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  1. Have we ever had costume pieces in the pearl shop or is this the first one so far? (The 100 hat)
  2. I got my Titel Just redownload the app If you Used the app during the event period you get your Titel about 24h After the redownload
  3. I was sleeping from my nightshift 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 This Event was very spontanous^^ What where the rewards?
  4. I got this answere: Greetings Adventurer, I am GM Muiquun of the Black Desert Console Team. We are here to assist you. We understand that you didn't receive the title "All Day, Every Day". We apologize for this. Upon checking, the record shows that you haven't log-in to the Black Desert App after you link it. Please be informed that in order to receive the title you need to log-in to the Black Desert App during the event. We hope this answers your inquiry thats not true i download the app At 10.03 and use the app too activated every Coupon code. My account is linked.
  5. hi i did not receive the event title of the Black Desert + app. does anyone have the same problem?
  6. I'm looking forward to a lot 😄😄 If the event takes place at the same time as the "Slay the Cm" event, that would be great ❤ Do you make a own topic for the event with day and time?
  7. Well, we could meet during a node war on the island of Iliya and go fishing and have a chat 😄 the reward would be 1 hour of peace in Black Desert ^^ maybe you can combine it with a boat race Or you bring enough topics to talk about fishing and we stand there and fishing while you tell us something about fish or how you cock fish 😂👌
  8. I am very happy that you like the pictures.😄😄 I'm sorry that I have not activated the photo mode.😓😓 I hope we will celebrate some more community events together. And please do not forget we do not always fight against you Fishing or horse racing are also fun best regards from Germany Brikz ❤❤❤ Go #TeamLaarry! ❤❤❤❤❤
  9. #TeamLaarry! I forgot one xD I have found one with Laarry xD
  10. #TeamLaarry! Hanging around with you was the coolest thing about the event :D Your community caring is something to be proud of. The last one is from the first Slay the CM event xD
  11. I know we where Beta testers for this Kind of events but the CM Slay event was very wrost and not very fun to play... Just spamming aoe and you see nothinhg. Its so worst that you get a special titel for that. Edit: The CM Liinxy was very nice He talks a lot with Us and was very very friendly 😄👌
  12. Hi, i want to ask if anyone know how to get the titel "Kzack Kzack". It is still possible to get the titel?
  13. Morning i buy 1000 perls on the 31.08 and didnt get the Bonus items Anyone else with the same Problem? Mfg Brikz
  14. Hi, i ask myself when we get the rewards of the BKEA event where you have to Post your house in sozial Media during the Beta. Greetings Brikz
  15. The Quest honey for a goblin friend is also buggy At the same point
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