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  1. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/ this is a PC question and you should ask it on the PC forums.
  2. I have an Xbox One X with Samsung T5 external SSD and it's OK so I assume you would need a pro with ssd to see a difference. Don't expect wonders though cause pro has less power than One X and believe me, it doesn't perform like I wish it was. On the flip side.. is there really a point in investing in new hardware when next gen consoles are likely to launch in November?
  3. No, no official info other than it's not coming soon. We are too early in progression to get half priced tri crescents or tungrads. And by progression I mean people who actually progress in this game by playing, not by buying costumes and cronning every single enhancement attempt with power of $$$$. It really boils my brain that weeks after valencia was released on xbox people already cleared aakman/hystria and that now, only 10 months after release, people already passed 570 if not 580 GS. It's broken.
  4. I support this. I don't know why there is this HUGE group of console players who continuously rant about everything that any devs do. I saw that in PUBG, I saw that in For Honor.. I see it here. I've been playing bdx on console since launch on 1st of March 2019 and I can't wrap my head around how much hate this game gets but people still play it. Well, it is the best action combat mmo ever made so maybe that's why.. It is also most likely the best console mmo. I would only drop it to play wow if it ever released on anything than PC. People will be very disappointed when they realize that we won't get anything that came to PC in last quarter of 2019 until 2021.. Manos, succession etc. It's just not going to happen. We miss major things like Dreighan, Star's End, Sycraia etc. Hell.. we don't even have offin yet. I can only imagine that every region will be here for 3 or even 6 months before another is released so we have a long
  5. True that. People shouldn't hold their breaths for sea content.
  6. It really boils down to your personal preferences. I did swap from my striker to mystic when she launched hoping she's much better overall but I've recently repurchased my tet dande gardbrace and it feels home again. After PvE patch that happened few months ago, softcap striker with 1500-1600 SP can farm aakman and, later on, any other grind spot quite well. For me it doesn't really matter that he's worse grinder than musa or lahn cause I really dig his skill set. PvP wise striker is a good class being the one that jumps in and starts the brawl. He has good number of SA allowing you to make some safe disengagements too. Not to mention that people will think twice before they try to take the grind spot from a stroker. Musa on the other hand is ,like Elder said, completely opposite. He dashes in, picks up a squishy target, dashes out. Pick your poison. Striker is easy to pick up but it is not true that he is easy to master.. any semi-decent player with any class will poo on any noob striker. Pick what you really feel investing time in. Read on mechanics of both classes and decide which one is more appealing.
  7. Oh shoe.. you're right. In this case desert nagas mixed with gahaz till 60 is what I did back in the day on my striker.
  8. Well, there are two ways: - First is when you level up newly released character to 58 for accessory box. Grind to 57 and then go questing in Calpheon. It should get you close to 58, grind the rest after. - If you are leveling regular character - grind till 59, go to Calpheon, compelete quests there and grind what's left till 60. Then move to kama and quest there till 61. If you plan to stick with the character you need skill points and it is advised to grind to 59 or even to 60 at Polly's. Remember, as people said here before. if there is no orange xp indicator in the quest window the quest will not reward exp. Also, repeatable quests give negligible amount of exp so you should stay away from them.
  9. The way you formed this post got me a little triggered. How's that an exploit? You need to make a 55 character and run it through the quest. It's still solid 2-3 hours to complete it.
  10. Sure thing, as if port forwarding was going to miraculously fix bad performance related to the game being super hardware demanding and poorly optimized.
  11. Among all the entitlement here, what is wrong with this? I must have done this 20 times since valencia launched on xbox. I even did that yesterday. Very good method to gather failstacks for enhancing sessions. Are you too lazy or too undergeared to do it? Perhaps all your salt comes from the fact you don't have any tets?
  12. It's not a bug nor is it something the community and devs are not aware of. There is hundreds of topics like this so no need to spam more. There is no official fix for it for now other than swapping to ps4 pro or xbox one x (which offers the best performance) and purchasing a quick, external SSD.
  13. Musa is a simple, beginner friendly class that does well within low AP brackets. Having no grab makes PvP with musa tricky (though I'm not an expert). Striker starts to be rewarding from around and above soft cap (I assume you know what soft cap is). I main striker, I have 241 awakening AP and TET kutum and PvE is stable. If you are OK with the fact that Striker is not an S-tier grinder and you like the play style I encourage you to invest time and join OokOok army. In the end grinding means hundreds of hours of mindless button mashing so at least do it with class you enjoy. PvP wise striker is great cause his huge burst potential in GvGs or NWs. He is also a good duelist if piloted correctly.
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