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  1. The issue was addressed so many times so I think that devs will finally listen! Hopefully.. playing berserker is hurtful.
  2. Rocketfuel77777

    Y menu rotation - NPC/Horse

    I'm currently offline but yesterday I was playing on EU, Xbox One X. Server was Valencia I think..
  3. Rocketfuel77777

    Y menu rotation - NPC/Horse

    Hi, I'm looking to clarify whether someone except me has/had similar issue. Scenario: When I approach an NPC or a horse and try access Y menu where you circle between quest/greetings/steal option/open horse bag etc. Observation: Pressing Y doesn't work 100% of times. It does not circle the menu properly, sometimes I have to press twice, sometimes it does not respond at all and I have to reset the contact with horse/npc. Question: Anyone experienced it? Is there a chance that this is a new issue which appeared after lowering pick up/gather time with Y? Thanks
  4. Rocketfuel77777

    Why Australia isn't getting black desert

    What is this statement? The game is available in US and EU, just switch the location of your Xbox and then browse the market. As far as I know, PA is working to make the game available in AUS/NZ.
  5. Rocketfuel77777

    PC Vets - What is there to do in Black Desert?

    It is the case because the core idea of the gearing in BDO is acquiring BiS boss and rare gear and upgrading it to PEN (+20). The armor, in general, isn't spectacular because you get the "wow effect" from paid cosmetic items. it is really a good idea to search through many guides on all things BDO. YouTube, blackdesertfoundry, dulfy etc.
  6. Rocketfuel77777

    Controller with chatpad

    There is a keyboard support for chat purpose in BDX like in other games. It's default. You can use the wireless usb keyboard to chat in game - I tested it. Bluetooth won't work though.
  7. Rocketfuel77777

    Xbox one x 60 fps?

    much salt..
  8. Rocketfuel77777


    It was a common practice during first beta because the client was available only on the US store. I'm from Poland and I switched to US xbox store to play the game. Please remember though that during your migration to US region you should buy Xbox live gold subscription suitable to US region (should you run out of course).
  9. Rocketfuel77777

    Xbox one x 60 fps?

    What is unfair? I have a stronger hardware, I have better performance - that's life, I've never heard such comment from a PC owner - ever.. OG xbox is 6 years old and is really poorly geared even for a console. I'm surprised it is supposed to run it in 1080p while it was locked at 900p most of the time during earlier years.
  10. Rocketfuel77777

    Final BETA Stat Challenge

    "shame, shame *rings the bell* shame.." @Betty @Dr INF3NRO
  11. Rocketfuel77777

    Pre order w/o xbox

    No problem at all. Once you return to Poland switch your market region to PL because it will change your currency from GBP to PLN.
  12. Rocketfuel77777

    Will all bosses be available upon release?

    The answer is even better - not a single world boss will be available at launch. They will be added at a later, not that distant date.
  13. Rocketfuel77777

    Which xbox for a new user?

    I also know that the console has different power hunger depending on the tasks it is running at the moment - idle/web browsing /running a game. I also noticed that the console noise is based on how advanced/simple the game is - the console is completely silent while playing indie games. A good idea would be to try afk processing/fishing in less populated areas that won't be so heavy (render-wise) on the console and, thus, lower it's power hunger and temperature.
  14. Rocketfuel77777

    Which xbox for a new user?

    Loud noises may be related to dust or wrong placement of the console. Many people put their consoles in the closed space or have never blown the dust out of it. Also, the console will run a little louder the warmer it gets in the room (winter/summer) and there is nothing wrong about it. I personally left my xbox one x running over night on numerous occasions and it was OK.
  15. Rocketfuel77777

    BDX File Size is 32.74GB on Xbox One X (as of now)

    It may not be available in the market yet.. again, I'm only speculating at this point.