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  1. <Sequence> is a PVP nodewar guild that is active and recruiting active players with a GS of 420+. We do NW 3x a week and are looking to strengthen our numbers! We do weekly payouts too that is participation based! If interested reach out to me (Hexene) in-game or my PSN DynastyXCII, reply here on the forum or message Jinx01 or Pixie for invite or more information! We look forward to playing with you!
  2. There should be a Lahn and Ninja section under class discussion.
  3. Probably doing it to a guild you talks a lot of trash. I'm on val1 as well and they don't bother me 🤷‍♂️
  4. It's says before July 2019 update. Before PS4 release. Those are Xbox patch notes.
  5. I didn't get the quest either on my Lahn and Sorceress, so I went over to longleaf outpost and summoned my black spirit and he had the quest for me.
  6. I've done everything on my side, settings, switching chat in and off even an uninstall. As I've mentioned in the opening post it's 99% of the time it's unresponsive. They are currently looking into it, it's for sure not the settings or I wouldn't be able to see anything at all.
  7. Hello and welcome! Thank you for replying to my post in the bug thread 😁
  8. I'm still experiencing the issue and yes I'm hardwired. Connection has been fine, nothing unusual. I was able to see slightly more chat today but seems to be only certain people can what I type and vise versa.
  9. Hi all, for the past few days starting September 30th my server chat has been very unresponsive. 99% of my playtime I see nothing in server chat, on the very rare chance I see some say something. It been ruining my enjoyment of the game since I can't interact with server chat. All other chats are working fine for me. Anyone else experiencing this?
  10. It's actually not obvious at all. To you maybe because you know you, but unless you explain yourself better people will give solutions. Have you ever been on a forum before?
  11. Simple fix. Go to your setting and bam the option to fix that lag is right there staring you in the face!!!! Like literally, it's the first option under optimization...
  12. How is this a reflection on the community? Also maybe I just haven't looked around but I don't see you leading any charge. All I see in this post is you crying that others won't take up the fight you want. I didn't get into any trouble with my account. I bought my deluxe edition and was happy with it. I don't see a reason to get involved in this issue. I'm sure PA is working on solving it.
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