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  1. Maybe, although I haven't played in XBOX. Fewer people than on PC, obviously, but I always see full servers (Balenos 2 mostly)
  2. Ok, thanks a lot for the advice. The boss armor, I tried to get it but there is no way to get it, neither with scrolls nor with pre-orders in the CM. I will buy Kzarka and Kutum direct from the market, when I have them, I will go for the accessories you mentioned. For leveling and grinding without the boss weapons, do you recommend Leather Bracers and Bares main-hand? Is not Karanda yet in Ps4
  3. Hi all, I have played since the launch waiting for the Striker to be released. A week ago, I sold my wizard's weapons (kzarka, nouver and pvp awakening) and started to enchant accessories. Now I have: two DUO witch earrings, TRI Schulz necklace, two DUO crescent and TRI basilisk. I have full TRI armor (TRI heve helmet, and the rest TRI grunil). I have 80 million saved. The question is: do I keep the accessories and enchanting the Striker's weapons, since it is easier than enchanting accessories, or I sell the belt and rings and buy cheaper ones, and will I have money to buy the weapons directly from TRI? What would you do? Thank you!
  4. Tet Kalis staff? have I missed something?
  5. Three letters: R N G. And possibly, because of lag, many of the attacks you make don't enter..
  6. @Cinxer ok so, if the game is working wrong and there is a chance that a crystal will break, shouldn't I use it? That is not my problem obviously. @DynastyXCII oh my god .. it is obvious that if I take my time to create a post explaining my problem (and that of other users) it is because I consider everything that can be done to make the game work better. Obviously I have this option enabled..
  7. So, this is SHAMEFUL, fix it and compensate the players who, because of this bad service, they break very valuable crystals or lose the opportunity to get a Kzarka chest. Very disappointed with the service. Oh, and no, it's not my connection, I'm going with 1GB This video is the evidence
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