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  1. Hoi, my question in this topic is: If I'm at the Cap n' do some quests (some can be done only once) will the xp be safed or gone? I mean if they are gone I should safe the quests for later. Greetz
  2. Just ended the lvl 53 Quest "End of Dailys Mansha n' Giants" and didn't get any rewards nor seals or stones or lvl xp. Greetz Edit after Relog all is fine also Xp. thx n'hf
  3. Wie im Titel geschrieben. Habe meine alten Tränke umgetauscht bekomme es aber nicht hin die neuen in die Schnellwahl (Steuerkreuz rechts/links) zu ziehen Edit. I try the same question in English please no blame for gramma. How can I change potions in the shortcut section (dpad left/right)
  4. I know this. But it was never said nor is it posted until now on the BetaHP that this Beta is NA only.
  5. Hoi, are you guys real? First I need to register for an now "OpenBeta" and now everything is only on NA? Nope I ding change my Consolsettings for just a OpenBeta
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