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  1. Aye, didn’t expect the CM himself to respond to this thread! Thanks and stay awesome!
  2. Aye, no worries glad I we were of help! When you get your reactions back come on by 😉👌🏻
  3. You really think so? Thank you! I appreciate it! Yours looks really neat too! Especially the fireworks.
  4. How I did it was I save the photos I sent on the ps message app on my phone and Post em here. Really easy.
  5. Well, yeah the only benefit you’re getting from your AU account is the ps plus for online play on the NA account. So discounts don’t apply.
  6. You’ll be able to use the ps plus from your AU account as long as that account is set to primary on your PS4.
  7. I’ve had a good experience in the beta too! Can’t wait till launch! :] Some close up shots Had a good view from up here Another close up of my character
  8. Dude, Tera is a free-to-play so of course it doesn’t require ps plus. Any game that isn’t a free-to-play or beta requires ps plus unless it is stated beforehand. For example, FFXIV, the game needs its own subscription and doesn’t work with ps plus.
  9. Oh boy, well one way or another I hope they somehow get this sorted out.
  10. Region: NA Character Name: Kazuto Twitter Post:
  11. Oh boy, I guess I’ll have no choice
  12. Beta Family Name: Kinesis Region: North America URL:
  13. I feel you this bug is absolutely dreadful.
  14. Wow, seriously? That sucks. It’s really surprising that a bug like this was transferred over. Are the devs really incompetent..?
  15. Well, I should’ve specified that I did play those game but skyforge and neverwinter are the ones that I’ve only played for a couple weeks before stopping. While eso and Tera are the games that I’m currently playing and have been on those games for years.
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