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  1. Hi I am wondering if they added the subjugation quests for the asula accessories? I have not been on this game in a hot minute and I was just curious.
  2. I was wondering if they added the subjugation quests for the asula accessories? I have not been on this game in a hot minute and I was just curious.
  3. Oh and We are playing on a computer basically so technically consoles are pc with a custom processor. So why not let us use this feature??? Lolll
  4. Okay to make it easier for y’all to understand. You are not forced to use the dang mouse and keyboard it’s there for the people who wants to use them. How hard is that and if ur struggling than get better. Jeez like I said I don’t wanna hear it’s a unfair advantage. And you can have mouse and keyboard on the consoles but separate the user base for the ones that want the mouse and keyboard and ones who want to only use controllers.
  5. Okay first off, World of Warcraft, Tera online, Warframe, Skyforge, Black Desert online, and other online games that were on the computer that got ported over to the consoles. Were made for mouse and keyboard only, why would you not have this support is beyond me. You could separate the controller and mouse and keyboard users. Not that hard, second of all, I have carpal tunnel in both hands and having this feature would be great for me and others that have to deal with carpal tunnel. Been playing with controllers for all my childhood, and now holding controllers for a long period of time and using crazy button combinations which should not be a thing is extremely aggravating and hurts my hands due to carpal tunnel. Lastly should not be that hard to implement this guaranteed if this was added to the game it would be a lot easier to chat and navigate this game better. I don't wanna hear it's an unfair advantage get good if you are getting your rear handed to you. I do not know about yall but i rather pay like 12 dollars for a mouse and keyboard than spend 60 dollars for a new controller everytime it goes bad.
  6. Be nice to trade in this game if you have items you don’t want and to give to others would be nice.
  7. Hey coming from someone that has corpal tunnel in both hands adding mouse and keyboard would be great I can’t hold the controller for long periods of time so I say they need to add it. like how hard can it be too add mouse and keyboard support? They could add it in a update with own servers for m&k users since you guys are complaining about its unfairrrrr and it’s simple to get a mouse and keyboard. So deal with it.
  8. Hey was wondering when y’all gonna add mouse and keyboard support for Xbox one? That would be my suggestions to make the chatting on the game and playing it would be way better.
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