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  1. Region: NA Character Name: Kos Family Name: Hel Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post Link:
  2. • Doesn’t let you summon the boss unless you are the party leader. You have to drop quest and leave group to get it to work. *Edit: I realize now this is a part of the game. • Lags really hard while moving through menus sometimes. Your character is stunned, you cannot see the bar at the bottom, and you are unable to move your character for 3-5 seconds, sometimes longer • There is a glitch where the “help” UI in the bottom corner won’t go away. • When you zoom in to look at your character, it becomes extremely blurred *Edit: I’m not sure if the blurred look is a feature, but I noticed opening photo mode makes it so your character isn’t blurred at all. If I can think of anymore I will update my post!
  3. Beta Family Name:Hel Region:North America URL: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1AYtFJgPgb/?igshid=1g7poid5sxawr ------------------------------------------------------------------ I tried my hand at decorating. I fell in love with this game the second I got on for the beta! I’m at level 44 right now and I’m having so much fun. I bought the deluxe edition already. I cannot wait to meet new friends and kick some butt when the game officially releases. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to try it out! 😁
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