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  1. Yeah, Shirna’s explanation that they are content bound is false cause P.C. released them before Drieghan, just not all of them. I actually proved that by linking patch notes from 2018 in Discord. I have all mats ready for Giant’s Draught and Exquisite Cron Meal stocked up, just waiting for cron spice and tears to be added. Shame on you PA @CM Trent
  2. The lag on cross play server is unbearable, especially during peak hours. I understand that people are at home due to the virus but we pay them so much money they could've predicted the issue. Besides, there has been a visible latency issue on cross play servers since the beginning of the merge. I'm on xbox and I'm only playing on florin unless my spot is taken or when I was not able to find a miru group. Now that I'm 62 I don't miru anymore and I can tell you that florin is as smooth as a butter in terms of latency compared to any other server.
  3. Hi man, yes, PA has been bashed for it by the player base several times over the past 13 months. They simply don't seem to be doing anything with it. If something is fine in their opinion then there is nothing you can do about. And true.. console skill window is super vague in terms of information and new player cannot learn easily what skills are connected, unlocked, or flow from what skills. Not to mention that you can't use the window when afk riding on your horse on something. Absurd. PA could also acknowledge that we could really use an option to unlearn single skills, not reset entire window. it's super inconvenient when my build is 1800+ skill points and I only want to switch my rabam setup for example.. @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra
  4. Maybe she isn't ready like Linxz says. I personally don't want her release cause all FOTM players will reroll to guardian cause she is OP AF.
  5. This is not going to happen too quickly if at all. Mainly because bigger zoom out means bigger FOV, meaning more textures to render which all equals another slam in performance's face. Since PA wants to optimize the game, and this would cripple it, further zoom out is probably far away (especially on PS4 where allegedly game runs like poo). We waited a llong time on xbox to get the first zoom out increase (ps4 started already with improved zoom out).
  6. Guardian needs Drieghan for her awakening quest so she is going to either launch together with Drieghan or after the region is released. Small edit: sure, they could release her and then awakening and dreighan two weeks after but that's unlikely in my opinion.
  7. That's very personal! Please add this costume to the shop. Afaik, the set is only available during Halloween event, isn't it?
  8. If that's the case then you probably wouldn't be able to buy the horse so you would either lose seals (omg) or npc simply wouldn't sell you one.
  9. Hi, can confirm what @Gigawatt said. I also have to turn this settings on every time I start the game. They tend to reset mid game when I swap characters. On top of that, it would be nice for the game to finally remember my zoom out level (max out) cause it's also exhausting that it resets every time the game gets restarted.
  10. Last night it censored when I wrote in party chat at miru that "I need to pee, brb" 😂 I also can't believe filter blocks "something" cause there is METH word in the middle 😂
  11. Toxic for spammers ❤️
  12. Cause you can't. It's just a description on the seals. NO T8s and T9s in the game
  13. No, after you finished all 10 books you should click "receive reward" in book interface and you should get an item which you can process with 100 armor and 100 weapon black stones.
  14. You should get the item that you need to process with 100 armor and weapon stones. If that's not the case, try restarting the game and if that fails, try submitting a ticket.
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