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  1. Strapz

    Remove Forced PVP !!!!

    I voted on remove side on accident nooooo, deaths angel got all these accounts to make the same posts and comments huh lol
  2. Strapz

    Boss fights are unacceptable

    It says reds are visible in notes...
  3. Strapz

    world boss was literally a mess

    Considering the literal hundreds of ppl stacked in each room I'd say the fact more people didn't lag out in itself is pretty good. Definitely slideshow worse at some points than others but the lag went away immediately after leaving the room into the hallway, itll be a bit better later when everyone in the game doesn't hit the world boss daily
  4. Strapz


    Awakening is a separate more powerful skill line with a new weapon each class gets, they probably drop awakening near end of March beginning of june imo. Enough time for casual players to hit 55 and they said they releasing 58 and no cap by June so unless they doing 58 no awakening it shouldn't be far
  5. Strapz

    Gear Check

    Flex post? I feel like you know like 50% pop barely cracking 200 lol
  6. Some of y'all are tripping, this isn't a PC vs console issue , everyone loses out here, the skill has 2 parts and only 1 is able to land currently and many other skills will be negatively affected. There are skills that will be designed with that extra movement in mind. A meta shift because of input device is to be expected but some skills literally can't be used as intended
  7. This is one of the few valid complaints Imo on port issues. In Steve clip a good chunk of that skill will have no possibility of landing under current system
  8. Strapz

    Beta Preload is Live!

    New client, they updated it
  9. Strapz

    Why is it a race to progress?

    Big part of the reason for race is being underleveled and or undergeared by too much makes it literally impossible to kill people
  10. I played bdo but not on launch, was curious to anyone who has played bdo, especially since launch, what do you wish you would have known? What tips will you give your guildmates or friends who will be new to bdo? Grind spots that become op, combat tips, lifeskilling or whatever you feel could have given you a big boost if you got on it early. Personally, small tip , save your stones. I sold all mine to buy new weapons and then realized I needed them...to upgrade my weapons. Worse was when I realized everyone needed them and trying to get them back through marketplace takes 10 times as long as selling it.
  11. Strapz

    Keeping xbox running 24x7

    So many people on this forum who say they aren't playing bdo but are still here...🤔
  12. Strapz

    Stress Test Poll

    Looking forward to it, where you at @Jaronking I mean "taxhiic" 😂