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  1. Crons used to be 1m each but they increased their price to promote cash shop whaling and costume melting for crons. In other words, PA realized they will force players to spend real money instead of silver this way. Someone did math on it. It's like twice as much silver per attempt if you are buying crons from the blacksmith.
  2. This community would be some much better without you lol. Why don't you follow your mate chillmeister and leave this place like he did? Go play fortnite or cod or whatever type of people like you play.
  3. 62 fail stack is already a TET stack and I advice starting a new stack to hit the TRI. I know you want that tri but the game is a marathon and you will need a lot of 60+ stacks to tet your gear. My fail stack for TRI is 34-50 and if I feel lucky I will start at 30. For yellow accessories there are soft cap stacks after which it is not worth to increase fail stack anymore. It is 18 for PRI, 40 for DUO, 44 for TRI, and 110 for TET. Hope it helps.
  4. Die you filthy lifeskiller >< 🤣
  5. We all feel it right.. since PS4 launch only things we get is garbage. If the 2nd of October update doesn't bring anything meaningful then some people will get really triggered. Just give us a class and some additional goodie like 10 chapters of adventure log so we can work on completion while we wait for something bigger. They don't understand us at all. They don't listen to us at all.
  6. He thought he's meaningful. Apparently he's 50+ and wanted to be noticed, at least online.
  7. OK guys, let's keep it civilized. Can someone elaborate on this? It seems that the road map may not be completed cause majority of people voted optimization first (which you all know won't come in a proper form for months - PUBG on xbox being a good example of how vague this term is. One patch fixed something and broke other things and people abandoned the ship eventually. FPP was simply unplayable even on one X). This means the content will be slowed down in favor of making the game run smoother. Sure.. let's cross out some content and spend this time to work on how the game performs. WHY NOT? I'm just really skeptical about optimizing this game because they need to make it run on OG xbox which is pure garbage hardware wise.. So here is my question - can't PA just lower the graphics throughout the scale? It's obvious that pretty graphics will hinder the performance. If over 80% of player base voted performance it means that we don't give a rat's butt about the graphics right? Maybe not a complete "potato mode" but reducing graphic fidelity in general would definitely smooth out the gameplay, wouldn't it? At the same time, while PA works on "optimization" I'm sure there is content which can be added that will keep us busy and won't crush the game like Kama did while we wait for the actual map expansions etc right? There were plenty of points in the chat during the stream yesterday: - alchemy stones, caphras, add missing processing recipes that are not tied to missing regions, add missing quests that are supposed to be in the game but they are not aka "welfare ring" for example. There has to be a trade of. Both in performance and content. Any thoughts?
  8. Calling names now huh? Great. This places you somewhere between 7-9 years old bracket conversation wise. Not much left to say. Why do you even take part in this forums if you don't play the game and all you do is hate on it? Switching to PS4 to bit** about how bad the game is in their world chat and forums now? Do us a favor and disappear like other cancer chillmeister recently did. We don't need more trash talk about the game. If you don't like it, don't play it. #forever49 #seaofentitlement
  9. OK, source provided. That doesn't change the fact that the only reason PS4 gets the content so quick is because it was tested and SLOWLY rolled out on xbox. I can't see a smallest reason why PS4 players would demand more then they already get since their version started with Mediah and TRI gear and all the goodies while you know how SLOWLY our content was delivered. That was my point from the start.
  10. That's why this guy cannot be taken seriously. Haven't unlocked all spells, haven't experienced majority of end game grind spots, barely touched the game. People already pushing 63 and he's burned out and hates on the game being 57.
  11. This game is niche. You and people who give the game a bad name are simply too mainstream to enjoy the game. Solution is simple, instead of talking sh*t and preventing new people from joining the game go play something else. You need solid dedication to reach any goal in this game if you are trying to spend minimum required money. I have never bought/sold pearl shop item for silver, I'm not a whale and still steadily going towards soft cap gear, currently 511 gs. Why bother? Move on grandpa.
  12. Milk Tea - 8% combat exp buff food. You should be running it 24/7 while grinding/leveling
  13. Source. Otherwise it's like all things you write - BS.
  14. This chillmeister dude is really going about this 24/7. Always the same guy who says the game is dead (prolly because he either plays during in the morning and middle of the night) and the one that says 2bil silver is impossible to make and that market is dead and that whole Europe is dead because a niche mmo has times during the day cycle that less fishers is present in Heidel. It’s not mainstream game because it’s a complex game. One that you don’t seem to understand. Can we just move on? If I’m a white knight then he is sent by commies to sabotage the game and spread the propaganda.
  15. Good luck mate. PM me here on forums if you have questions - happy to help if my knowledge allows. Also, check guides on the following pages: www.blackdesertfoundry.com http://dulfy.net/2016/08/05/black-desert-master-guide-list/ Also, grumpygreen have some tips. Some info there will be outdated but you will notice how much help is there anyway.
  16. Exactly, it took ages for us to get anything and it's been few weeks on PS4 and people already QQ about lack of content. I remember us running calpheon shrine to 55....
  17. That's a one deep sea of entitlement here. Wow. If it wasn't for xbox success you would have never seen this game on ps4.
  18. It's random, doesn't have to affect all the characters. For me it was 2-3 of all.
  19. I assume you are on xbox.. I won't go into details on gearing, this forums is full of advice, you can also use google for it. I will outline general suggestions. For your first character you want to : - finish black spirit story line in Calpheon, and Mediah. - Reach lvl 56, do awakening quest and learn to use your awakening - reach at least 150 awakening AP and around 200 DP. To do so farm asula set in Mediah and pile up silver to buy necessary upgrades - finish Valencia black spirit story (you may need help with with 150AP) - reach lvl 58, preferably in Valencia (nagas/fogans) but you want to have around 160-170 awakening AP - at 58 you can begin Kamasylvia black spirit story but you need around 180 AP and decent DP or help cause you will have unpleasant experience. - Once you finish the questline in Kama you can go grind somewhere to 60 and then start quests for 1% exp per quest until lvl 61. I was already 60,50% when kama released to it was enough quests for me to reach 61. I don't recommend leveling via side quests before 60 cause we don't have dreighan and star's end to follow up so you won't be able to hit 61 yet. Unless you grind the rest of the level. That's the beginning. When you are done with all this you will probably know what you want to do next.
  20. Yes, if this is an issue for you then you are struggling with what part of xbox community fought against few months after release. I'm sure they are aware, working to resolve it but it took a lot of effort from players to prove devs the problem persists. We recorded and uploaded YT videos because they didn't believe us. For me it was more than ring menu, all my settings were resetting every time: options, helmet off option etc. Just wait, should be resolved eventually.
  21. Kill time? What you mean? The best way to kill time is to grind more gahaz or basi! 💪
  22. Seems like you don’t get the idea that most of events come from PC version of the game and there is nothing you can do about it. But sure, continue your elitist rant and show how much you don’t like free memory frags.
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