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  1. Requires a setting to hide all players EXCEPT party or platoon members.
  2. Simple fix - move them to the top. Currently you have to scroll down ALL the items to choose whether the silver comes out of your storage or your pocket, then scroll ALL the way back up to the top if the item you want is listed there. The amount of times myself and others I've spoken to have bought something with storage money unintentionally is crazy!
  3. If you're running while putting your weapon away, there's a little flicker where it animates odd before actually being sheathed. Not game breaking in any way, but a bug nevertheless
  4. I do wish there was some way to at least 'gift' items to others though.
  5. I don't generally like pvp either. It's pretty rare to get attacked though. Had a fun experience the other day where someone was PKing up near the Helms, his name became red and then everyone there joined forces, stopped hunting mobs and chased him out of the area - about 12 of us. It was hilarious!
  6. No way currently, which is a shame. It's the only mmo I've ever played which actively seems to discourage party play and making friends. Lol
  7. There are bandit mobs on the roads. Might have been them?
  8. Is it possible? Just discovered that stuff dyed with Merv's palette doesn't stick after the palette runs out 🙁
  9. Yeah, I know. Just I've already lost a few friends from the game due these issues. I feel responsible because I bigged the game up so much to them
  10. Bit disappointing tbh. I was hoping for stability, lag and frame rate issues to be addressed as a priority. Also, there's a spelling mistake in the 'Known Issues' post - Pearl Ship... Doesn't instil me with confidence I hope they up their game, cos this is one of my favourite titles of all time
  11. Trying to dye my witch's shudad armour but it keeps visually returning to a robe. Its impossible to accurately make changes. Update: Seems to happen mostly in towns or busy areas.
  12. Agreed. My main 'want' for the game at the moment.
  13. Nah. Just really relate to Peter B. Parker
  14. Have you linked your account? Seems a few people I've spoken to had the same issue. In game, go to Profile then hit triangle. Sky Hawk is coming on 23rd(?), apparently.
  15. I had the same thing. Logged out and in again and then it worked. GL!
  16. For those not receiving preorder stuff - have you linked your account? In game from the profile page? As soon as I did that, my mail came through with everything. It wasn't very clear so hope that helps some of you.
  17. I'm doing the same. Fingers crossed.
  18. Really enjoyed the beta. Some feedback. I hope its useful: Need to be able to hide / resize / move UI elements. Ie Names + bars above head. Button prompts on side and bottom. Chat window + font size etc. Textures load VERY slowly. Especially when talking to NPCs. Gives a really bad first impression. Enable left & right on Dpad and sticks to switch options when speaking to NPCs. Just L1 & L2 feels un-intuitive. Frame rate is poor. Effects not always showing. No walk setting? We have analogue sticks so slight tilt should do that. Skills should be a tree like on PC. Its impossible to plan ahead with current layout. Items should show details by default. Press Square to Hide. Its backwards at the moment. Need to show descriptions as well as icons when setting up ring menus. Is not clear if costumes / pets / horses / pearl shop items apply to account or single characters. This needs to be SUPER CLEAR so as not to annoy customers. Will add more as I remember them. Looking forward to release and playing Tamer again some day.
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