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  1. This game is not new player friendly and this is how it’s been since the beginning. I recommend checking many many websites with guides as there are great people out there who lecture about aspects of the game quite well. The map is pretty clear once you understand all the node symbols etc. try toying with Y once browsing the world map for different options like grind spots etc. Gear is not fun looking. If you want to stand out from other players you will have to purchase some costumes and weapon skins which are bought using real money. Once the game releases, I recommend taking your time learning piece by piece instead of being a jack of all trades. I’m also a new player and this game may be truly overwhelming at times. Check Black Desert Foundry for all sorts of beginner’s guides.
  2. I searched but didn’t find anything. Can we please get an option to turn off this awful screen shake during combat?? It is supposed to work as an immersion feature but what it actually does it makes my head hurt.. perhaps if we could zoom out the character camera further it wouldn’t be so annoying.. anyone else feels this ?
  3. It is hard to avoid pressing buttons will all fingers as number of combos is huge. I wonder how will they incorporate "C" button while awakening releases. As far as I see there is no buttons left apart from the D-pad.
  4. Dude you are an author of most confusing and weird threads on this forum. Perhaps try to use discord more often and do some searching cause many answers to your questions were already given.
  5. I agree, I couldn't find my workers' tab until I edited ring menu. Same with mounts etc. We need main menu expanded. I honestly don't want to waste ring menu on life skills and workers.
  6. Hi Folks, Although it is only a beta I can't find the way to create a loop around the city for my character to put on a trade pack and afk walk to increase my weight limit while I'm doing something else. Has someone figured it out yet?
  7. I feel the servers are stable and I'm yet to get disconnected from the game.. There was a large thread on forums defending Xbox's ability to stay on for a long time and I personally don't see any reasons why not to do so. Due to the busy life and work during week days I don't use my One X that much but during the weekends it runs from 8 a.m. till we decide to go to sleep which is usually around 2-3 a.m. Even if I stop playing and do run some errands around the apartment or go shopping I don't switch off my console. My guess is that if you want to do afk activities just leave your console on. Small edit - make sure you blow out the dust using compressed air at least once a month and keep your console in the 360 degree open area on top of something rather than inside to allow best air flow. All consoles get hot in closed spaces.
  8. I really like how snappy skills work.. I'm yet to test other classes but Berserker feels so nice. Keep up the great work.
  9. I see your point but I only consider it tedious when it comes to looting mobs and I will get rid of this problem with pets. Now for gathering, you don't have to press it that often compared to grinding. Just a thought.
  10. The game is to be released on NA/EU markets for now. If it brings profit they will probably do as they did with PC version and go for SEA regions. Besides, you will get a better connection with EU servers if you are based in Israel. NA servers are a lot further away.
  11. You've been living under the rock apparently. This is an open beta and everyone is invited. You don't need the key.
  12. You guys just don't read forums before posting right? 😫
  13. There is no official answer, I have BDX followed on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We just have to wait.
  14. Dear Simon! We really need to know anything about possible pre-load of the game from the store.
  15. History shows that some betas get extended if lots of people participate and bring necessary feedback etc. but, for now, end date is 12 of November.
  16. you deserve a ban for not reading forums and Daniel's hardwork which is his megathread.
  17. There is only optional value pack you can activate every month.
  18. That is a question which has no answer. There have been topics that suggest the game is launching this year. Beta will tell. If servers manage the traffic and no game breaking bugs or exploits are discovered then we will get the game quickly. It would be unwise to lose the Christmas time release window where people, myself included, like to spend money.
  19. No and no. It's not really a simple port. A lot of things were tailored to work on xbox. Plus there is a huge gap in content.
  20. Stop making countless threads asking about the same stuff. Dude, use your brain and search tools like you would do on any other forum...
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