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  1. Lol you're crazy, you are the little baby thay cry because he's ganked. I just wanted to give you an advice, i have 300k of karma so idc what you want to accuse, just grow up instead of crying in this forum, i suppose you cry in the forum, in the game and i suppose.. In real life, for me this topic can finish here, gl hf
  2. 🤔 Im not defending nothing, im just giving you an advice, its a game where you can pvp in whatever you are, doing a mission, gathering, be prepared and gear urself as good, take time to do equipment, dont race with the mission, its useless if you only do that if you're weak, so help yourself gearing for resist a "gank" or find a guild if you're new to be helped
  3. Starting end gear of that "Idiots" can be found on the relatives cities, Grunil by Altinova's vendor and Yuria weapon at calpheon's arms dealer, just buff your equipment and low level jewelry and you reach 130+ ap and 180+ dp, and people cant kill you easily
  4. Hi! Someone knows if tier 5 horses can be already tamed in ps4 version? I don't know why I see only tier 3 max
  5. I suppose that they are waiting to release 4-6 more classes to let the awakening more various
  6. Forced pvp is one of that things That let you think "I might get stronger to avoid this stupids killers" people usually go on me like they were so stronger and casually they are the one to flee with low health. Maybe for first time you can joke them and change server, but when u have a good high end equip, you don't have to be worried.
  7. I have literally ps4 pro and he goes 60 from 50 in high populated cities, its just a different optimization on ps4 that has not the maximum graphics than a full detailed game on pc but fps are stable on this
  8. Meh calm down ahahah, have u ever tryed on a ps4 pro, 0 frame drop 60 fps and no toasters btw its not the point, if someone of ps4 do wrong post just ignore it, I talk as a Xbox and ps4 bdo player. They are good, for classes, bdo ps4 is just open about 8 days what did you expect in 5 months, shai will come on ps4 in same time that shai has come on Xbox (March - August)
  9. Don't be upset if the game is not exclusive anymore 😋
  10. Hello buddies, I'm jirou and Im going to stream this wonderful game!! I prefer streaming in Italian/English, just for fun nothing serious, come and gimme an hello here's the link Twitch - Jiroushin See ya on twitch 😘
  11. Its server undermanteinance or start on 7 UTC?
  12. Meh. I preordered the game just for the 48 hours early access, why u don't just open on 20th for the standard too, I played all the days the beta and I can't wait to play complete game too uff :c
  13. Region:EU Character Name: Jirou Family name:Jirou Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post Link: firework #1 fireworks #2 fireworks #3
  14. Beta Family Name: Jirou Region: Eu URL: BKEA EVENT PHOTOS - Jirou
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