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  1. Same here... Annoying... Three times. I'm tired... I only have one Pj at lvl 59. The others are lower than 20 and I'd like to continue playing the warrior. Please. Fix it ASAP. PS error number CE-34878-0 Thanks.
  2. Inside a cave west of Velia following the coast. There you'll find two iron ores and copper.
  3. Remember that when a class comes out they use to give an empty characer slot... Or in PC at least. Maybe tou should save the 60$ for good.
  4. Maybe XBox and Ps4 havr the same "clock". I don't know.
  5. Hi!!! I mean the "minor" bug updates. Or they just introduced the two classes, the gear and the World Boss? Other games add the minor bug updates (and everything else) in the patch notes. BDO is diferent... Communication is cool Pear Abys ...
  6. Hi everyone!!! Someone could tell me where can I see the 1.04 Patch Notes, please? I've been looking for it and didn't find something. Thanks!!
  7. As I know watching youtube videos, the Grunil is one of the best armors in the game at the begining. This year will come the next content upgrades with World Bosses, equipment and areas but right now Grunil is almost "best in slot". I'm still lvl 40 but when I'll aquire the Grunil I'll upgrade it to lvl +15 without hesitate. Remember that you can share it wiith your other pj's if you find other better gear. Good luck!! See you in-game!!
  8. @ToniSenseiI've been watching that you have post a lot of bugs ingame. Maybe you should put it together in a single post. Great work, by the way. Creo que deberías ponerlos juntos para que te hagan más caso y en inglés, pero estoy contigo al 100%. Hay fallos que hay que pulir. Un saludo!!
  9. At the Inbox in game. Press Options button and search for the envelope.
  10. Hi everyone!!! Someone knows youtubers that streams Black Desert Online for PS4 in Spanish? I just know Guti89 ( for PC ) and Thordrago ( XBoxOne ). Thanks by the way!!
  11. A mi, en ocasiones, me da problemas el dar de alta a mi tarjeta de débito si lo hago por medio de la consola. Introducir los datos lo tengo que hace obligado por la web. Si ese es tu problema intenta como te he dicho. Por otro lado, si tienes la cuenta con tu tarjeta y aún así no te deja adquirirlo, es probable que el problema sea de PSN (Play Station Nerwork) y deberías ponerte en contacto con ellos. Creo que su teléfono es 911 147 422. También puedes intentar comprarlo por la web o por la consola. Puede ser que quizá le hayas dado a la Beta en vez de la Standard? No sé, es lo que se me ocurre para ayudarte. Ánimo y suerte. Nos vemos en Olvia!!!
  12. Trying to win a CM? Good luck with that... really, you'll need it... Hehehehehe. Never lose hope, my friend.
  13. You are welcome. You can enjoy the game without spend a single real coin, remember this. See you on-line!!!
  14. I tried all the Beta Classes and the classes I enjoyed the most was the Warrior and the Wizard. The Wizard is absolutely Over Powered. One shoot, 1 dead with main weapon at tier 4. It's really a strong ranged class but the warrior is a little harder to play and fun for me. It fit more with my playstile and almost all the gear can be used by the Valkyr that is the class that I want to play as Main. This game is designed to "lvling" all the classes to 56-58 easily so probably I'll lvl all the classes to 58... Hehehehehe. The real problem is the Character Configurarion and the 5 hours per character I have to spend customizing them. But I love it!!
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