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  1. Knowing that Adventure is the lone Sorc's true love, she leaves the towns full of ornaments and festivities in search for her beloved.
  2. Family Name : AbscessYouth Region : NA Console : Ps4 Link: https://twitter.com/AbscessYouth/status/1228349722630541312?s=20
  3. the bosses aren't receiving much damage from cannons, if any. and even most times when a direct hit lands no health bar shows up to verify the hit. Please at least put out instructional video or something. please and thank you.
  4. On xbox it lets me play the game for maybe 20 seconds then kicks me outta the server. Any solutions?
  5. Is it possible to play on EU server from my account in NA without having to buy a new game and start all over?
  6. Region: NA Character Name: HasLowT Twitter: Penguin isn't that impressed...
  7. Region: NA Family Name: AbscessYouth Character Name: Lebouskey https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1103904273331435&set=pb.100011356197493.-2207520000.1565691162.&type=3&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1103904273331435&set=pb.100011356197493.-2207520000.1565691162.&type=3&theater
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