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  1. J62178

    Winner of Kart Race Beta Event

    @SprayActy, the Beta Events schedule in-game specified that you would receive the pet post-beta so expect it in your inbox any time after launch.
  2. J62178

    [PS4] Open Beta Fireworks Submission Thread

    Region: EU Beta Family Name: Elucido Character Name: Aonir https://m.facebook.com/jsix.twoone.1/posts/pcb.375102499870011/?photo_id=375102179870043 End of PS4 beta fireworks event feat. Calpheon and Baeza. Also joining the festivities are Trent123(Shirna), Marni and Trent.
  3. J62178

    BKEA Event- Share Your Links HERE

    Beta Family Name: Elucido Region: EU URL: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=375050446541883 #BlackDesertPS4