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  1. Rocketfuel77777

    Field bosses are a jokd

    1. Red Nose is really not worth doing, especially since he doesn't have telegraphs and the armor isn't really worth it. Lots of people don't realize that. 2. Warrior for bosses other than Kzarka will most likely get you killed.. A LOT. Since I rerolled to striker I have my zerker on kzarka 24/7 but actually thinking about leveling a witchtard, which I hate because I simply detest such gameplay style, and place it on the goat mountain to be in range for Dim Tree and Bheg.
  2. Rocketfuel77777

    is it cheaper to skip liv and go kzarka?

    Liverto is a money sink and nub trap. Yuria has decent acc and damage againts Sausans 😂 that's what you want before Kzarka cause we don't have Rosar yet..
  3. You can sell me these +14 muskans at max bid lol.
  4. Rocketfuel77777

    Field Boss - Part II

    Yeah, if they were lucky with these bundles, I wasn't. Besides, the PC events you mention don't have to necessarily come to XBOX. We will see!
  5. Rocketfuel77777

    Field Boss - Part II

    Truth is, I'd rather buy overpriced item from NV instead of not having it because CM is empty! Technically, I can afford Kzarka, bheg's or Kzarka, Muskans, and Dim Tree. Practically it means nothing because these items are not being sold.
  6. RNG is mostly unfair, mostly, not always. For example, yesterday I made 0 to +15 on Leather Vambrace with 80 durability left AND made it ultimate with only one reform stone - that's some serious RNG carry. Then I two shot PRI and 4 shot DUO.. not a bad attempt at all. The other day I pretty much blasted all my Reblath.. and was left with bunch of +15 pieces. Still loving the game XD
  7. Rocketfuel77777

    CM Pre Order System

    This is RNG but some people, including some experienced streamers, claim that you get "a tiny" chance to get it the sooner you preorder. This is probably not true and we are mostly dependent on RNGesus.
  8. Rocketfuel77777

    Awakening suggestion

    99.9% sure this will be the case since combat/non-combat button mapping doesn't interfere with each other. Prepare to give the Y more love 😎
  9. Rocketfuel77777

    How to Awakening

    The only non occupied button during combat state is Y and it will be most likely Y. It won't interfere with its current function because it is working only when your weapons are away and you are in "life skill" mode. So yeah, with striker it will most likely be press LT +Y for Spiral Cannon and LT + Y for Knee Hammer. Just my guess but there is nothing else and they cannot just make a hotkey on the bar, and they won't.
  10. Rocketfuel77777

    Being more productive

    @Roots is making actually good point. You are probably too weak for Mediah anyway. Get yourself Treant Spirit's Accessory Set which will provide some decent stats for now. Main quest line will take you to places where the pieces drop so don't leave to another spot till you drop them. Finish your black spirit quest line until you get to 49.999% and maybe stay there for a while to avoid PK (that is if you are not lvl 50 yet). Go Catfish, they drop decent amount of black stones. Get treant spirit acc set and try to get your weapon and offhand to +15. Once you get to 90-100 AP and around 140 DP you could potentially venture to Mediah.
  11. Rocketfuel77777

    Character slots

    It will be in your reward tab like your loyalties or other milestone rewards.
  12. Rocketfuel77777

    Character slots

    It's not combined time. You need 200 hours on ONE character to get the character slot.
  13. Rocketfuel77777


    Like anything blue grade+ in bdo - RNG 😀 I would say no. Asula Set allows you to save money for BIG upgrades starting from Valencia update. You will need at least DUO/TRI MoS or Witch's to see decent difference but it still won't be huge. If you have money then go for it but if not I would stick to Asula and just focus on Kzarka, Bhegs or, if you already have them, stack up silver for future updates and new gear. Exception would be probably Earrings because we will wait a bit for Tungrads..
  14. Rocketfuel77777


    Well, like the person above said. Asula is golden for now, no need to invest in accessories until Valencia. All good stuff like Seraph, Crescents, Basi are coming. You could go and preorder TRI Red Coral Earrings but they are super expensive atm. As of now, you should get your accuracy from the main hand, off hand, and, if super lucky, Bheg's. These three combined should provide high enough accuracy.
  15. Rocketfuel77777

    Being more productive

    What you said is also right but the author of the post asked about ways to go from his current position gear and silver wise so I just gave him the guide on how to reach certain point in progression which will open more doors for him in the future of the game. Besides, getting to the setup of TRI, DUO, Asula will take him some time and I think it is a good and reasonable goal to set and slowly progress towards it. Good points though. +1