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  1. I fixed the issue! Im from germany , customer at the internet provider "Telekom". I used port forwarding, check the links below, its still laging and its not a solution but for now its the best you can do.. Just wanted to share with people, before we have more players quitting the game, cuz this silly issue! Have a great day Sources: https://portforward.com/black-desert-online/ https://telekomhilft.telekom.de/t5/Geraete-Zubehoer/Einrichtung-einer-Port-Weiterleitung-am-Speedport-Smart-alle/ta-p/3619278
  2. Yea must been a expired Value pack, you just can get the items unlocked by writing ticket or buying new value pack.. god that they didnt fix this bug yet..
  3. Hello, i kinda have the feelig noone is still on this case, im waiting since 2 weeks... ________________________________________ Server: EU Console: PS4 PRO SSD: YES Country: germany When did this start? 2 weeks ago, got on last christmas event worse. In my guild only people from germany and close countrys experience this, people from US have nearly no lags. I hope someone see that and it may help. VIDEO: https://www.twitch.tv/nowcan/clip/SpeedyCrispyMoonOSkomodo?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time @CM_Valtarra , @CM ASH , @CM Trent , @CM Valencia Sorry for tagging, but i waited way to long.. Greetz
  4. Streaming on daily base - Lv 62 Mage 560 GS - PVE orientated , Aakman most time - Wisdom in every aspect of the game ( due PC experience) , so questions are welcome - Streaming since release on PS4 Would love to help you out in your progression, check me out!
  5. nowcan


    Its just lagging atm, be patient they work on it
  6. Beta Familienname im Spiel: nowcan Server (Land): EU URL: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2283739775176971&set=a.2283739765176972&type=3&theater
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