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  1. Indeed, Lipty. When you attack with an Awakening weapon your AP is the awakening AP. If you switch between non awakening and awakening your AP will switch too. But, the thing that will no switch are the Item and Enhancement Effect of both items. That means that you don't have to keep in you hand your TRI Kzarka Longsword (for example) to enjoy the Extra Damage to All Species +18, Extra AP against, Monsters +6, Attack Speed +3 Level and Casting Speed +3 Level when you are using your awakening weapon. You just have to equip it and the Item and Enhancement Effects of both items will stay and both will be added at the same time. Your best move depends on if your class use only awakening weapon, non awakening or both. But i usually upgrade both at the same time. I hope this will help you. Enjoy the game.
  2. Hi!! Archer will arrive with Kamasilvia update. But Kamasilvia update can't be implemented yet due to the technical PS4 limitations. They are still working on optimizations and basics improvements as lag and graphical issues. The only thing we can do right now is to wait and try to enjoy the game. I hope that new content will be implemented soon. Enjoy the game!
  3. Hi!! This knowledge has a 3'5% chance to obtain on every kill. Just be patient and kill... I recommend you to "googling" the name of the mission/knowledge and/or go to bddatabase.net or bdcodex.com and try to see the comments. Sometimes it should help you. Enjoy the game.
  4. Hi everyone! You must remember that Pearl Abyss are continously changing drop rates. They adjust drops rates to the number of players, market prices and for the general balance of the game. At the begining the drop rates was wealthy due to they wanted you to stay playing all the time. Now they adjust it to the normal rates. Basicly they do what they want. Hehehe. So don't bother trying to change it or complaining and just have fun and play. I told you friendly but my english is bad. I apologyze.
  5. Hi! https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/ps/News/Detail?boardNo=2901&category=0 Bye!
  6. I don't think so. Otherwise nobody would still doing the hard way. I've been searching and I've not seen anything to create them, no pattern, no recipe... So...
  7. Hi Riukensey, You have to keep in mind that the finality of the events are to keep the players on-line not to equip players. Don't bother trying to change it and try to enjoy the game the way that it is: leveling classes, earning money and items through levling and events, and spend it buying and enchanting the items. It's a cycle. Always the same. Its a pity but it's true. Just play, know people and enjoy. Otherwise this game is not for you. I'm sorry if all of this sound rude.
  8. Same here... Annoying... Three times. I'm tired... I only have one Pj at lvl 59. The others are lower than 20 and I'd like to continue playing the warrior. Please. Fix it ASAP. PS error number CE-34878-0 Thanks.
  9. Inside a cave west of Velia following the coast. There you'll find two iron ores and copper.
  10. Remember that when a class comes out they use to give an empty characer slot... Or in PC at least. Maybe tou should save the 60$ for good.
  11. Maybe XBox and Ps4 havr the same "clock". I don't know.
  12. Hi!!! I mean the "minor" bug updates. Or they just introduced the two classes, the gear and the World Boss? Other games add the minor bug updates (and everything else) in the patch notes. BDO is diferent... Communication is cool Pear Abys ...
  13. Hi everyone!!! Someone could tell me where can I see the 1.04 Patch Notes, please? I've been looking for it and didn't find something. Thanks!!
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