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  1. goat

    Lahn balance

    she just needs her dash/heal and grab from awakening and she will be in a much better spot even though i think she is in a decent spot pvp wise rn.
  2. occasionally around rouges, solders grave, and sausins, (xbox one x, 1080p)
  3. so has anyone actually compleated magic armour exchange II if so, can you explain what you did to trigger it
  4. the first time i died with -500k karma ALL my crystals broke, second time weapon downgraded, and he didn't screen shot it but a friend said his yuria lost 2 levels even with crystals in his armor, (none in his weapon) edit: xbox btw
  5. I know terrible pic, the clips from the beta seem to be under lock (when it comes to sharing) anyways hopefully this clears up things, i do think it would be nice if you could move it around.
  6. the 180 auto turn is way too sensitive, we need option to toggle it off, i get the idea but its too iffy going off in the middle of combat etc. (didn't know where else to put it figured this was as good a place as any)
  7. goat

    Chat filter

    yah i prefer text chat over voice, thats why I'm bringing it up now before the game launches.
  8. goat

    Chat filter

    So is chat filter gonna be non optional, or on by default with opt out.(I know its a opt out system on PC) The only reason I'm asking is because the console version of tera, the chat is nearly unusable because of the aggressive filter. as well is their options to block/report people through chat, item link codes, etc. Thank you @[CM] Simon
  9. https://youtu.be/GD64xoI6IvQ I'm a little surprised no one else posted it, I figured it was kinda relevant to this thread by the way i think its the guy from who framed rodger rabbit, but for the life of me i cant remember the name, I'm not gonna google it, (because that would be cheating)
  10. I know, i figured I would ask, i just hate seeing the multiboxing bots on eso, just having a GM on the server would fix it.
  11. wait, are you actually going to be on live as a GM, handing out the ban hammer? edit: i know this thread is about bots on the forums, but the way you said it, it gave me hope about the game
  12. it would be nice if they let us keep our family name from the beta, even if we cant keep our charcter's/item's.
  13. I'm gonna assume global chat is gonna be up during the beta, if thats the case I'll be up for any of the callouts for trying to get every1 in 1 place, world bosses, high traffic cities, etc. I wanna do everything i can to help the game run as smooth as possible when it comes out.
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