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  1. In the words of Chris Angel! "Are you ready?"
  2. Thanks Trent! Cheers, tonight is the big night and i cant wait to get started. Hope to see everyone and good luck at launch.
  3. Its soooooooo close!!! I cant wait!
  4. @Koda GavilanThats a nice shot! I love the bird in the background and that evil smile! lol
  5. Ohhh really? @Don_Sebastian that makes me feel better. I didnt want to have two Mains, so if i can get good with the Zerk in PVP that would be awesome. Thanks for giving me some hope.
  6. Wow i feel like the outcast over here lol I really enjoy playing as the Berserker! I know hes not that good in PVP but ill still kick some but in PVE. Them mobs better look out for this elbow drop right after i triple choke slam them into a rock lol. But for PVP ill probably go Archer. They are ridiculous on the battlefield.
  7. Did it get me in the mood? Hell Yes! Not only did it get me in the mood, but i cant stop thinking about the game. Ive played alot of mmo games in my time and let me just say this. Its not always about the graphics and game play. Sometimes its about the little things. Custom characters! Owned houses! Placing furniture! Pets! Mounts! but most of all...... a good community! The GM/CMs were a game changer for me on this one. Like i said, ive played alot of mmo games but the feeling you get when you are a part of something big and LIVE, thats when the game comes to life. Playing with friends, meeting new people and hanging out with the GMs during events. Sure you run into some issues from time to time, but we always run into issues in life. What matters is how you deal with them. So my answer to your question just to be clear, is hell yeah im in the mood for this game. I just hope everyone can enjoy the game as well and, give them time to sort the issues. Yes its bin out on PC and XBOX for a long time now. Lets give them some time on PSN, and with a good community and the right feedback we can make this game shine in all the right places. Halfgiant
  8. Wow Kinesis those are some nice shots. I really like the close up ones of your character they came out really nice. Good stuff!
  9. I honestly still do it the long way and just transfer the photos to my USB stick and put them on my PC. Its very simple, just click capture gallery on the Playstation, Screenshots/send to USB you might need to make some folders on the stick first but after that you are golden. The Phone method is mush faster tho. Just send the photos you want on your phone in a PSN message on the app. (i send a friend the photos) Save the ones you want to keep and boom!
  10. A Giant Halfgiant hug for my brother from another mother! Koda Gavilan. You guys better keep an eye on that one
  11. Huge shout out to all the GMs and CMs that were involved in the Beta! You guys made everyone feel welcome! A special thanks goes to CM_Trent and CM_Shirna.
  12. The Fireworks Event! Ohhh the Fireworks event was amazing to be honest. Lots of great people. Nice community to be a part of. Cant wait to see what kind of events they will throw in the full game. I know it might be a little much, but i just have soo many good shots from the Beta. I must share them. Enjoy!
  13. The inside of my 4 houses. BKEA event photos. Black Desert Cribs!
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