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  1. Thank You very much for your support))
  2. Это очень плохо((
  3. Давайте без флуда и по теме! Тема всё таки достаточно серьёзная для RU игроков!
  4. after all, it is not difficult for developers to take a ready translation from the PC version of the game and pour it into the PS4 version
  5. Good day Dear Developers! As shown by the beta test that the Russian players are very much and very much willing to play in the Black Desert PS4 Many players from Russia want to play this wonderful game, but the lack of Russian language in the game repels! We want to play comfortably and not sit with a translator and look for guides. The lack of Russian is a very big problem for Us. Why don't you add Russian to the game? After all, you have a full localization of the Russian PC version of the game. Please do not leave Russian players aside, we hope for your understanding. Ребята давайте все вместе соберем подписи, переходим сюда: ССЫЛКА
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