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  1. Thrilled about succession coming to console this year. I wonder though, are we going to see a PC style roll out every two weeks or will it be rolled at once or in few but big batches? I hope it won't follow strict PC patterns cause RIP me cause striker succession came out pretty much at the end. Thoughts?
  2. pedro is probably asking for caprhas to reach first ever ap bracket, he's a troll, ignore him.
  3. What he means is whether there is capotia crafting in the game - no, there is not. Capotia accessories are in the game already.
  4. You're funny ... and inefficient 😂
  5. Just buy the coupon now cause clearly that's what PA wants. Also, they know they will make more money on whales buying and melting costumes to rage PEN their weapons on new class. This is the only reason, milk the player base who want insta PEN on new class even more.
  6. To be able to kill something doesn't mean you should be killing it. It must be painful to do aakman with your AP.. you will be making more money at pila ku or bloodwolves instead of pushing yourself to zones you can't grind efficiently. And if you want to level up from 61 to 62 without 235 AP then go polly forest with marni stones. Trust me, grinding zones which are out of your ap reach is one of the reasons people burn out.
  7. You forget about the bracket AP that comes with 235 and the previous bracket is 209 so difference is significant: 209 – 234 30 235 – 244 40 Don't get me wrong but you basically deal no damage to trees below that bracket. Also, you are writing about star's end - good luck making black star and getting it to tri if you can't even reach soft cap. Besides, monster AP is not calculated towards 235 bracket cause it is required to have sheet ap of 235, not factoring kutum/black star monster AP or other, quasi stats. Problem with players is that they want too much too quickly. I'm 270 kutum and the only offensive pen I have is dande so you can go well past soft cap without any pens, most AP past soft cap comes from hard work on accessories. Having that said, to me you simply lack knowledge/plan on how to reach goals. Soft cap is easy, imagine how hard is to past that point. Bottom line is, you are not ready even for trees, not to mention anything past that. P.S. Do your Bartali logs if you haven’t. That’s free 4 AP.
  8. yellow up to duo blue up to tet.
  9. People spend hundreds of hours on one piece, it is supposed to be rare. PC players reporting having 1mln blood wolves trash accumulated without drop. RNG is RNG, there’s no conspiracy behind it.
  10. Bump, this has been here since first beta and I can't understand how hard it is to make the camera setting persist.
  11. This, aakman is scary every time it happens. Also one X with ssd. This was not an issue before @CM_Valtarra
  12. Try to dust of your console internally, perhaps it's overheating. I'm almost certain that may be the case. Wipe the game from your hard drive, make a fresh install. I'm on one x with ssd and my game doesn't crash at all. Well, might have crashed once or twice since launch. Also, I'm touchy touchy so back off from striker or I leg drop you 👊
  13. Howdy Guiido, highly requested feature. It's been hinted during the stream that included renewed guild UI that PC skill layout/or something similar, is coming soon.
  14. It's either buy one or all. There is GREAT chance he/she didn't pay attention and just clicked buy. One shouldn't keep silver in storage but in CM, at least for the sake of not making such mistakes.
  15. I'm 62,6% and I'm never leveling another character past 61 ever...
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