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  1. What platform? What resolution settings? Your question is too vague to answer accurately tbh. I'm on Xbox One X in 1080p mode and I only get major fps drops in Abandoned Iron Mine.. the location itself seems to have too many things going on in a form of these scaffolding pieces and generally large rocky area.. Other than that it is OK for me.
  2. We have 8 hot keys available.. Why would you need more than that in combat anyway? The game requires certain muscle memory flexing and memorizing your combos.
  3. - CP dishes - Fix to resetting skills and settings - Fix to how shipyard doesn't see the materials in the storage bug - Melting accessories - Remaining bosses from OG region (excluding Karanda of course) - Alchemy Stones - Roaring Magical Armor...
  4. I think I got what I needed. The topic can be closed.
  5. It never worked for me lol. Thanks man
  6. This is by no means answer to my question.
  7. I think you are referring to the option to lock the skill which works the other way around but I will look into it once I get back home. I'm also pretty sure it's including A.
  8. What sort of activation you are talking about? Or are you shooting blanks?
  9. The People of BDX.. I've looked through the forums for a solution to the mind bobbling matter of Emergency Escape but didn't get a satisfying answer. It is such a good way to run away from an unfair gank if you combine it with the Lava Pierces but I can't seem to pull the combo off. I tried the LT+LB+RT+RB+A combination many times and I ended using all my skills and cooldowns instead. Can someone educate me on this? Demonstrate how these god awful keys need to be pressed? I'm hopeless.
  10. Present. HADOUUUUKEN!!!
  11. Any vendor, it’s just junk worth 500k
  12. All that often makes me think whether just to focus on grind 24/7 and just buy a ready product. The problem with this approach is that the game and economy is fresh and prices are stupidly high at the moment..
  13. Perhaps the heavy PVP aspect of the game IS THE REASON why so many people play BDX - did it cross your mind?
  14. At least quit crying and whining. I can't be nice while facing such drama. "Can we get pve server" "why people PK me" "omg leave me alone". πŸ˜‚
  15. Well, that escalated quickly. I just gave you two solutions to your problem.
  16. Max, if you really have +28 stacks then keep it for a DUO or even TRI attempt. It is too good to use it for PRI.
  17. Just bad luck.. Sell it and end your misery. Not worth your memory fragments.
  18. This... Awakening comes with 56 so you at least want to have 56 before awakening releases just so you can get on it ASAP and focus on the quest itself instead of grinding one more level. Besides, you unlock skills to 60 so the higher your level before awakening releases the better... 57 is what I have now on my zerker and I plan to get my striker to 56-57 ASAP as well.
  19. Like every game that is B2P with free updates this one will have, as someone already pointed out, spikes in population when new content comes out. People will try new classes, regions etc. Although a lot of 10$ people will keep playing you can expect that the main population consists of people who preordered bigger bundles as they are considered the most dedicated players πŸ˜‰
  20. The issue is known, backed with actual footage (I took) and it is reviewed by the devs. The matter has been discussed thousand times, please stop spamming and search first.
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