep on the topic... Tho will admit is getting interestg.
  9. Wont work as your tied up thus the agony.
  10. For a gamer visiting a forum page the word ''patience'' is none extant. @Daniel Especially now that they announced OBT, its like heaving a cold refreshing beer siting right in front of you in a hot day, right there, facing you, the only problem .. your tied up when your just inches away from paradise.
  11. Ou I'm from EU but who said I can play in NA no doubt
  12. Don't do that if your NA based I don't mind coming to NA Servers to play as long as the ping is semi k I'll be alright but that settles it I guess I'm going to NA BDX ... IGN: Astolt(i/e) Dumonte XACC: Astolti Discord: Astolti#7410 Class: Alt - Archer, Main - Mystic
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