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  1. I changed my region and language to US from Europe and it worked I'm downloading it right now.
  2. Dear black desert community I will be attending the EGX event in Britain and I will be checking out the black desert booth. Please let me no what questions you would lick to be answered about the game and its upcoming console release.
  3. Looks like the Xbox version will also be getting this update with the only diffrace being of course the grafics
  4. Well keep in mind recorded gameplay never looks the same as the real thing and if you have a 4K tv it will defiantly look better.
  5. Dear BDO community this post will not only be used to help answer the question of free to play or not but to also brainstorm ideas for GOOD pre-order bonuses instead of the usual skins and weapons that you will use for about half a second in most mmo rpg's if it isn't free to play of course. My idea for a good pre-order bonuse is giving people 3 things (assuming there isn't like a super deluxe ultimate gold edition or some bull like that) item 1: 1 token to re-customize there chatecter because I think we can all agree that it can be a bit overwhelming the first time you use it. item 2: a small amount of premium currency (not enough to buy xp boosting items or pets but enough for at least one skin of there choosing) item 3: this would be a joke item and helpful item at the same time. Give people 10 fiscal fail stacks in there mail with a note saying good luck your going to need it...literally.
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