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  1. Nuna

    Witch is best

    “After all this time?” - cit.
  2. You get better equipment buying them from vendors and enhancing them with black stones. You can buy the decent **** you want from vendors, like Jirou said before. If you don’t like pvp open world, you can do a lot of things: 1) If someone attacks you, and you dont want to pvp or you just get oneshotted, change server. 2) If someone keep killing you, call some help from your guild. You don’t have one? Then why don’t you try to join one? 3) You can simply understand that maybe this is not the game you like. Then you don’t play. At last, I think you are just overreacting: no one is saying you arent right, but if you ask something, maybe someone else will try to help you with an answer. And wow, telling people, who are wasting their time to help you, that they are part of the “problem”, only because you dont like what they said to you, it’s veeery mature.
  3. Is there a way to send mails attaching items to my friends?
  4. I felt the same way in these days, but that’s because I’m a very competitive person and sometimes I think I have to do things to reach, atleast, the average people playing this game. That’s why I play alone with my boyfriend, in this way I feel better, I enjoy more aspects of the game and I don’t rush. We aren’t in a guild and maybe we wont be in one for a lot more time, because first I want to discover the game by myself and second I dont want people telling me what to do, since I work too and you know, real life call me for some hours in a day. So, yes, like other people just said, play for fun, for yourself and please do not think you are in a hurry, because we will reach the same point sooner or later. 😊
  5. I got grunil grade II, just the chest part and +13 the helmet that they give you with a quest (+10). Seems like I cant find gloves and shoes and I’m thinking if is a good idea mixing grunil with heve.
  6. I am waiting for shai. But, we all know we wont get her for now, so I’ll just keep playing with my ranger. 😭
  7. I guess lag issues for others are caused by fps drop rates, something that they should and I hope they will fix with the future updates. I can guarantee that I live somewhere in this world, where I barely have a 7mb connection, like the standard adsl. I play with wi-fi and I don’t lag. Like at all. “Lag” that I experience is like fps drops that I mentioned before, for example when a story quest video is coming and suddenly everything just freeze for some seconds or when you discover some new very big city, like Calpheon. So, I think you can play with not the best connection, don’t worry!
  8. Hello everyone, first of all, I dont know which equipment I should get. I am actually level 51 and I farmed some heve equipment near hexe sanctuary aka skeleton mobs. I dropped yuria longbow aswell. Should I replace my actual equip with them? What do you suggest to do? Also I dropped a pair of witch earrings. I would like, btw, to finish lvl 50 black spirit quests before going with the main story line. I’m sorry for these dumb questions. 😅
  9. Velia 2-3 is my main home town. Bought walls, floor and curtains with 1000 “free” pearls. 😂 I dont know if I will change house, because it’s one of the biggest.
  10. This is really weird. Maybe you should contact the support for this issue and see if they can give you the code inside the mail.
  11. I had the problem too. I just closed the game and after logging in again it worked.
  12. For me it’s the contrary. I didn’t receive Standard edition’s rewards. I dunno if u did, but check your email. I found them there.
  13. Knay

    Have to wait til 7 am

    1. Nuna


      Yeah, thanks for the info.

      I still don’t understand why they made possible to notificate that we could open Black Desert, even if we actually can’t.

      Thanks btw! 🙂🙃

  14. This is really sad. Hope they fix and won’t ignore us like during beta. 🙄
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