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  1. Rocketfuel77777

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    Good, good luck. I'm upset for reason which I already stated. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Rocketfuel77777

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    Take the game for what it is. And it is an open world PvP game. Desperate attempt to force a change in a successful game like Black Desert is a pure example of already mentioned case of spoiled whiners. Who cares you're 65? Does it matter from a gaming stem point?
  3. Rocketfuel77777

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    The number of anti-pvp cry babies that surfaced since Xbox launch is ridiculous. You are all delusional if you think that PA is going to change anything after so many successful years on PC so far. This ruins our reputation as console gamers and once again shows that PC people are right calling us, as a community, whiny, spoiled, and entitled casuals. I'm ashamed, as a console gamer, that many individuals here only prove the general description of a console gamer right. Shame.
  4. Rocketfuel77777

    What's with the central market?

    Base Kzarka was 250m at some point, I bought mine for over 200m already some time ago. Now they are around 80-100m. It's normal that Nouver will be expensive cause demand is huge and supplies low. Make sure you refresh your bid every time the price goes up.
  5. Rocketfuel77777

    How to improve frame rate and loading

    In short, yes, same as BDO on PC - this game runs vastly different on all three consoles. If you want to play bdx seriously then you should upgrade to X. Waiting two years for bdx made me buy xbox one x over a year ago and I don't regret any penny.
  6. Rocketfuel77777

    Slowly becoming unplayable..

    Which console do you use? What type of connection? WiFi? Wired? What you wrote is very vague. I run Xbox One X, lvl 60 striker farming all Valencia and I can't notice anything intense enough to call the game "unplayable". If you are not on One X then you may simply expecting too much from inferior hardware. It was said multiple times, it's surprising that the game even "runs" on OG xbox.
  7. Rocketfuel77777

    Mount collection bug

    Dear PA, I have used a map to run from Pila Ku to repair my gear and I ended up in Arehaza Town. There I used the stable master to remotely collect my camel but it ended up at the stables in Miuquun.. I had to go outlaw to collect my camel from there. Does it supposed to work like this ? Never happened to me. EU, Arsha server, Xbox one X.
  8. Rocketfuel77777

    Seeking a EU PVX Guild.

    Where is your god now huh? Shai launching on all platforms at once boi.
  9. Rocketfuel77777

    Server Removal

    It is outrageous.. US get what they want and we EU are forced to fight even for grass beetle rotation. Screw this.. add more servers @CM Trent
  10. Rocketfuel77777

    Inventory item stack count color

    Bump it to the roof. Many topics about it, all seem disregarded so far.
  11. Rocketfuel77777

    Can’t log in

    Servers usually open around 1:00-2:00 p.m. CET
  12. Rocketfuel77777

    Can’t log in

    What about it? It's a patch, new content.
  13. Rocketfuel77777

    Can’t log in

    Eh.. I suggest getting twitter and following PlayBlackDesert. There is a maintenance going on right now like almost every or every other Wednesday which, this time, lasts 4 hours and during that time you won't be able to log in. I'm amazed people still come with posts like this.
  14. Rocketfuel77777

    Tungard Errning

    THAT. WAS. A. SARCASM 😣 You know what is wrong with the world? Too many people unable to sense sarcasm. 😂
  15. Rocketfuel77777

    Striker Combat Key Improvements

    Heh.. You mean Knee Hammer? I think there is plenty of time to fill in afterwards with Rock Smash for example. Nonetheless, just get to 56 and do awakening and smash those leg drops 24/7 ! I think that the meaning of "flow" is to transition to another part of the combo smoothly so it's hard to imagine they would extend the "pause" before the flow.