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  1. My wife and I together at my favorite spot in the game. Family Name: Onyxninja Region: NA Console: PS4 Link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10222074210632727&id=1485949878&refid=17&__tn__=*s*sH-R
  2. Sadly they do not want to put T8 in yet because of the "invisible wall issue" they said we will get T8 after that is fixed.
  3. Family name : Onyxninja Region : NA link : https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10220990590542902&id=1485949878
  4. Thanks for this info. I've been mostly AFK due to like events so I haven't seen this. Guess I will smash my T5s
  5. Starting to wonder if T7 is even in the game yet. The GMs said it was but they also told Xbox T8 was in the game when it was not. Going to hold off on breeding all my T5s I have till later on.
  6. T4 lvl 23 + T4 lvl 23 = T6 F T4 lvl 23 + T4 lvl 23 = T5 M T3 lvl 26 + T4 lvl 26 = T5 M T3 lvl 26 + T4 lvl 26 = T5 F T3 lvl 26 + T4 lvl 26 = T5 M So far all evidence post update shows rate is at least 10. Will keep going this week though and keep you guys updated. T3 lvl 26 + T4 lvl 26 = T6M T3 lvl 26 + T4 lvl 26 = T6F T3 lvl 26 + T4 lvl 26 = T5M T3 lvl 26 + T4 lvl 26 = T5F Still have 6 breeds worth of T4M horses to go from when I did this test when the game came out. Will continue to edit as I go. So far everything shows rate 10 still.
  7. One is done T3 F lvl 26 + T4 M lvl 26 and I received a T5 M horse. Could have been done with 7 rate or 10 rate but as I said before I got a horse only possible from T10 rate already after the big update. Should have 2 more tomorrow will post when done.
  8. I am indeed 100% sure. I double checked afterword I didn't even own a horse over T4 and level 23 at the time. I'm AFK training more now for testing but we've been under heavy thunderstorms the past 36 hours or so making it difficult. I should have more done by Monday and will post all results (what I put together/what level and what came out) and go from there. I should have 3 more done and tested Monday with any luck.
  9. The latest awaking update had to have stealth change this. I had the same thing happen to me over and over until I gave up breeding and waited for the next big update. Last night (after the big update) I finally tried again and did 2 level 23 horses both T4 My results were at T6 female horse This is only possible at rate 10. I have tons of T3 and T4 horses I'm leveling and will smash to see what happens now that the update is here but it looks as though they changed it without saying anything.
  10. Do what ever makes you happy. I've been farming and training horses for the past 4 or 5 days now. My guild is ok with that and that works for me. Maybe you need to look for new people to play with?
  11. Yep to fix it I have to log out close the app then open the app log back in the close and re open the app AGAIN then it works for like an hour before I need to do it all over again.
  12. Onyxninja


    Had that server maintenance now I can't afk train what so ever I walk away for 15 min to do something and I'm disconnected.
  13. I've also been wondering the same thing.
  14. What is going on with the BKEA rewards? I was waiting and giving it time but at this point everything has been given out but that and they even started a new event for buying pearls but not one single word on the BKEA stuff. I was the VERY first person to post in the thread but I've received nothing still?
  15. My wife and I both suddenly have this issue also. We both have 14 days and 13 hours with no access to Merv's any longer.
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