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    ah, you're PS4..sorry then. Nonetheless, at least you have a guideline for future updates. If you are focusing on NW just go DP bot
  2. Rocketfuel77777


    tet uru, tet dim for sure, tet griffin or pen heve. I don't know about bheg's cause you're a shai but probably tet bheg's too.
  3. No PvE servers. Confirmed by PA numerous times. If you run into stronger players doesn't mean they are pay to win. For casuals who never crossed actual mid game progression everyone who kicks their butt is P2W while it's not true anymore. Pay to win whales are closing 600 gs progression while regular players slowly catch up and reach 550-560 gs. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I read you seem to be a casual right? Show us your gear and we'll tell you if you get beaten by p2w or just geared players.
  4. Like the other person said. Mystic awakening quest ends in Mediah and doesn't force you to run back to Olvia where the quest starts. She has one of the shortest awakenings in terms of distance.
  5. "Most likely" according to what.. ?
  6. Maybe I just hope that this will prevent another topic from being created. I don't know! 😅
  7. Hi - you should not tet any awakening weapon outside of dande (waste of resources in my opinion) - tet range is 55-95, that's how I clicked all my boss gear. Only helmet is still tri cause it's giath.. - last failed click at 95 will give you 100 which is an entry point to tet accessory or pen gear (if you add 10 valk's). - sometimes you will one tap tet but most of the times you will fail, you should be prepared to fail rather than succeed. My lowest tet were urugon's which poped on second try so 60 stacks. Good luck
  8. No, no, and no. There was no tweet on Friday, no tweet today. Besides this week is PS4's update, we had one last week.
  9. Day to day reality in black desert.. Yesterday I got only 5 scrolls over two hours with loot scroll at gahaz while I got 10ish an hour on Monday. The healthiest thing is not to expect anything to drop, keeps you sane.
  10. It's game pass discount. Not a real discount if you don't have game pass active..
  11. No, why would ps4 and xbox have fodder when the highest horse tier is 7?
  12. Gahaz is not a good spot for black stones. Go desert nagas.
  13. About lifeskilling: People who say I make XXX million silver an hour by any other means than efficient grind will never tell you the entire truth cause they would lose the advantage. You have to figure the most important things yourself based on your market situation. People will tell you that gathering gives good money but they won't tell you exactly what they gather and sell and what they process and sell cause people will undercut each other and the method will turn to sh**. About the grind: Grinding and deciding what to do with drops is also crucial. Remember that when a grind spot says X million silver an hour it depicts the value of all the items you drop as if you were to sell them all to the MP. it's called "sell the kitchen sink" calculation. Getting 3k trash per hour at manshaums will net you 24m an hour which is alright but only by adding the price of other drops will you actually know how much silver per hour particular the spot gives.
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