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  1. 6 hours ago, ludiusvox said:

    Also 10 AP is extra from MacLeod Crystals (general AP not monster AP), how am I killing Aakman mobs if I can't do Trees and the AP requirements different, becauase of Elite Boss spawn probably?  Where Mansheum and Tungrads which one if you could address that.

    To be able to kill something doesn't mean you should be killing it. It must be painful to do aakman with your AP.. you will be making more money at pila ku or bloodwolves instead of pushing yourself to zones you can't grind efficiently. And if you want to level up from 61 to 62 without 235 AP then go polly forest with marni stones. 

    Trust me, grinding zones which are out of your ap reach is one of the reasons people burn out. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, ludiusvox said:

    The requirements to get to level 62 are a little bit unequal for many classes.  People are quoting me 235 (TET kutum, which I have), but coming up with the extra AP to go from 222 AP to 235 (13 AP), will require me (4 AP from 1 crescent guardian ring, 6 AP from two tungrad jewelry pieces, and 2 AP from basilisk belt), that still leaves me 1 AP short I shouldn't have to go above soft-cap on a class just to join a mirimok gruop.  The solution is to relase BlackStar expansion which a more advanced player can help me through stars end and then I can buy/farm the quest piece and do the low level quest grinding part and get a BlackStar to Tri.  That extra monster damage should help clear the requirements for the trees groups because Valkrie is low DPS class and people are saying I might need even 240 AP and I am not sure where it's going to come from, without going for PEN.  But if you guys would release blackstar weapons which has no effect on PvP, it allows people to clear trees groups with lower AP requirements because of the mosnter AP.

    You forget about the bracket AP that comes with 235 and the previous bracket is 209 so difference is significant:

    209 – 234 30
    235 – 244 40


    Don't get me wrong but you basically deal no damage to trees below that bracket. Also, you are writing about star's end - good luck making black star and getting it to tri if you can't even reach soft cap. Besides, monster AP is not calculated towards 235 bracket cause it is required to have sheet ap of 235, not factoring kutum/black star monster AP or other, quasi stats. 

    Problem with players is that they want too much too quickly. 

    I'm 270 kutum and the only offensive pen I have is dande so you can go well past soft cap without any pens, most AP past soft cap comes from hard work on accessories. Having that said, to me you simply lack knowledge/plan on how to reach goals. Soft cap is easy, imagine how hard is to past that point. 

    Bottom line is, you are not ready even for trees, not to mention anything past that. 

    P.S. Do your Bartali logs if you haven’t. That’s free 4 AP.

  3. 5 hours ago, Electrafried said:

    Just curious who has got Pieces to drop and how long it’s taking you to get them I have farm Bruyne roast for about 10 days 2 to 3 hours a day so let’s say roughly 25 hours and still haven’t got a piece

    People spend hundreds of hours on one piece, it is supposed to be rare. PC players reporting having 1mln blood wolves trash accumulated without drop. RNG is RNG, there’s no conspiracy behind it. 

  4. On 5/16/2020 at 4:11 AM, Irene Belserion said:

    I'm on an xbox one x and ever since this update I cant even log in and if I do, then in less than 5min the game crashes. I haven't crashed since Kzarka first came out, now all of a sudden with this recent update I can't even log in? Why are you people incapable of making a version of this game that actually works on console? Never have I ever owned a game with this many connection issues. I thought Destiny error codes were bad but this game takes the cake. I bet the people responsible for making the game run play striker 🙄😒

    Try to dust of your console internally, perhaps it's overheating. I'm almost certain that may be the case.

    Wipe the game from your hard drive, make a fresh install.

    I'm on one x with ssd and my game doesn't crash at all. Well, might have crashed once or twice since launch. 


    Also, I'm touchy touchy so back off from striker or I leg drop you 👊

  5. 7 hours ago, The Guiido said:

    Console gets a lot of stuff that has ben implemented from PC. But since Beta people have been asking for PC skill tree UI. Why don't we have it? It should of been here a long time ago and would make it look much more cleaner.

    Howdy Guiido, highly requested feature. It's been hinted during the stream that included renewed guild UI that PC skill layout/or something similar, is coming soon. 

  6. 12 hours ago, Azazel said:

    This is kinda a bug. It shouldn't be so easy to buy $4B worth of anything. The UI auto-populates the number for you, it's not something you type in.

    It's either buy one or all. There is  GREAT chance he/she didn't pay attention and just clicked buy. 

    One shouldn't keep silver in storage but in CM, at least for the sake of not making such mistakes. 

  7. Just now, Yiazzy said:

    Hence my party method. I never grind if I'm alone with my own company, I'm bored after half an hour 😅

    62 is something I'm currently not actively going for, but will just accomplish in time. 

    I'm 62,6% and I'm never leveling another character past 61 ever...

  8. 6 hours ago, Jaegerii said:

    Hey, all.  Very new to the game on Xobx.  I purchased pearls for the first time so I can get a value pack. After I purchased them (12,000) I tried to buy the Value Pack for 1,500 but when I try to purchase it, the game says I do not have enough pearls.  I logged out and back in.  Same response.  I'm doing something wrong.   Any help you have would be greatly appreciated!

    You buy pearls from the store and they land in your in game mailbox. Then you have to open inventory and switch to pearl items tab. From there you have to unpack your pearls from the box. Then they should add to your balance next to silver in your inventory.

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  9. On 5/12/2020 at 4:12 PM, HiroYamato said:

    really....? lol ! and mu kutum failed TeT on a 65 stack today jeez i think the RNG gods have left me for now 

    TET range is 50-90, 95 at most. Never ever should you go with tet attempts above 95. it's a waste, you will regret that in the future man :) Trust me. 

    When I have stacks accumulated I buy base kutums and tet them for profit. On average, it takes 4-6 tries, typically first click is on 50 or 55 and most of them pop between 70-80 range.

  10. 15 minutes ago, Yiazzy said:

    To be fair to the guy. The time invested isn't exactly worth it, and this update is a travesty in itself. 

    Grinding that many mobs does indeed get tedious. Me and him aren't alone in the opinion that killing the same mobs over and over for days on end is an absolute chore. 

    To OP though, have you considered party chatting with friends whilst you're doing it? It makes it a lot less mind numbingly droll for me, might do for you too. 

    Grind is tedious AF always, the key is to develop muscle memory and zone out while doing something else. If you grind somewhere for exp or sp or drops then killing 50k mobs is just a matter of time. 

  11. 15 hours ago, Zerkdumb said:

    You must farm the Marni at a specific mob as a rare drop (I've been through 7k mobs now, nothing)

    Then you must fill it with 50k kills at a mob linked to where you farmed that Marni (if you farm it at Fogans, then you have to fill it at pollys)


    I'm sorry, but WTF?Grind your ass off for days likely, and run half way around the world for a probable ring of crescent? Does PA even play this game? No wonder players quit in droves, you pile grind on top of grind every update to cover for lack of content. And don't even call this update, content either.

    Why the crying and moaning? It's a BONUS from the spot you grind anyway. Besides, once you fill the marni it stays with you forever so it is supposed to be rare. 

    7K mobs? My god WHAT A STRETCH! Good luck with your BDO future with that level of patience equal 5 years old girl 😂

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  12. 4 minutes ago, pedro said:

    This is already incredible, still put the infinite potions, which came out a couple of months ago on the PC, and do not put the caphras that have been on the PC for a long time, they had to come out with the latest updates, this is pathetic

    One doesn't relate to another. Bringing infinite potions is just something for players to chew on. It doesn't change the meta, it doesn't make any changes to the gap between players.

    Caphras on the other hand do. 

    Let me ask you this: are you even ready, gear wise, for caphras? 

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  13. On 5/9/2020 at 1:25 PM, HiroYamato said:

    Ok so recently....... i managed to Tet my dandy on a 42 Stack which was a 10% chance, one of my friends i play with, told another group of his friends what happened and they said that it's the lowest stack on a Tet they have ever heard of, so my query is has anyone else manged this or have heard of someone doing something similar as it is really bizarre lol!! 

    I saw PEN kzarka on 50 stack on YouTube while back. People do get dream horses at first try which is around 1% chance so everything is possible, you just need RNG on your side. 

  14. 12 hours ago, WindThief said:

    I had made a similar request a while back. Even tried to suggest a system that would minimize the coding required. But I feel my verbal description was not getting my intent across so I don't think the request got submitted.


    Yeah you see, such option for trash loot is on PC already. It's just a matter to transitioning that to console.. 

  15. Hi

    Two CM related suggestions:

    1. Would be nice to get notifications when your items on CM get sold/purchased. The mobile app notification is where I find out I sold/bought something. Can we do that in game?

    2. Also, would be nice to get an option for specific items being listed to CM as we only have this for pearl items (of course!). I'd like to be able to get notified in game that TET ogre or PEN kutum has just been listed. Checking for specific items 50 times a day is tedious. 

  16. On 5/9/2020 at 1:17 PM, HiroYamato said:

    As the title suggests, what are you're thoughts on this matter it looks like the forums are quiet.... but it also seems like some of the playerbase is also dying out, these are just my thoughts and opions like to hear some of yours 

    you're friendly BDO Musa , Hiro

    Forums has never been active. It's just a few members who actually take active part in forum's life. The rest is a bunch of newcomers creating topics 10.000 times without using search tool - so that's the forums state. Most announcements are done via discord and twitter so if you want to be up to date I'd get both. I'm a 90s kid so I like forums cause it's the OG way of discussing the game. 

    If we are talking about the in-game population, the game is in very good shape. There are guilds fighting over castles on Saturdays, a lot of guilds taking part in NWs every single day. The market, although expensive, is thriving too. It's widely possible to buy TET accessories and PEN boss gear. Grind spots, even in endgame locations, are busy on all servers so yes, I'd say that BDO on console is in good shape during prime time. 

  17. 8 hours ago, NovaVaassa said:

    𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲? 𝐎𝐟 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐠𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 "𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 ?"

    You’re special af. None of your posts, ever, make any sense 😂

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  18. 3 minutes ago, DripGOD said:

    I have been doing some of the Kama quest line and although it is true that some quests give 1.3% exp, the other half of them doesn't. For example all 4 quests from loopy tree forest to kill X number of Fadus all gives little to no exp even tho they have the yellow EXP blob as a reward?? And this was following the Kama quest line btw.

    Story quest line, repeatable quests don't count. Really, go youtube and search for PotionShop's quest guide for bdo. 

  19. 8 hours ago, DripGOD said:

    I'm not trying to be lazy. I just want to know if I should go back and try to do all my quests because it is very confusing when I have 30+ quests already on my list and Idk which ones I should be doing. Thanks alot

    Quests with yellow EXP blob as a reward. These are not in suggested quests tab. These are typically quest at nodes in kamasylvia and dreighan. 

    I would still grind to 60 at polly forest for skill points or at least do some city quests in calpheon between 58-59. Wasting quests in kama and dreighan prior to 60 is not a good idea. 

  20. 4 hours ago, DripGOD said:

    Thanks alot guys ,but I have not done any black spirit quests, or story quests or side quests. By leveling area side quests, do you mean (ALL) the quests from that area ?   Are they worth it, and are they really gonna help me level faster than just grinding? I don't want to spend a long time doing all these quests when i can just grind to 62

    Long time? 60-61 by kamasylvia and dreighan side quests is 2-3 hours of work tops as each quest gives 1,3% of xp which chenga tome. Don't be lazy, search google for quest guides. 

    If you were grinding 60-61 then it would take few days. 

    Leveling from 61-62 on the other hand is a matter of at least 50 hours of active grind at mirumok but you need gear for that. Sometimes it may take less but the group needs to be exceptional. 

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