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  1. Sadly... we can't do that on console
  2. Family Name: BBMT Region: Asia Console: PS4 Link : Twitter
  3. Did you check in your pearl inventory or in mail? After you bought Pearl box it will be in your pearl inventory You will get the pearl after you use the pearl box
  4. Sitting - stand on the place that you want to sit than press L1. Lean on a wall - in pc just stand near the wall and press "s" twice. in ps4 stand near the wall and L3↓ twice.
  5. ☆ Hi guys! I'm BBMT from Asia server. ☆ If you have any question about life skill, I'll help as much as I can. 😘 Here is my youtube channel ♡--->Click Here<---♡ Sorry that entire video before, I speak Thai.(some of my friends and my follower can't speak English) But in the next live stream I'll answer in English if you have any qustion. 🏇 Taming Horse 🏇 🎣 Fishing 🎣 Don't foget to subscribe and 🔔 for my next Llive stream. \(0w0)/
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