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  1. you never said without being carried, all you said was it would be impossible, even then you would just need to get carried to 160, if you have a dedicated build for skyreach you can clear it in about 3min, if your doing it on a event, and your in a group of 2, and married, and have the 150% pot going, and eso+, full purp training, and any other bull im missing you can do it in less than a week
  2. your seriously under estimating how fast people can grind, i know people that have capped out in a week, btw i have like 970 cp.
  3. Das ist schon ein roter Faden, die Leute gehen davon aus, dass diese beim Start verfügbar sein werden, mehr wird alle paar Monate veröffentlicht Hier ist ein Link zu dem anderen Thread
  4. I do have a job, I pay my bills, i can do whatever i want with my free time.
  5. hi, I play video games 8+ hours a day, ESO messed up now i need a new fix.
  6. it would still be a bad idea, letting them come over with all their items/silver, having all the good grind spots locked down strait off launch wouldn't be "fun"
  7. I'm out of like's, completely agree, the PC transfers done on ESO destroyed the economy, the game is still feeling it to this day. I remember when temps were 30K a piece, thats happened because 6 people, (all PC transfers) had the funds to fix the price.
  8. was looking forward to playing the tamer, hope its not like tera were the wait 4 months to bring out the fun stuff
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