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  1. Witchtime

    PS4 Feedback

    Yup. I sincerely hope that this was just a "that version" bug and doesn't carry over into release. I also noted the same complete lack of spell graphics when fighting a wiz in the calph arena 1v1. *fingers crossed*
  2. Witchtime

    PS4 Feedback

    The biggest problem that I saw was that spell effects were completely invisible...especially in larger scale fights. In RBF it was the most apparent as I could see characters moving and doing animations, but there was literally nothing on my screen. This is a huge problem especially with node wars to be coming in the future. Getting knocked over or damaged by something completely invisible is not fun. I did try running the game at 4K...but it was such a huge performance hit that I had to disable it. I have a PS4 Pro
  3. Witchtime

    [PS4] Open Beta Fireworks Submission Thread

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