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  1. Update & "finale": Ok, it seems my long story is finally coming to an end. Sony decided to intervene and kindly offered to refund the cash (worth of 3000 pearls) I had to purchase in order to save my account previously. In other words: It took some time, but unlike PA, Sony actually managed to save the day. Well... what now? The entire ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth, I still don't trust PA, but I am going to try to find the motivation and give this game another try. I logged in today (after being absent for months) and noticed a couple of items I had purchased additionally have become worthless, because they were only active / usable for a max of 15 days, but everything else seems normal. @Sony: Thank you for taking the time in order to solve this case. @PA: .................................................................................... Cheers
  2. Well, a short update from my end: I still haven't received a single response from Sony, still haven't gotten anything back from Black Desert / PA (even though they did officially apologize at least), still haven't logged in BDO a single second since all of this happend - the neverending strike goes on. Honestly, pre-ordering the game has turned out to be a total desaster. Not only did it ruin everything for me, but all the extra items / buffs I bought have been nullified by now. I didn't even get to use them. What a waste of my hard earned cash. I have reached a point where I am just going to try to force a refund via Sony, if they decide to answer my initial ticket / inquiry before the release of Playstation 5, and never look back. Not only have I been surpassed by everyone I was playing with by now, but ppl have moved on to form their own alliances and groups, leaving me with wishful memories of things that I never got to experience. Oh and btw, just a side note, my wife has yet to receive a single response from BDO / PA support - after 1 month and approx 18 days of waiting and trying to get in touch with cs several times. This is - by far - the worst experience I have had with a MMORPG of this magnitude. Sorry to say this, but crap like this never happend to us in games like World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy 14, Elders Scrolls or Neverwinter. Just to name a few. Neverwinter, a free to play game, has a much better, faster and customer oriented support team backing their gem. This is something we have experienced hands on several times. What a shame. Good luck to everyone else out there if you ever need to contact customer support of BDO. Be prepared for... nothing. Literally nothing.
  3. Sup Gilbertson, same here my friend. I also forwarded my case to Sony a couple of days ago and now... we wait. It took me one or two hours, but I was able to forward every single detail they asked of me. Honestly, as of this writing, Sony is our last hope. Take care
  4. Update: Customer supported reacted quickly to my second ticket. Merci @GM Sausan for the effort! This is what they wrote: In other words: More or less the same reaction Mundri got. According to customer support, we were informed on time and should have been able to react accordingly. Funny fact though: I started playing the game on 08.20.2019 due to 48 hours early access. The newsflash seen in the link provided by customer support is from 08.22.2019 (https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=1526&category=0). On top of that, the warning displayed in game was * not * shown on the 08.20.2019 when many of us started playing. By the time we saw the warning, it was already too late. In other words: By the time we were informed about the ongoing issue, it was unavoidable, it was too late to proactively react to it. We were predestined to run into this wall. Let me quote Illidan here: "My destiny is my own!" PA will not even try to find a solution that works for both ends without brushing it off as a consumer error & asking us to pay up. I have already proven myself to PA by not only cooperating (3000 pearls), but also by my actions so far (beta, pre-order and additional purchases so far). Now it's time for Pearl Abyss to prove itself to me, the loyal and supporting customer. My story has been made available to everyone interested via this thread - no need to repeat it - and I won't hesitate to make a stand. Thus, I am going to uninstall this game until we find a middle ground that works for both ends. On a side note: I'd like to take the time to thank each and every GM trying to help out. I know it's not your fault, you are only doing your job and following orders. It's a difficult and strange situation and I am glad that you guys took the time to respond, even if the final verdict is far from a satisfactory solution / middle ground for both ends. See you again one day... maybe.
  5. Sup ppl, well, time for an update. I got a response from customer support today: The first ticket was created on the 4th of September and I got the message seen above on the 11th of September. Well, at least they responded to my case within a week. That's a good thing, considering the fact that others have had to wait much, much longer for a simple reply. Example: My wife has had a ticket open since the 20th of August and has yet to receive a single reaction from customer support. Unfortunately, poor Olivia misunderstood my request, even though I proactively added a link to this thread via my ticket in order to make things easier, which sets me back to square one. My account was never suspended because I purchased 3000 pearls before the deadline. My ticket is all about ppl being forced to buy pearls in order to save our accounts from being suspended in the first place (which ironically proves my good intentions, since I didn't hesitate to cooperate). And to make things even more complicated; there is no way to reply to Olivia's message. There is no "respond" button to be seen anywhere in the ticket system, even though my case hasn't been fully closed yet. The good thing: I am not alone. The bad part: Thus, I had to create a new ticket. Starting from scratch again, will keep you guys posted. Work in progress.
  6. conveniently Sup, The thing is, I never "upgraded" from one edition to the other. You're right though, there is no official option to upgrade to a higher version of the game, even though the idea itself is actually pretty good. All I did was fully cancel the standard edition via Sony customer support * before * the game went live (during the pre-order time frame). Sony actually officially offers you this option directly via E-Mail, shortly after purchasing a pre-order game. Meaning: I acted by the book, contacted Sony before the game launched (before the 48h early access timeframe), asked for a cancellation of the standard edition + refund in order to then purchase the more expensive deluxe edition of the game before BDO goes live. Thus, your case seems to be different from ours, because some of us actually cancelled the pre-order * before * this title went live. I asked Playstation customer support if this method would cause any issues whatsoever -> and the answer was "no". As a new customer, I was not able to differentiate or understand who the official contact person is; PA or Sony. I "went" and "worked" with the info I was given by customer support and took it for granted. I didn't check the additional fluff or packaged items because I a) was excited to finally be in the game b) didn't expect this sort of thing to happen c) didn't get any proactive warning / info about this issue whatsoever during the first 48 hours of early access d) was assured the cancellation process wouldn't cause any issues e) logged in the game, opened my inbox some point down the line, hit the "square" button on my controller in order to conveniently claim * all * mail attachments in my inbox at once f) last but not least; was never interested in the fluff items. All I really wanted / expected from the deluxe edition is to get online two days earlier, which did work like a charm tbh. This kind of mess shouldn't even be a "thing" after cancelling your pre-order by the book, before the game launches, in order to then buy a "fresh" copy of the game. The problem is not on the consumers end. The consumer expects a smooth and flawless process or transition, especially when you know little to nothing about the product. The intentions were good and, as such, I expect customer support to react appropriately. A fair and consumer friendly solution to the current situation would look like this (just an example): Refund the cash we paid for the 3000 pearls and book the entire situation as a learning experience for the next launch of a new title OR: Initiate a partial refund for either the cash or pearls we purchased additionally because a) we probably didn't use or claim all the extra items given to us via the cancelled standard edition and b) we initially paid for the entire standard game * and * all the extra fluff stuff for approx 26 EUR OR: Refund 3000 pearls in order to purchase new stuff on the pearl shop OR: Keep the 3000 pearls we just purchased to save our account and give us an additional copy of the game, because that is exactly what we purchased previously and initially OR: Offer any other form of alternative (virtual) compensation worthy of either the full or partial amount of 3000 pearls There are many ways to solve this riddle fairly for both ends. Never forget though, there's a saying that goes: The customer is king. A good and happy customer is more likely to come back, whereas unhappy customers jump ship rather sooner than later.
  7. Hello Mundri, I wholeheartedly agree. I also saw the announcement on the main screen informing us * not * to open any extra items we might have unintentionally received by accident, but that info wasn't shown on the first day when logging into the game. Heck, I don't remember seeing that message on the second day either. What I did was more or less the same thing you did; logged in 48h earlier, claimed all the items I was able to claim without giving it much attention, and continued playing. By the time we were notified there is an ongoing issue with our previous cancellation, I had already claimed most of the items that were available to me on day one. Thus, I don't really know which items I might have claimed by accident, because I honestly don't remember. Now that you mention it, I did notice something was wrong when I saw two snowdogs in my inventory on day 1, but I thought it just might have been a glitch / bug, without giving it too much thought. Let's be honest here, glitches and bugs are nothing out of the ordinary for a MMORPG - especially during launch. I do remember deleting one of the two snowdogs though, because I actually didn't need the second one. My main goal by purchasing the deluxe edition was the idea of supporting the game during launch and the fact that we were able to get into the game earlier. Fully agreed: A game mail with the topic "READ FIRST" (in red letters) on the very first day the doors opened for everyone logging in 48 hours earlier would have been much more effective. Same here: Paying 3000 pearls is the equivalent of the complete standard edition (we actually paid a bit more tbh), which includes the entire game AND all perks / bonus items. Needless to say that I don't see the customer at fault here. This is an issue that has to be sorted out between Sony and the BDO team. As a paying customer, that has already made several investments, I expect a fair, easy and consumer friendly solution to this problem. I work hard for my money. The time and cash I invest into this game is real even though our toons are part of the matrix or virtual reality created for us by the engineers. My case is being investigated currently. I'll keep you guys posted!
  8. Sup Karneth, true dat - totally agree. I was able to create a ticket via the official website and will update this thread once I have received an answer from customer support. It might take a while though; my wife also has a ticket open and has been waiting for a reply almost two weeks now. Glad I actually logged in shortly after getting back home from my trip though... who knows in what state my account would have been otherwise. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  9. Graphics do look a lot sharper in 4k mode, but my Pro gets extremely loud when running the game in 4k. Are you guys experiencing the same phenomenon? My Pro sounds like it's about to take off in 4k mode, but is more or less silent in 1080p.
  10. Sup, I literally just came back from a long trip (vacations) only to find the following message in my inbox: What's going on here? It's true, I initially purchased the standard edition of BDO and cancelled that version via Playstation support in order to purchase the more expensive deluxe edition of the game, because I wanted to get into this magnificent virtual world a bit earlier (48h vip pre-login). After cancelling the standard edition, Playstation support promised and reassured me there would be no issues when upgrading to a higher version of the game. As a new player, I might have activated or used items from the first pre-order (standard edition) - completely unintentionally and by mistake ofc - without any knowledge about the consequences of my actions whatsoever. Now I just went ahead and purchased 3000 pearls in order to save my account from getting banned, but I do think this situation and course of action is highly inappropriate and partially unacceptable. Not only did I upgrade to a higher and better version of BDO, but I have already booked several purchases in the pearl shop because I wanted to support this title during its launch period. Needless to say that I also played the beta on PS4 and helped my family and friends make the jump to BDO (approx 10 ppl). My questions therefor: Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Did you have to purchase 3000 pearls in order to "save" your account and toon as well? What's the official statement on the situation seen above? I basically purchased two copies of BDO by buying 3000 pearls in addition to the deluxe edition (standard edition with all perks and bonus items was listed for approx 26 EUR). Do I get a second copy of the game now that I have basically spent another 30 EUR on top of my deluxe version? What happens to the 3000 pearls I just bought via the PSN store; will these be removed from my mailbox at some point in time in order to avoid additional issues? If so, is there an ETA or deadline available? I received additional mails with perks and bonus items for purchasing 3000 pearls. Can these items be used safely or is this forbidden as well? Thank you.
  11. Greetings, I don't speak French, but I assume you're asking how to install a SSD in your PS4 Pro? Bonjour, je suppose que vous demandez comment installer un SSD sur votre PS4 Pro? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIZfSalU6mo This is how it's done. Voici comment cela se fait. More information here, see below. Plus d'informations ici: https://www.playstation.com/fr-fr/get-help/help-library/system---hardware/storage---data/upgrade-playstation-4-hdd/ Hope this helps. Cheers!
  12. Thx for letting me know about the spirit of the hawk! I haven't been able to find the other goodies you are talking about though. Could you point me in the right direction, please? What I want to know is if there are any goodies available for the ppl that played the Beta once the game gets released. It's ok if that is not the case; wouldn't want to miss anything though. Any infos on that? Cheers!
  13. Yes, it actually did. 🙂 The fireworks event with Trent and the other GM's really gave me the last push I needed to make the jump. I just checked out some of the PS4 communities via the community tab on PS4 (by searching for "black desert") and our German BDO community has already grown to approx 5-6k players just waiting for the game to come out on Playstation - including myself. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to check out the roadmap for this title just yet. Can we expect the game to get all the goodies the PC version has to offer in terms of content, expansions and updates in 2019 / 2020? That's what I really want to know tbh. Anyway, looking forward to the huge amount of content the game seems to have in store for us. Cheers!
  14. https://youtu.be/-Mf7h2Zr554 Found this video on YT among many others. A friend and I are using a SSD in our PS4 Pro and another friend is on a normal HDD. There is definitely a noticable difference in many games, including BDO.
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