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  1. So 2 new character came out, went and made a dark knight. In my inventory for clothes i selected the rose one cuz i see it in there, when i created the charachter i had a regular outfit. So went back to beauty and tried selecting another outfit, also a regular one. It doesn't change the outfit? Anyone else?
  2. If you select the armor or anything else, press square it'll tell you the stats and buffs you get from it. Also check if it says can be enhanced or not with those blackstone's. The color around the gear also indicates the strength. But usually it tells you from beginning if it is better than the gear you have equipped, like the yellow arrow flashin. But overall i think the higher lvl mobs will drop better loot.
  3. Nvm found it how to do
  4. The servers where all showin overrun or at least crowded today . So we gonna have to wait till they make more servers available.
  5. Go to profile and try to link your account. If you haven't yet.
  6. Cuz they probably blocked it. Was so for early access. Maybe they haven't unlocked it yet
  7. Press L2 + up a ring menu will pop up. Select the left one (hammer) when in that menu. Scroll all the way to the right with R1. It is not with the options button
  8. I pre ordered ultimate and only linked it when game was passed 2 days early access. Got the mail today. So no problem.
  9. Well you need to position your back to the wall, and then hold left analog stick down. Works same for sitting. Btw there will be a mission (main story) where you will have to do it to eavesdrop.
  10. Hmm might take some time when they will release other characters.
  11. Yes they have send an e-mail with a 12digit code. Redeem code on the site and you'll get it through in game mail.
  12. Nog geen gemaakt maar kan dit morgen wel doen. Heb wel enkele ideeën voor een naam, wie wil voeg me toe zelfde naam op psn. - The flying dutchmen - 4 leaf grimoire - ansatsu butai Natuurlijk zijn suggesties welkom. En srry voor late reactie blijkbaar stonden mijn notificaties niet aan
  13. Roland_8312


    So today i was working on a quest where i had to put a shabby fence and plant a grease seed for wheat in it. Gotten to the point where i placed the fence, then wanted to interact with it. But the option never popped up. It also looked like the fence was a lil bit sunken in the map. I forfeited the quest might try it again later, anyone else had the issue not bein able to access gardens? Grtz
  14. Did it ask you if you want to open the box, and or is it still in inventory or gone?
  15. Seen a message today,sayin the hawk will be distributed on the 23th
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