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  1. 6 hours ago, Lipty said:


    correct me if I am wrong, but the node level just triggers 10% of the time its bonus.

    I read a bit about node levels and if im right, you get 5 % increased dropchance / node level for 10 % of the time.

    This isnt this much you think. But also i dont know how the 10% triggers... is it the last 6 mins of an hour or it just randomly gets triggerd in an hour and then you get 6 mins increased dropchance idk.

    In the end a chance is a chance always a percentage... even with 200% increased dropchance you are not guaranteed to get better drops.


    if this post is useless pls delete


    greets lip


    Yes, bonus drop rate from the node triggers periodically like you say. 

  2. 25 minutes ago, Luisferinha said:

    You know what man, if it really annoys you that mutch that i posted something on the forum then it is your right to report me! Fell free to do so en let the CM's decide over it then but i really dont have the time to discuss this anymore! 

    So go on and report me, otherwise just go find someone else to annoy cause again, i really dont have the time for this!

    No worries, I already did. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Luisferinha said:

    You can say all you want, the forum is here for everyone and if i have a question i am free to ask! If you dont want to answer you dont have to! 

    No, you are not free to ask if you break point 5 of the rules of this forum which is:

    "Use the Search Bar- The search bar is there for a reason. If you're looking for a generic topic like "What armor should I use on my Warrior" then take a look at the search bar first. The question may have already been answered! "



  4. 1 hour ago, l0wolfeyez0l said:

    I feel like such a noob for not being prepared, or knowing what I'm doing. 

    So, I bought a Grunil set, got everything up between 10-13 no sweat. Lucky right? Then I get cocky and hit "Y". 🙄 Down it goes to 35/100 max dur. FML. So I think, whatever, buy some cheap green armor, all's good.So I go to Heidel, buy 5peices of green junk, and low and behold, doesn't work. Neither do my artisans memories. (Haven't made it anywhere important yet mind you, just doing black spirit quests and whatnot. Just finished a quest for some red-head chick in Calpheon. I'm not in a rush to play through the story and life skill myself to death.)

    WTF am I doing wrong?! 

    Woulda liked to have +15 straight across for my tamer in the morning... Nope. Not gonna happen.

    So... Help a girl out? 🥺 Lol

    Running with a lvl 54 Tamer 81ap 131dp

    You can buy grunil set to repair your armor in Altinova. Standard price or lower if you are willing to play amity game with Mevo. If you accumulate particular amount of amity points then you will be able to purchase the set pieces for much lower price but it requires energy usage. 

    Good luck. 



  5. 12 hours ago, Linxz said:

    So do you guys think they'll actually release everything mentioned in the roadmap for this year? Or at least all the classes??

    Because the recent survey results they may slow the content down to improve "performance" .. 

    Best bet would be classes and Bartali's log. I wouldn't count on Dreighan or T8 horses.. SADLY 


    Small edit.. I really don't see ANY good reason why they wouldn't release 4 remaining classes. New classes means costumes, weights = money. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Luisferinha said:

    Just so you know i did see this post in the oficial bdo app. So yes i did not bother to search further because i though the app was a relayable sorce.

    And if you dont have anything beter to doe, why even bother to answer a post if you not gona help with anything! 

    The question has already ben answered, i dont see a reason for you to criticise some one for having the rong information! 

    I criticize you for being lazy and limited because there was a topic about this last week and it happens that I was the one who explained that awakenings come 2 weeks after the class is released. 

    And I will bother to post because there is too many people like you here trashing this forums. USE SEARCH FUNCTION 


  7. On 10/12/2019 at 3:32 AM, Riukensei said:

    I think there is a bug. The higher I rank my node the less I'm getting from the node. Idk if the RNG is just hitting me worse or not. But I'm noticing a huge difference in drops and not in the way its suppose to be. 

    Less silver

    Less trash

    Less rare drops

    The higher I make it the worse it gets. 

    0 rank seems to be the best to farm with. 

    It may seem like that but to truly check it you need like hundreds of hours of data of grinding at lvl 0 and 10 to pull the actual average from. The effectiveness of node levels is mostly visible for me while I'm grinding spots that drop only couple of items - pila ku, manshaums forest, basi den - these seem to give increased drop rate of scrolls written in ancient language and voodoo dolls. 

    With places like gahaz or wandering rogues or sausans it may not work perfectly because the loot table is huge and increased drop % may proc on useless green item like hercules might or fortuna gear.

    Some people say you shouldn't invest your energy in node levels until you are deep in the mid-game where you reach soft cap and next upgrades cost 2-3bil silver. 

    Since you are on PS4 I would advice to use energy on Night Vendor rolls and gathering if you want to maximize its value. 

  8. On 10/12/2019 at 7:46 PM, Luisferinha said:

    Awekening for tamer should be available sinds this morning sinds i saw a post about it on the app that said we should be able to get de quest "princess of a fallen kingdom" when we richt lvl 56.

     My tamer is 56 but i can not find de quest. Black spirit is not giving me the quest.

    Anyone else with the same problem or is it just me?

    If you read forums first instead of spamming you would have known that the tamer awakening is coming this Wednesday. 

    But why bother and search while you can just start another topic and trash the already trashed forum further? 


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  9. 1 hour ago, Gudrun1te said:

    When dose xbox get tamers awakening weapon 🍻🤩

    All awakenings come typically two weeks after initial release so you can expect tamer awakening on Wednesday. 

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  10. 7 hours ago, Baines said:

    I'm not sure what part of my post triggered you to categorize me as one of "those" people. Allow me to clarify.


    Most the arguments I've seen here, including my own, are refuting the need to justify a pve only server with very tangible issues that would take a significant amount of effort to implement for a not so clear # of playerbase, for issues that can be easily be solved with just staying at lv 49, moving servers, asking guildies for help. To brush off the idea of potential issues, instead of actually considering them, is condescending/ignorant and shows your lack of respect to the engagement.


    Of all the years I've seen this game active in, the voices calling for a pure pve only server is minimal. If you want this to be a thing, you'll need more than just a few stray of posters saying "hey, I only pve. Make it happen" you'll need a big enough following to get a business' attention. There has to be a justification or something more tangible than a few cry posts about griefers before anyone would consider this idea that will make PA more money.

    Pour this man a large beer! 

    It's literally 3 people here constantly whining about it, one of them even claims he's been 49 since March. SIGH

    Nonetheless, its' been confirmed pve servers won't happen so yeah, we are safe. 

    Thanks for your input man. 

  11. On 10/7/2019 at 12:48 PM, DarkThunder said:

    I got the RNG, 3 hours? Are you insane? There is no RNg on this. If you say 1 drop in about 3 hours this is rng. I was dropping them normal before, and I was dropping 1~2 an hour, but I went to internet check, and this is the common.

    Now 3 hours with all those buffs and not a single one?

    If you don't know if it could be a bug, let the people who created the game check it, otherwise you would be blaming rng.

    HI DUDE! 

    Got my narc on my 4th evening session. That's some seriously bad rng ... 

    I hope I have proven my point by now.. 

  12. 26 minutes ago, Onyxninja said:

    Starting to wonder if T7 is even in the game yet. The GMs said it was but they also told Xbox T8 was in the game when it was not. Going to hold off on breeding all my T5s I have till later on.

    I'm not a breeded but you can buy t7 from the horse market quite often. I see sale announcement for t7 horses every day so they are in the game. 

  13. 19 hours ago, DarkThunder said:

    I got the RNG, 3 hours? Are you insane? There is no RNg on this. If you say 1 drop in about 3 hours this is rng. I was dropping them normal before, and I was dropping 1~2 an hour, but I went to internet check, and this is the common.

    Now 3 hours with all those buffs and not a single one?

    If you don't know if it could be a bug, let the people who created the game check it, otherwise you would be blaming rng.

    I'm bringing you an update man, so you don't feel sad, I have not dropped narc earring with lvl 8 node and loot scroll up though I was grinding the hell out of manshaums whole evening. This MUST be a bug!

  14. 51 minutes ago, DarkThunder said:

    I got the RNG, 3 hours? Are you insane? There is no RNg on this. If you say 1 drop in about 3 hours this is rng. I was dropping them normal before, and I was dropping 1~2 an hour, but I went to internet check, and this is the common.

    Now 3 hours with all those buffs and not a single one?

    If you don't know if it could be a bug, let the people who created the game check it, otherwise you would be blaming rng.

    I'm just pointing out that not getting a rare or yellow accessory after three hours of grind is simply being unlucky. 

    Want to call it a bug, fine. Let us all know when PA checks it.. if they check it. 

    Good luck

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  15. 28 minutes ago, DarkThunder said:

    Hi. I dunno if it's a bug or anything else, but I have been at abandoned monastery, to drop mark of shadow, people say it drops minimum 2 an hour using nothing to increase drop chance and node level 0.
    But well, I was using scroll, kamasylve, node level 3, level 5 luck, 3%drop (amity level) and no single mark of shadow dropped even after thousands of mobs killed in about 3 hours.
    It must be a bug with the drop.
    Luck is not working at all 
    What luck should be used for, if it doesn't help with drop or enhancing system?

    That's RNG. The fact that you cannot drop an item is not a bug but you being unlucky. 

    Come man.. 

  16. 6 hours ago, Scrzorz said:

    Can not select materials in manufacture to craft a secondary capotia ring ? Is this not in our game yet ? Really confusing since yona and the capotia itself says what we need to do.

    Descriptions of Yona's and on capotias are in but the crafting itself is not. 

  17. On 9/26/2019 at 3:10 AM, Jdragon23 said:


    Would it pay off to take my level 49 wiz boss alt to kutum? Or just keep taking my main 60witch to kutum?


    @Skywood thanks for mention.

    You typically don't want to rotate your main around the world to kill world bosses. It's a waste of time which you can spend making money. Besides, if you lag and die you lose xp and risk shattering your crystals so NO, I wouldn't recommend using your main.

    Few lvl 49 witches/wizards is a thing but it will definitely put you in a bottom damage bracket loot wise cause you will miss a lot of those hits unless your accuracy is very high - on boss alt this may be a problem.

    if you are not a chicken and don't mind occasional PvP before world boss I would recommend making an ALT which will be lvl 56, awakened, and will have around 150 AP.  This will give you much more damage input and move you to the higher damage bracket increasing your chance for the loot. 

    So a better version of a boss alt would probably have black abysal weapon from mediah quest, full asula set, and at least +15 or higher armor. 

    The choice is yours but I don't recommend hunting bosses with your main unless you have like 230-240 AP and you are almost guaranteed to land that top damage bracket and get that box. 

    Still, RNG is RNG. You can hit the boss once and get the box or you can wait for it for weeks or months. 

  18. 4 minutes ago, The Guiido said:

    This is absolutely the truest thing ever. Let me tell you something about zerker at the moment,

    Being decent in 1v1's is one thing, but not exceeding in what we are supposed to is another. We are nerfed extremely hard on Xbox.


    Giant Leap/ Jump Sequence:

    Not being able to do anything in a Node and Siege war except get a few kills (if you are lucky) with Giant Leap is the most depressing thing ever. As it stands, its supposed to be the most damaging ultimate  in the game, second to Valkyrie who has not been released yet. The ultimate while traveling does no damage. Only the ramp up, and slam does damage. We can't control our ultimate on Xbox so we are losing on 50%-70% of our damage. The ultimate and the ability its self sucks in general as well. Not having working Super Armor and a very non working I frame which is just horrible since the class has very little protection. Our only escape tool that does not work, and an Ultimate Ability, that does nerfed damage. Real fun, especially since you already have to be taking a high risk by standing near enemies in the first place and you cannot retreat after the ultimate.

    Titan Syndrome/ Flame Buster:

    This was specifically (Cannon Spam) disabled on Xbox. Making us virtually useless in large scale. W

    Reroll to striker my man, we have bananas. OOK OOK 

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  19. Pearl Abyss.. 

    Are caphras stones qualified as soon this year or soon not in a million years? They were not on the road map (I know what they said about having limited image space on the map etc).

    Some non-whaling players could use them to hit 235 bracket... 🙄


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  20. 12 hours ago, Nimrod said:

    Why do it need to be selled to raise? It's the opposite. If there are many pre-order on max bid and no one sells it the price will go up step by step until it hits the limit.

    The item's price increases if this particular item sells for the max price.

    Example: there are 9 highest preorders for the item at 50 million silver. If someone lists this item and it is sold for 50 million silver there are 8 preorders left and the price of this item will gradually go up (good example was kutum, or dande). BTW, all items have their max price they cannot exceed.

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