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  1. viper1745


    Xbox one and Imac is better then the playstation 4
  2. For one you are on the xbox section and two WE NEED A MOUSE AND KEYBOARD SUPPORT
  3. this isn't ESO and its not going to happen
  4. lets talk about how great this game would be if it support mouse and keyboard... the world will be a fun place if dev add mouse and keyboard support that we can play the game with the mouse and keyboard
  5. i don't know what you talking about i have an xbox one s and i don't have a Rendering problem
  6. @DankTrees there nothing wrong with the horse market
  7. trust me i want player to player trading as much as the next person but it isn't going to happen because crybaby's on here will see to it they will have theirs little kiddies way's
  8. Exactly!!!... didnt i told you to be quiet grown ups are talking KID
  9. do you need your glasses adjusted? snow clearly said " separate the controller and mouse and keyboard users. "... i made it big and bold so you can see it better
  10. be quiet grown ups are talking
  11. is your face a punching bag? LOL 😂🤣😂
  12. you need enable spell check little man its not secont its second its not becouse its because its not muse its mouse idiot.. so before you come back to a person you need learn how to spell now Welcome to the real world it bites dose it
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