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  1. Dorian Gray

    Bug need help

    I used the forgotten secret scroll on 2 characters, and it disappear... I was informed in game that Support would send me a replacement. I'm still stuck on this quest "a memorial service for the fallen: since Nov 8th In game Family Name: ExiledSinners In game Characters Name: Aurora_Melora, and Guts_Jr
  2. Dorian Gray

    ‘A Memorial Service’ quest bug

    Please report this I cant complete this quest and when I rest the quest, it keep sending me to Heidel. A city I don't belong yet ugh. I just want to get to my favorite quest (SPOILERS) "The ultimate weapon"
  3. Dorian Gray

    Cron’s Castle quest

    I'm having the same issue and I can't skip this quest, so I'm like stuck. Cant find Eileen and I changed servers also tested the game.
  4. Dorian Gray

    Beta Email Clarification

    Lol you don't understand I rarely apply to email, but okay,
  5. Dorian Gray

    Beta Email Clarification

    The main point I have 4 of these emails???? So why is that
  6. Dorian Gray

    Beta Email Clarification

    I never saw a "if"
  7. Dorian Gray

    Beta Email Clarification

    I got the email and I'm 27, so I reapplied and still got the email. I was born in 91 so is there a glitch in the system. Been playing black desert for 4 years (pc) I cant wait four this to come on systems
  8. Dorian Gray

    Is Awakening classes will be in game

    Well no worries it allows new players to enjoy the game and pvp before the will treats "Awakenings" hit the game
  9. Dorian Gray

    Is Awakening classes will be in game

    I currently play black desert online ninja, tamer, musa, male brawler, female brawler. So I know the game and in love with it, but the game literally change game (combat wise) when awakening was released. Will the be released start of the game black desert xbox