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  1. Ty for answering the question, that's all I wanted to know, was "DOES THE XP ACCUMULATE". I appreciate your replay ty. Your comprehension skills are off the charts.
  2. I understand what your saying my guy, but what people that are replaying don't seem to understand is. The higher your level despite skill points (even though they are very important for pve/pvp, pvp more so.) The easier it is to grind for SP, in areas like sausans (example). We don't have a awakaning so grinding will already be quite slow in comparison. But that's not what I'm getting at or what this fourm was posted for. I'll say this once more "will xp accumulate and go towards the next level"? Please don't answer if you don't know. Also the level cap was 40 in the beta.
  3. Lol, I'm using comman sense I think you should try it. Btw rocket they have already said that it's a port from the PC version, so it's not a vanilla build. On PC its relatively easy to level. Also, bnews757 this is coming from someone who has played this game for years, I know how long it will take me <--- to hit cap. Considering iv have mutiplay character at 58 -62 on PC. I have my shizz plained out and ready to go. Don't lump me in with you cause you can't do it. Even if I get to level cap in say 3 days, the point is, there is still a cap and we don't know for how long. So I would like to know from a CM, not a commoner such as yourself, inform me, on if the xp will accumulate and go towards my next level or not.
  4. ... We hit level cap in beta in no time and that was with people leveling in low level areas. The mobs will be the same as on PC. So, yes I do expect to hit 55 in a day. Xp scrolls plus night time and the weekend xp bonus is iceing on the cake, also I did have all level 15 gear in beta. Which is not hard to accure. But besides that I'll be playing 72 hours before the official release, so if we have to wait a week or more after launch I would like to know ahead of time before wasting took much time grinding. I'll just play amthem, that's what I would say if I was not about to spend 100+ on the game to get 3 days ahead... I do understand I can still grind for money and SP, I bought the 72 hour for the levels, I know they don't want us to out level the content to fast, however we have limited classes and the class I'm going to main is not even out yet. I personally don't want to waste too much time on a class that will become a alt for boss's. With that being said, level does not matter with out gear so me out leveling a zone will be do much, plus we don't even have awakening yet. considering it will take us longer to receive updates do to the certification process. So just trying to manage my time. Btw this was directed towards someone with a definitive answer, like a CM or some who has seen something about this on the fourms that may have missed.
  5. Will xp accumulate at level cap, and go towards level 56, Once the cap is gone? if not could we get a experiance bonus for skill points. Can't wrap my head around why there is a cap in the first place. It take less then a day to hit 55. Less then a hour with avarage gear and xp scrolls grinding on the weekend at night (in game). Depending on your class, may take a bit longer 1-3 hours.
  6. Lol, they know that it's not logical. Their doing it on purpose, so you'll be more likely to waste time on their game without progresing to fast. So either you grind skill points or create a new character and waste time and effort or build your empire while you wait. The longer you play the game, the more money they think you will spend. Funny though, you spend that sweet cash on pre-orders only to be relatively the same level as thoughs who waited till the last minute. There is no cap, everyone that plays BDO on PC knows this. So why give us one? Even when new classes comes out on PC and the awakening does not release for a month or so, You're still able to level. I like this game, but you guys are going to have to get use to being disappointed with the leadership and directions they choose.this could be the best MMOs of the years, money (greed) can blind folks. That my opinion.
  7. Not blaming you btw CM, even though was kinda Mia for bit hehe. I know you have your reason for not being able to talk about what was going on behind the scene. Just kinda hard for many to understand why PA felt that a reply was not need untill now. All in all I'm not going to touch on the subject again untill the next delay.😂🤣😝
  8. 1st party Xbox games generally do this. Others can, but don't know any third party that does.
  9. Could have easily typed a sentence or two, about the circumstances changing as they changed, to stop all the confusion.😅
  10. Kinda sucks that you found this out from 3rd party and not PA. Had they said this, from the start alot of people would have been a lot more understanding. It's awesome they got a new place and can't wait for them get back to work. That still does not excuse the silence. I would think that, a CM would come on and tell us the situation. Just have to pick up the phone and text a couple of words. Congrats on the new place.
  11. How would that not affect people, your taking out the reason, the majority of the people even play the game. Even if the devs did add a pve sever, it would not benefit you. Once you start grinding people more powerful then you will come along and take over your spot and there will be nothing you can do about. But create a another post complaining about something else. If their more powerful then you or a group stonger then yours, out grinds you on this limited sever. What will you do? Move to another spot or sever and grind it? Well how many severs do you think they will give the minority, if they were to decide to give you what you want. not many I suppose. Let's say there are two pve severs people who don't feel like dealing with pkers at the time on the PVP severs will come over with their gear and dommnate all pve severs till their level 61 then go back to pvp severs. Keep in mind there are a lot of people on the other severs and no way to keep them from coming to the pve severs, so it will always be over populated. hard core PVP players will come over and expliot the sever to get to end game faster. Theres a lot of mobs to kill but unfortunately end game content is limited for pve. What do you even do when you kill all the mobs? Craft for eternity or go play another game? There's no raids aside from the mindless world boss that will become more then easy to kill once everyone has gear. Btw, KM or controller. I've become use to both, however with keyboard and mouse you can control your spells direction with the camera and some classes like zerker can also use thier frontal this way. Classes that do depending on camera movement while casting spells or combat arts. I hope they implament a way to do this with controller.
  12. Um... Your guild leader can put protect on you. That means no one can attack you while your in the world. Also people lose karma when they pk. If you don't know what karma is, go look it up. Unless a person wants to go red and be stuck in the negative, for a while. There are disadvantages to being negative in this game. Thats why people choose to dec on other guilds rather then waste thier karma.
  13. I'm done my guy. if it's too hard for you to understand, That's a you problem. As far the renown system goes, if you can't see, that what you said was basically what I said previously, I would be more then happly break down similarities that you obviously could not comprehend.
  14. Lol, You just made my point. You just basically said what I previously said about the renown system. Second off SOME MMOS give betas without a marketplaces, third did they not say that the new marketplace will need to be on new severs and be coming with some months<---- to implament. This game should if they don't push it back again be comeing soon, not dec soon but soon (early 2019). Like I said before the build we had during beta was not the same build as PC at the time I test it. Also if what you said was the case about the PC needing to catch up to the Xbox as far as classes go is just silly, considering the classes are still being updated till this day, with every patch. If it needed to "catch up"... Why wouldn't they just put all the changes together in one patch for pc? Also, my personal belief is that despite the fact that Xbox will have the same content as PC and catch up to them content wise I do not believe that the Xbox will be balanced the same way that PC is balanced. Also I see what your trying to say about the renown system, however even if it was true how does one change put the Xbox version ahead of PC when there so much more missing. What I'm say and it cool you was saying this too but did not seem that way to me is the renown system was never going to happen on the Xbox version period do to them making this decision ahead of time. That does not put the Xbox version ahead of the PC version in my eyes. class wise or content wise. Despite all that is said all that being said is in invalid till early 2019 when then release the release date for the delay, for late 2019. The Xbox version will still be inferior.
  15. After seeing this I just don't know what to say... BDO vinilla is what I was referring to, the content that PC started off with. Read between the line my guy. As far as pearl shop and bluh bluh bluh OF COURSE these things are going to be released with the game, duh? I know there are things on the beta that will be in the real game. That's not the stuff I was referring to... Could you please explain to me how Xbox version is ahead of PC as far as class changes. Please do explain. I'm Soo confused.
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