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  1. Hi, can confirm what @Gigawatt said. I also have to turn this settings on every time I start the game. They tend to reset mid game when I swap characters. On top of that, it would be nice for the game to finally remember my zoom out level (max out) cause it's also exhausting that it resets every time the game gets restarted.
  2. Last night it censored when I wrote in party chat at miru that "I need to pee, brb" 😂 I also can't believe filter blocks "something" cause there is METH word in the middle 😂
  3. Toxic for spammers ❤️
  4. Cause you can't. It's just a description on the seals. NO T8s and T9s in the game
  5. No, after you finished all 10 books you should click "receive reward" in book interface and you should get an item which you can process with 100 armor and 100 weapon black stones.
  6. You should get the item that you need to process with 100 armor and weapon stones. If that's not the case, try restarting the game and if that fails, try submitting a ticket.
  7. Hi PA, Great move with option to disable others' spell effects cause mirumok was a slide show in 5 man group, even on one X with ssd (maybe this made me hate the spot so much for starters?). Now I see a large improvement to game flow there - thank you. The only drawback is that it also disables enemies' spell effects but you can't eat and have a cookie. I guess that it only shows that the game can truly be improved by reducing its visuals.. potato mode please? @CM_Valtarra @CM Trent
  8. Stop spamming forums with topics that are already here. Check website road map, check BDC twitter. Don't be lazy, use google or at least forums search option. The only valid question you ask is update cycle which, in normal circumstances, is biweekly.
  9. https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/ for a lot of new player friendly stuff. People vanish during boss cause the game has a system that makes people invisible during world bosses when a particular threshold of people is reached. It’s a performance improvement system.
  10. But where does it say you can increase the number of slots every time new character is released? How is it for PC? I'd like to know. I've never thought about it cause I just delete least used class every time new one comes out. I might be at 10 or 11 slots total.
  11. There is a maximum limit of character slots you can have, perhaps you've just reached it already?
  12. Howdy, I have a question regarding Drieghan coming soon (hopefully at least): I have finished kama 1 and 2 quest lines months ago when they were originally released and we know that completing kama part 2 is needed to unlock drieghan quest line (source: bdfoundry). Now that there is a renewed kama quest line which is available for me , although I finished the original story already, do I have to do it to get access to drieghan quest line once it launches? To be honest, I'm absolutely not willing to do so but knowing now will give me more time to force myself to complete this daunting task.. kek. @CM_Valtarra
  13. That's right AF.. I can't help myself but laughing when someone says strikers are OP when the real OP broken classes are witchtards and archers. Both braindead, both stupidly over tuned at current state of the game.
  14. Did you just bump topic from June 2019 ??
  15. Yes, you can pile up on fodder byproducts from farming for the future use but that's about it.
  16. Well, I expressed my concern that people who are very vocal about it are probably sketchy af to say the least. Can't you really see this class is censored to prevent causing sex drive towards a character model that represents a child? Really? You are still going to defend your claim quoting lore of the character being old but looking like a child? This community if full of anime loving pedos who find it arousing and thus it has to be censored.
  17. So, it may be not a direct answer for your question but I have had razer wolverine and wildcat for my xbox and both have 4 additional buttons at the back which I mapped my d-pad to. Works perfect.
  18. I just take for granted that if someone is making a huge deal out of it probably faps to shai or tamer. That's it. Creeps.
  19. Fodder is bound to T9 horses and we don't even have T8 horses so there is no ETA or a reason to have the fodder in the game.
  20. With this ap you can go basilisks/pila ku and make really good money towards your tri accessories. Just make sure you have vipers in your gloves and precision in your kzarka. Back when I was at your AP these two grind spots were my friends. I founded my tri basi solely by selling base basi belts and scrolls. Pila ku jail nets 10 scrolls on avarage which, combined with trash, gives very decent money at your point in progression. Remember, you are in a dead zone with your ap. You have to be patient till 235 AAP and then you can move to more difficult spots (but you need to get around 290 DP). Good luck
  21. Yeah, annoying but we should get cron meals and draughts soon so it will only be two icons.
  22. You seem like a pedo to me for making such a fuss out of it. Can't you see this class is obviously a child and some people, perhaps even you judging by your outcry, may find it perverse? Move on with your life. I would be the first to call caps to visit you if I knew where you live.
  23. They could have added one more I think to redistribute the crowd (EU at least). At the same time, give it few weeks and population will get back to "normal" again. I suppose that PS4 players are probably drawn back to the game cause of archer and kama release. These numbers will drop down soon cause the content will become stale for you guys on ps4 quickly too.
  24. it would be easier if you told me your ap/aap/dp.
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