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  1. 🐉 R E C R U T A M E N T O 🐉 🔁 Já contamos com aliança com outra Guild Brasileira chamada 🚩TEMPLARIOS🚩 Guild Sul Americana, com foco em PVE ideal para jogadores de primeira viagem afim de aprender com veteranos pacientes e dispostos a ajudar. ⚠️Regras e eventos no painel da Guild in-game. Comente aqui o nome da sua família e personagem(char) no game para recrutamento e entrada em nossos canais exclusivos. ou mande msg no meu perfil do Xbox Live : SGT Soyer
  2. is some quest of the black spirit that is not working well, but after bugar it is impossible to go back.
  3. unfortunately still no solution after att
  4. Region: America do Norte Server: all Bug description: please help, mission menu does not open, even restarting everything. I already restarted the: Game Console Internet Is my life all other functions work except quests
  5. region: America do Sul Server: All Description: when accepting the quest was not given the parchment to complete, even abandoning or dying the bug does not disappear family: BOLADAO Name: TUDAO
  6. Brazil is disappointed with the "fiasco" of the event, not for the interface problem, but for the amateurism in an event and in the information..
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