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  1. Posts from lunatics like you, without any grammar or proper spelling involved can't be taken seriously lol. Is this even English?
  2. True, the demand is impossible to satisfy and the price should move up. I did few good gathering sessions on rough stone hoping for good money but the income was still much lower than what I can actively get from grinding miru so, until the price increases, there is no point to bother. Would this be fair for other items' caps? Some will probably disagree.
  3. The most common and most reliable method of active money making is grind. Proper grinding happens when you one shot packs of mobs and move on to next one (your AP and accuracy decides here). You also need pets. Read up on grind spots, what is reasonable to grind and what is not - plenty of guides online. You don't need to be a hardcore player to make 1 bil a week. Or, like champs said, life skills. I have no idea about this but gathering can net you good money too. Remember, black desert is a time devour, in order to make money you need to put few hours of grind/gathering a day to see the silver coming.
  4. Not stabbing anyone. This was me misinterpreting OP's intentions. Being here since March made me too sensitive to entitlement posts. This forum is full of when when when whining.
  5. My point was to say that they at least don’t benefit from the server buff itself.
  6. Please refer to the screens I provided and the link to Arsha description from our website provided. Now you can go back to arsha in peace. Seeing lvl 49 players on arsha should not bother you anymore! Good luck
  7. Known bug, origins from March launch on XBOX. All this months after release on xbox and I still get some of my settings reset . Most notably the slider which limits how far you can see other adventurers. I have to turn in on and set to 15 daily.
  8. Awakening for these classes comes on 20th.
  9. It’s not. Here are two pictures, one is my 49 fisher, the other is lvl 60 char. Both on Arsha, lvl 49 doesn’t have the buff active. stop spreading bs.
  10. I'm not saying I don't agree with you cause I do but partially I guess? Players should get concerned with caphras after they reach 240-245 AP without them cause it is relatively easy to do even for casual players (I'm a filthy casual and I'm 233/235/301, playing since March). I assume you are in this place already too if you ask for caphras? My point is that at the moment it's not really that hard to reach 235 AP when PA throws all the fine accessory boxes at us and ogres are like 150mil piece and tungrad earrings sit below 100m. You should also not bother with whales cause no matter how hard you push you won't be able to compete with them unless you efficiently grind aakman/hystria 10 hours a day. The grind on console is crippled in many other ways that caphras alone won't help much. We don't have draughts, cron meals, and alchemy stones and these are also needed.
  11. I didn't submit any tickets cause I already had this issue with striker so it's not new for me. It doesn't change the fact that it's obviously a bug which made me not pick up this skill on my mystic once I awakened yesterday. I'm sure other people did report it.
  12. Few things to clarify here.. 1. The drop rate does not apply to characters below lvl 50. So you don't get to experience the 50% increased drop if you are below that. 2. You shouldn't poke around arsha if you are salty when killed by a gear player. Arsha is typically the place where people grinding spots are above recommended stats to secure uninterrupted grind sessions and being able to kill anyone on sight. I'm a mediocre 535 gs player and when I'm there I still stumble on people much more geared than me. 3. As per point 2.. weak people quickly realize they won't have happy time on arsha due to gear difference and change channels after few encounters. This is high risk high reward server.
  13. It doesn't matter. Console version of the game doesn't follow PC release plan. BDX has its own issues and apparently releasing such vast sea mass is harder than releasing valencia, kama, or even dreighan. Yes, you are getting kama before margoria. Since August you have basically caught up with us on XBOX in terms of content though we have the game since March. Show some gratitude to the devs.. ?
  14. I have fallen under textures using wolf's frenzy (LT+O) yesterday in Kama region. It is very likely to happen when the character is next to the land mass like hit, mountain or even high stair cases like in Cadry ruins. I keep falling under textures with my striker's echo spirit as well. For me only Escape button works and it is on cooldown so yeah, it is sketchy. @CM_Valtarra
  15. This is fixed by relog or complete restart of the client. Happened to me once, reconnecting to the game worked for me just fine.
  16. Do you even still play the game? Tamer awakening came on 16th of October and Mystic released two weeks later on 30th. Mystic awakening is next week so something is definitely coming on 27th. As much as PA is struggling with content vs optimization they still want to satisfy people at least with the classes it seems. I don't expect Dreighan and t8 horses from the road map but releasing three missing classes is likely to happen. Fingers crossed for the rest of classes for all the others cause I got mine already.
  17. Not true. They released awakening for all already released classes during "awakening update" like they did on xbox. Normally a new class has 2 weeks window till it gets awakening.
  18. Always 2 weeks after release.
  19. All classes are supposed to be available before the end of the year. Stop these beggar's posts .
  20. Haha, yes. Like @Linxz said. It's you and 2-3 more dreamers. It's a shame you are 49, I would happily gank you every time I see you on screen. I don't do it too much unless someone enters my rotation but I would have made an exception for you!
  21. That's even worse for all 49 forever meme players.
  22. Dude you are a joke among CMs and GMs. How are you wearing them down when you are officially and completely ignored. You're mental. You need help. Go play Bless..
  23. Mate don't bother. He and his forums friends are lost cause. They don't even play the game anymore but they come here and whine how bad the game is. Just ignore them 👍
  24. There are no horse awakening items in the game at all. They are not implemented in the game in any form outside of period leaves which you can't exchange anyway. Dream horses are not in the game and PA doesn't want us to stockpile those and get dream horse too early. This is a fact.
  25. It's not that I don't agree with you. It's just that the hardware choice plays a huge role in such big games like bdo. Anyway, I don't intend to argue. Long story short is that we need PC like, toggle-able potato mode which should resolve some issues.
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