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  1. Since we have a few classes with counterparts. I was wondering when will we have a Male version of sorc she is a great character with that scythe. I just want a grim reaper cooler blade on the Male version like I really needz a Male sorc.
  2. Hi, it might just be me or may not i love the Sorc class a lot she was the first character i used in beta and on official launch. I have main her ever since. I love sorcs kit and with some characters having a counter part I was wondering will we ever have a Male counter part to sorc. I love the fact that her awakening is scythe but would really love to walk around the world of bdo with a grim reaper type of aesthetic. Like when ever I see a (mystic and striker, or even musa and maehwa). I love how they are almost the same and are very great counter part. Please make this happen.
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