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  1. Hex

    Zerk atm

    Having now had the opportunity to now play one on the PS4 (yes I know this is Xbox forms but have you seen our class guides section?) I strongly agree with all of the above. Having come from PC where my main was a Berserker, the difference is night and day. Grabs are a lot slower and not as fluid, that was the first thing to make me think "am i getting lag or something" turns out no I am not it was by design. Giant Leap is also very very broken, In fact re reading what @The Guiido has written all of it is factually correct. It is in a very sorry state at the moment, and once Striker lands I predict the death of the Zerker on PS4. There are so very few of us already that when I come across another Berserker I am surprised. Having one of your own play a Zerker "Shirna" he should know how poorly implemented this class is unless he never played on PC. This is not even the same class at all. But I wont stop playing it as I love what he stands for.
  2. Have to agree with Fran. Its not about what they want its what you want. If they are chasing gs now i will bet by the end of December there all gone. Worst thing you can do in this game is try to be in the top 2% you wont. Those people have more money more free time and just more everything. If you have a job you have already lost. I gave up on that BS years ago. Play for fun, play with friends, do what you want too do nothing more.
  3. Hex

    quest lag

    Same problem here got tickets open for it.
  4. Huge lag issues it is at this point unplayable.
  5. Also have the same problem just need to log a ticket for it, although even that has not helped at this point.
  6. It seems to be when a quest line updates you get this 5 second lag spike. I have logged a ticket for it but get the usual check your internet connection. Im on a 75mb fibre connection nothing else is affected. And it only appeared after the servers were rebooted.
  7. Hex

    Zerk atm

    Check out one of the best zerkers I know of from PC days https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX96ipkePxrAV_QTFtebIzg He was not just an excellent zerker he had all the technical ability to make the class shine.
  8. Now that makes even less sense 12am PDT is 8am GMT (British Time) 7am UTC is 7am GMT
  9. Do when have any news what time it will go live for the pre orders with 48hr pre access? so starts on the 20th but no times given.
  10. Best class EVAH...period. Huge MF that will smash your tiny little face into the ground, even if you beat me I still win because the size of me is bigger than the size of your puny little world. Die fake human scum....my axes are bigger than YOU!!!!
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