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  1. They may be introducing some core client fixes that are not related to the content. I hope you get something but keep your expectations low so you don't get disappointed.
  2. Over time you will see how easy it is to make weapons and armor to TRI . TET is not really that hard either. If these dropped PRI-TET that would be a little too easy. On the other hand, accessories of end game are hard to make and if you drop DUO+ yellow accessory you can really put a "lucky" label on your forehead cause you can cash it in quickly or save a lot of money if you decide to upgrade it further and succeed. Happy hunting
  3. Occasionally, they will tweet that the maintenance has finished earlier but typically it's four hours with or without content update.
  4. That's the whole point right. Kama is basically miru at the moment. Anything else is just not worth it money wise.
  5. Luck of a newbie I guess.. that can happen. Congrats.
  6. Keep patting your shoulders with your colleague. You still haven't realized it's you replying to his golden ideas and vice versa. In the end, you are those two from the big three I mentioned. Complete lunatics. I'm glad this game won't change the way you want it. Gives me this satisfaction that you will still be salty boys. I won't shut up, I won't stop. As long as you two brag about PvE servers I will come here and bash your atrocious idea of removing pvp from a pvp centered game. Go play wow on pve server. The player base here is competitive not only in pvp but in all aspects of the game due to newly introduced rankings. You boys are simply too soft to play. I've seen one of you hating on rankings as well. Some people are simply impossible to satisfy and PA knows it, fortunately. PLEASE GO, YES! DO IT! FIND ANOTHER GAME! WOHOOO GIT GUD
  7. Yes but you have to take into consideration that there are people who have been progressing quicker than you and are 62 or on the way to 63. Gear wise, some people hit the wall as well. Not to mention poor life skillers who have nothing new to do cause ALL the content we get comes partially complete. It's been almost 8 months since launch and we still don't have alchemy stones. That's just an example. We are constantly held back by devs and they still don't understand that noobs will never catch up with PC vets no matter how they hinder the progression. Another example, why the F the loot from rift boxes was nerfed to the ground with removal of ogre or laytenn? Not to mention that kama is virtually pointless to grind in since there are no t9 mats or caphras stones in the game. It's gahaz or pila cause of the scrolls.. It's fun until you are below 235AP.. then it stops being fun.
  8. Yes! There's our missing element. @Mihari and his dead game story and empty market. The guy who is 400 GS and lvl 57 complaining there is no gear for him. What gear do you need? TRI asulas? A little better than deathangel who stays 49 for life but still less geared and leveled up than long gone chillmeister. There's the holy trinity. Can you stick to the topic which in this case is the ROADMAP and take your BS offtopics home? What are you? Special? (Shirna asked to call people nicely here). 😂
  9. Exactly.. no proper way to grind for xp or money cause lunatics will be running through your rotation all the time. We should stop reacting to PvE server posts. It's literally 3 people bragging about this here. We should just ignore them. Besides, it's been said multiple times. The PK fever occurring everywhere ended 2-3 months after launch. The only PvP I really see is when I clap or get clapped over the grind spot with someone. Other than that I can't recall when someone actually attacked me. This will disappear even more when they finally introduce duel option to resolve spot possession in "more civilized" manner.
  10. I don’t see any correlation between your post and mine.
  11. That's something lol.. 1. You don't lose anything by dying to the rift bosses. Besides, you can either wait few days for their AP to drop or learn the patterns and avoid their attacks. 2. Cron stones, especially those free from rift bosses and events are a bless cause they give you a protected upgrade attempt once in a while - maybe you are too low in progression to appreciate it yet.
  12. I know what you mean. As a non-P2W-whale 530 gs player I know that I'm closer and closer to soft cap and this keeps me motivated to grind at least and hour or two on weekday evenings but sometimes I just rather set up my fishing and watch some TV shows after work instead of the grind. I do understand when people take the break from the game and trim PA's pocket though. This will teach them not to withhold the content. MAYBE.. HOPEFULLY.
  13. Sad isn't it. They have milked xbox player base enough apparently and decided to slow down content towards "optimization" which is likely not going to come for a long time. Anyways, at least I can already farm miru and aakman to get some money until we get something meaningful. We also miss 4 classes and I, and a large group of other players, would be satisfied if we actually saw them this year.. I love my striker but I'm really looking forward to mystic to go to hystria.
  14. What do you mean? Only accessories have a chance to drop this high and it's not like you will get it frequently. For the past 7 months of everyday grind I only got 1 pri serap so far. Armors and weapons cannot drop above +15
  15. Yup, can’t beat them scrolls... we need the loot tables to be completed, we need caphras stones in game to boost the economy and to reach those 245+ brackets. Deliberate slowing us down was cool back in May but now where 520+ gs is a casual thing we really need content. Funny you have mentioned Manshaums. When I grind them solo the money is so bad there without narc drops and caphras not being in the game that I only go there if I want to be left alone and enjoy myself until I realize I can make more money anywhere in Valencia, just like you said. At 235 I started miru, money is good but framedrops in 3 man groups are bad (even on one X with SSD performance there sucks).
  16. Yes, bonus drop rate from the node triggers periodically like you say.
  17. No, you are not free to ask if you break point 5 of the rules of this forum which is: "Use the Search Bar- The search bar is there for a reason. If you're looking for a generic topic like "What armor should I use on my Warrior" then take a look at the search bar first. The question may have already been answered! "
  18. You can buy grunil set to repair your armor in Altinova. Standard price or lower if you are willing to play amity game with Mevo. If you accumulate particular amount of amity points then you will be able to purchase the set pieces for much lower price but it requires energy usage. Good luck.
  19. Because the recent survey results they may slow the content down to improve "performance" .. Best bet would be classes and Bartali's log. I wouldn't count on Dreighan or T8 horses.. SADLY Small edit.. I really don't see ANY good reason why they wouldn't release 4 remaining classes. New classes means costumes, weights = money.
  20. I criticize you for being lazy and limited because there was a topic about this last week and it happens that I was the one who explained that awakenings come 2 weeks after the class is released. And I will bother to post because there is too many people like you here trashing this forums. USE SEARCH FUNCTION MY INFO WAS NOT RONG!
  21. It may seem like that but to truly check it you need like hundreds of hours of data of grinding at lvl 0 and 10 to pull the actual average from. The effectiveness of node levels is mostly visible for me while I'm grinding spots that drop only couple of items - pila ku, manshaums forest, basi den - these seem to give increased drop rate of scrolls written in ancient language and voodoo dolls. With places like gahaz or wandering rogues or sausans it may not work perfectly because the loot table is huge and increased drop % may proc on useless green item like hercules might or fortuna gear. Some people say you shouldn't invest your energy in node levels until you are deep in the mid-game where you reach soft cap and next upgrades cost 2-3bil silver. Since you are on PS4 I would advice to use energy on Night Vendor rolls and gathering if you want to maximize its value.
  22. If you read forums first instead of spamming you would have known that the tamer awakening is coming this Wednesday. But why bother and search while you can just start another topic and trash the already trashed forum further?
  23. Yeah, „something” has already been said by PA “no pve servers”. You both should get banned for flooding the forums with spam.
  24. All awakenings come typically two weeks after initial release so you can expect tamer awakening on Wednesday.
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