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  1. 1) This has nothing to do with the community. 2) For PA to take action against this means that a lot of people tried to scam them by buying Ultimate/Deluxe, claiming the rewards in game, then refunding the purchase...then have the audacity to react with a surprise pikachu face. Players that purchased Standard...then later decided to upgrade got lumped in with the rest of the people that fell under the category of original purchase which was later modified. I feel like maybe you fall into one of the categories that are being actively worked on to resolve. It takes a tremendous amount of effort for PA to sort between legit players who wanted to upgrade, and players that tried to scam the system.
  2. You dont need to get an ultimate reform stone like this person above me said. To craft that quest weapon, just bring up processing --> heating --> select ingredients ( you dont need to have learned the recipe to use this) select the weapon and the shard -->hit confirm --> then start
  3. This is the wrong forum for this. You're in the PS4 forum
  4. Ah jez are you for real Saru. I recall talking to you about Console BDO...and here you are lmfao. Look man, you can't just be a lazy priest this time around and get carried.
  5. I dont believe that Trent killed you...I mean, thats like fighting a wet sandwich.
  6. @CM Trent So players that pre-ordered can now pre-load the game? And is this pre-load a different client than what we downloaded for the beta? 2nd Edit - Looking at the Ps4 Store page for the Ultimate edition, I cant download this for another 1d 02:31:00....so what pre-load are you talking about Trent? 3rd Edit - Players that have pre-ordered, in my case the Ultimate edition, I was able to go to the PSN Store Web browser and download this to my console...which is now downloading...ergo pre-load. Hope this answers the where do I predownload this questions.
  7. Nothing from the Ps4 Beta will carry over. The CM's said this multiple times in beta server chat.
  8. Yup. I sincerely hope that this was just a "that version" bug and doesn't carry over into release. I also noted the same complete lack of spell graphics when fighting a wiz in the calph arena 1v1. *fingers crossed*
  9. The biggest problem that I saw was that spell effects were completely invisible...especially in larger scale fights. In RBF it was the most apparent as I could see characters moving and doing animations, but there was literally nothing on my screen. This is a huge problem especially with node wars to be coming in the future. Getting knocked over or damaged by something completely invisible is not fun. I did try running the game at 4K...but it was such a huge performance hit that I had to disable it. I have a PS4 Pro
  10. Region: NA Family Name: Witchtime Character Name: Witchtime Twitter Link:
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