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  1. If you flag up first it's your fault and you deserve the karma drop imo. If they flag up first sure go to war. But if they're trying to grind too and you flag up why tf should you get a free pass?
  2. Ty, very useful information. But sadly makes it feel just as broken if not more so. If you don't own a node and you're not at war the can declare war? That makes no sense.
  3. That doesn't make it any less broken. It allows bigger guilds or better geared guilds to grief ppl without consequence. If you want to gank folks then you should have deal with the guards ripping you a new one every time you get near a town
  4. Like the title says guild wars are broken af. You can declare war and get a karma pass without the other guild accepting? Wtf is that garbage
  5. We do daily activities. Grinding, scrolls, guild missions, and world/field bosses. We have a psn community and discord
  6. HouseStark a 74/100 member guild is looking to recruit active members. We will be doing node wars. We currently do guild missions daily(mainly combat/life missions), guild bosses weekly, and grind in between. We have a friendly, active guild with an active community and discord. The ability to chat in a psn party is preferred but not required. If interested please send FloydSnow or NeglectedRoost a message on psn or let me know here. We look forward to hearing from you. And remember, winter is coming.
  7. Region: NA Character name: Throom Family Name:Roozt
  8. It's not much but it's practical Beta family name:Roozt Regon: NA
  9. Had this happen earlier. It seems to be tied to your account and not the game. Signed my gfs account in fine, switched back to my account and good to go
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